Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas time again

Yeah, it's Christmas, I'm up at 2:30 AM and no one is up to keep me company. No one but my very faithful blog! Always there for me and never complains when I vent to it! Well blog, I'm sorry, but nothing in particular is bothering me in life! Remember last year at this time? I was writing to you about the only person that I now am not cool with and that is Katie Mullan. Well, I guess I'm not cool with her boyfriend or Ginger Berry, either, but I never did give much of a shit for either of them. That being said, a lot of change has happened in the past year, huh? This is like a landmark for my blog...this whole month of December. I get to December and it's like a checkpoint. If I fuck up now, I can revert to December! That is not true or I'd have done it in February of this year! Trust me, there are so many times I'd have jumped off the stage to go back to the checkpoint of December but that isn't actually how life works.

Anyway, it's Christmas 2009! Why am I talking about 2008?! That year has sailed! Fuck, 2009 has basically sailed! All of the pregnant mothers that want their babies to board the 2009 ship are pushing them out and throwing them onto the deck as it sails away! That is a good image! So did I think 2009 was a good year overall? I honestly could have done without a good chunk of it, but overall, yes. I have matured as a young man! I now have a thick coat of hair on my chest and back. That is not true, thankfully. And I am much happier with the catalogue of bands I've seen this year. I need to work on my catalogue of bands I've shared a stage with, but that will hopefully come in this next year as I graduate high school and move on to adulthood...which technically comes in ten days when I become eighteen. First thing I'm doin' is going to school, but when I get the chance, I'm buying spray paint and going to a strip club. Spray paint them titties!

Christmas, though! It's here! Like it or not! Didn't have a tree at my mom's for the first time ever. Big fuckin' snowstorm kinda ruined that. I may never go to church again. At least not the church here in LaVale. Now that I'm almost 18, I have the option. But there might be one more Sunday with my mom by the time I turn 18. Damn. Almost in the clear! When I'm 18, I'll really do a "Kyle's Life in Review" segment of this blog. I'll review the number of cars and jobs I've had. Those are some big numbers we're talkin'. But though I'm headin' for that adult crash, I know I'm still a minor at heart. And after all, I'm gonna stay young 'till I die. Is that enough '80s hardcore references for you?

I will tell yall 'bout the gifts I receive after I receive them. Thus far, I've gotten $70, a free movie ticket, a hemp long-sleeved shirt, and some other miscellaneous goodies from my aunt Cris. If I'd go to sleep, the rest of my stuff will arrive much sooner. We may be getting up at 4 AM to open presents due to an oncoming freezing rain storm we wish to miss. In that case, I'd get an hour and 14 minutes sleep if I fell asleep this very second. I'll try that.


Top 10, Part I

This is going to take a while and I'm gonna have to come up with more categories and top things, so I'm gonna split it all up into a few posts that will last a couple of days. First and foremost, top 10 albums, I guess. This is going to be difficult.

  1. Propagandhi - Supporting Caste
  2. Dead to Me - African Elephants
  3. American Steel - Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
  4. Banner Pillot - Collapser
  5. Teenage Bottlerocket - They Came From the Shadows
  6. Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon
  7. Anti-Flag - The People or the Gun
  8. Big D and the Kids Table - Fluent in Stroll
  9. The Lawrence Arms - Buttsweat and Tears
  10. Paint It Black - Amensia and Surrender
Some of those could be switched, but that's a good list of new albums I dug this year. Here's a list of other albums I really dig that I've recently found and that aren't new (at least, I don't think any of them are) OR new albums that didn't make my top 10 simply because I didn't think of them and stuff:

  • The Creepshow - Sell Your Soul
  • Billy Talent - Billy Talent II
  • The Draft - In a Million Pieces
  • Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - What It Takes to Move Forward
  • The Dwarves - The Dwarves Must Die
  • Dear Landlord - Dream Homes
  • The Flatliners - Cynics
  • Weezer - Raditude
  • Frenzal Rhomb - Forever Malcolm Young
  • The Get Up Kids - Guilt Show
  • Smoking Popes - Stay Down
  • The Living End - Modern Artillery
  • Millencolin - Kingwood
  • The Menzingers - Hold On Dodge and A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology
  • One Man Army - Rumors and Headlines
  • Only Crime - Virulence
  • Paint It Black - everything they've made
  • Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
  • The Adolescents - The Adolescents
  • 7 Seconds - Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!
There has been a lot of new music I've been discovering in the past year, as you can tell. And those are just ones that really stuck out to me. I know I have to be forgetting stuff just when I make that. This was also the year that I saw some awesome bands. Truly. So here's a top ten of best performances I've seen:

  1. Alkaline Trio - flawless performance, great spirits, best set list on earth. Best BAND on earth. AND they're totally the nicest guys ever.
  2. Dillinger Four - for that Baby Batman joke and for being hilarious and fun as shit.
  3. The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!) - for Mike Ski and Chachi. Mike Ski is funny as shit and has the most charisma I've ever seen in a singer. He also did some great jumps and Chachi is a fun drummer to watch. The whole band works great together.
  4. Propagandhi - for being Propagandhi and being able to play those songs flawlessly. And also for Dan Yemin from Paint It Black singing "Fuck the Border." I will never forget that.
  5. Paint It Black - for being the best hardcore band on earth and proving it on stage.
  6. No Doubt - for a very well choreographed show and that awesome way of introducing the band members and for that solo the guitarist did on that classical guitar that just sat in the middle of the stage.
  7. blink-182 - for coming back and kicking some ass and being as hilarious as on any album.
  8. Rise Against - for playing a really great setlist regardless of the new songs and for having so much energy. Also for Tim taking me back to Paint It Black when he sang "State of the Union."
  9. Billy Talent - this could be solely for "Red Flag" and "Fallen Leaves." Excellent band. Just as good live.
  10. Saves the Day - totally blew me away with "What Went Wrong." Also, their black bassist was fun to watch, though he and their left-handed drummer very recently quit. Also a great band.
I'm a little biased for some of them, but that Alkaline Trio show blew my mind. Honorable mention goes to Paramore for that guy flipping over top of that other guy while they both had guitars on. Also, Weezer was great. I may have liked Weezer better if Pat Wilson would have drummed more.

And here's a list of my favorite I Forget moments of the year:

  1. Playing the FYE show to 600 or so people.
  2. Playing at a completely packed Warren a few weeks ago.
  3. Trying to record the stutter in "Great Smile."
  4. Bringing Brandon over to rehearse at Jason's.
  5. Writing new songs with lead parts.
  6. Playing at Tuscarora Ruritan and having people mosh to "You Suck."
  7. Playing with The Sheckies and having Andy Social sing "The Monster Mash" with us.
  8. Playing with Freaky J and the Bears and watching them progress.
  9. Playing with The Vankills and laughing and singing "Leave It Alone" with them.
  10. Denny's.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. I'll talk about some movies I enjoyed and shit later. Maybe some all-time favorite moments of the year. Who knows?! If you want to comment, I'll take suggestions!


Monday, December 21, 2009


Show's canceled. Topic of the day. Postponed, but whatever. It still kinda sucks. It really sucks. Pros-cons list! GO! Starting with cons.

-I have been working my ass off trying to make sure this goes smoothly since it was first brought up and now I'm gonna have to work it off some more to make sure it still goes smoothly.
-Joey, our sound guy, will be going back to college after this break and will not be able to supply us with sound when we reschedule it.
-Along with Joey, a lot of people that were going to come see us were going to be home for the holidays from college and will not be able to come out when we reschedule it.

-Brittney will be able to get an entire day off and be able to see the whole show. Also, she will have a ride, since her car is snowed in in South Cumberland right now.
-I'll have access to my Christmas presents which will enhance the sound and performance of the show potentially.
-Anyone snowed it will be able to come when it's rescheduled.
-We can possibly get ahold of some more speakers and hopefully find an ample power source for them.
-Both bands will get some more time to rehearse.

So it mostly sucks, but we'll be better prepared. I'd rather have just gone out tomorrow and played raw and unprepared. Those shows are sometimes the best. Anyway, I'm gonna try to go to Alex's later. And I don't have to do that homework yet. And I will have more time to make shirts. Those are good things.

Maybe next time, kids. Christmas in a few days.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas has never felt colder

The year in review is coming up soon. Everyone's doing it. That means album reviews, life choices reviews, all of that other stuff. I'll compare how I feel about myself now to how I felt about myself last year at this time. I've had this blog for like a year now, so I can start doing stuff like that.

This show at the high school is going to be huge. Biggest show the school's ever seen, I promise you. This isn't no fuckin' Apollo/terrible Christian band show. This is fuckin' I Forget/Dogjaw. That's class A. We got security hired, we got a sound guy, we'll have like 6 speakers, giant bass subs, an I Forget banner, merch, micked amps, and lights! Fuckin' lights! We have NEVER had lights! We also are going to have hundreds of people coming to see US. Not coming to get Twilight! Not coming to do some other shit. Hundreds to see US and DOGJAW! That is fucking awesome. I am super stoked. The only thing that could ruin this would be if it snowed. Well, a lot of things could ruin it. Someone could get sick, someone could die, whatever. But I'm worried about snow the worst at this point.

My mom went to LaVale and I opted to stay here instead of getting stuck out there in the snow. I'd much rather get stuck at home. Here I can walk around naked, turn my music up, stay up late, eat whenever I'm hungry, and just all-around do what I want and not worry about Zane being fucking annoying! Tomorrow, I plan on getting stuck feeding all of the animals and not being able to go anywhere. This shit's gonna keep on falling.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave now and reflect on my life up to this point. I've got no real news to present other than I'm stoked for this show and not so stoked for this snow.


Friday, December 11, 2009

In other news

My great grandma, Grandma Warnick, died earlier this week. She was 93. All of her friends had died. She lived at home alone for a long time. She was put in a funeral about a week before she died. She was ready to leave this earth. Who knows where she is now? We will or will not find out one day.

Today was the last day of College English. That meant I had to turn in my final portfolio or else I'd fail the class quite miserably. Grandma Warnick's funeral was today. I missed it to turn in my final portfolio. There is something wrong with the school system. But...that's life. All I did in school today was turn in that portfolio. The teachers are all getting that Christmas-is-almost-here syndrome. I have a hugeass AP Biology test on Monday and I'm going to do poorly on it as always. That's stressful to think about. I sleep in that class too much. Entirely too much. I cannot stay awake through notes, though. It's that room or something. And the tone of peoples' voices when they're trying to explain how things work...I can't stay awake. If people have the tone used in conversation or something, I canNOT sleep. Like if a TV show is on and even if it's something I hate, I usually keep my ears open too much to fall asleep. Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

My drums are still at the high school. If I Forget wants to rehearse, they're fucked. I'm fucked, rather. We have a hugeass show coming up. So rehearsal would probably be a good idea, eh? I even bought a ton of supplies for it and I'm ready to make more CDs and t-shirts. Alex even made me that wonderful design that everyone seems to hate. Maybe we should just make it our album cover and still call the album Everyone Sharts. That'd sail smoothly.

Tim said he wants to make a shirt with a huge dick hitting the Twin Towers that says, "We got fucked." THAT is class!

Anyway, I'm still excited about this show. It's gonna be the shits. Kayla and Tabitha are going to change the sign at the bottom of the hill announcing the concert and I Forget and Dogjaw playing. That's like our first marquee. Lots of people coming to this show, too. I knew it would be huge if we had it at the high school.

I can't think of anything else going on. I may be going to see a movie with Kylie tomorrow. And Brittney is busy all weekend, I think. I need to make a huge I Forget banner for the show. I have a lot of shit to do, I guess. I'm gonna get off of here and watch The Office that I missed last night. Oh yeah, I played with the jazz band last night. That was fun.


Now I know how Michael Burkett Feels

Just a forward....this is all taken from a MySpace bulletin I wrote. I have had quite the evening discussing the politics behind a t-shirt design Alex made for I Forget. I thought it was rather harmless and thought more people would understand the lightness I was giving to the subject. Also, the title is from a Kenny Chesney song. Michael Burkett is Fat Mike. I now know why he so often takes the time to explain what he meant by certain things, though I'm sure he, like me, probably meant NOTHING in what he said.

I have been catching a lot of shit for this t-shirt design.

Now the initial responses to this are either a good, hardy laugh, or a gasp and a long lecture about how disappointed they are in me and how inappropriate the shirt is. Why is this? Well, you see planes hitting a tower and you say, "No, I DON'T forget! You assholes!" Well, yeah. That's kind of a really offensive thing to imply. To be completely honest, the design was mostly just a dick thing to say in a sarcastic way. Of course we know it was tragic. No one is denying that. I'm not even implying that I believe it was an inside job, people died for no reason, or whatever. If ANYTHING, it's kind of making fun of ourselves. Okay? But maybe you are too easily offended and need the hidden meaning? Okay, well let's say this. You remember September 11th, 2001? What happened? Two planes hit the Twin Towers in New York City. I'm pretty sure we can all agree on at least that. Also, we can all agree that a lot of people died. Right? So forgetting about that would be kind of ignorant, eh? Okay, that's true. Now let's wonder for a second...what if we're not that heartless and there's something else? Does anyone remember what happened after the tragedy? Anyone? I'm not talking about going to war in the middle east for oil or what have you. I'm talking about that unity that this country found. How all of America came together as one. Didn't we FORGET about that? What happened? Now we're more divided than ever, I think. That is what I Forget.

Or on a lighter level, the design makes an I F in a shadow and if anyone hasn't noticed, that is the initials of I Forget. And I Forget is our band name. Pretty simple, I'd say. Who's gonna cast the first stone? Any suggestions as to how to make that more obvious? Am I un-American now for having a t-shirt design?


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little blue ethernet cable

Some folks don't enjoy the finer things in life. What do I mean by that? It just sounded good at the time. I'm sure I could make it mean something, but I don't REALLY feel like it. I just got word on the release date of the new Alkaline Trio album. "This Addiction" it is called. I'd put it in italics as it SHOULD be, but Blogger is not allowing me right now. Anyhow, February 23rd. That is the day of my salvation. That is when Matt Skiba comes down from heaven(s) (get it? that band he used to be in?) and gives me a wonderful Alkaline Trio album that I've been patiently awaiting for. And if I'm lucky, it will be solid the whole way through. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Christmas is a'comin. Nick's maybe getting himself a girl. How about that? Maybe Matt Skiba really IS coming back to save us all. Apocalypse much? I have lived. Also, it seems to me that most everyone in our little "guild" is succeeding with the women. Will things go wrong for Nick? You bet your ass I'll make sure it does.

In other news, we have a show coming up at the school? What kind of a show, you may ask? Well it involves three women and a rhinocerus. Ponder over that for a little while. After that's through, I Forget and Dogjaw MAY perform. That's a big if for the moment. I'll be there, though. I don't even know what's going to happen with the women. We're just putting them in a cage with a rhino and seeing where it goes.

Jazz band calls. Peace, yo.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The end.

It's finally over. Dude, we're finally landing! Does this really need an introduction? You'll figure this out.

Katie: Idk what the fuck your telling your friends, but I thought me and you were completely fine. You need to get your shit straight and im done with you. Your friendship obviously is pointless when your having nick say shit like that to me.

Kyle: What did Nick say to you?

Katie: "Why did you lead Kyle on like that? Are u aware that you're a bitch? Seriously, can u keep your legs closed long enough to have a meaningful relationship?"

"Or do you fuck any guy you're close to? You're a complete waste of time. You're worthless.”

I would like to know when I became a slut, especially since the whole time we were talking, we never even kissed. And fuck you if your telling him that I have been leading you on. You know I have a boyfriend!

Kyle: He went a little overboard didn’t he? I didn’t tell him to say any of that. He doesn’t really have any idea of what hes talking about. And you never even talk to me much less see me to lead me on.

Katie: Exactly. So tell your friends to go die or fuck off. And im done with you too, so bye.

Kyle: Just a little payback for the shit Ginger would send me and you wouldn’t take responsibility of. That and Im pretty sure you cheated on me and didn’t have the decency to break up with me. AND the countless times we made plans to meet and youd never show or even text me back.

Katie: Lol, go fuck yourself Kyle. You now deserved everything you got. Good luck finding someone. Bye (:

I Don't Deserve This.
by: Kyle Wagoner

"You now deserve everything you got,” she said.
Funny I don't remember getting much at all.
I remember getting a lot of nothing.

Maybe I should back up. It was almost a year ago today.
She came from nowhere. Figuratively and almost literally nowhere.
She was the one to fill the void. The one to make it all worth the wait.
I barely knew her for a month when she died and her past was reborn in her.
Partying every night, drifting from me, losing all contact.

Chance after chance, attempt after attempt.
Fight after resolution, resolution after fight.
I was trying to resurrect my own past in her but it was far from immortal.
I am that guy she liked when she lived here.
I am that smudge of a memory she overlooks.
I am a fun joke from time to time.

And as fast as she was gone, she was back.
Here is my friend again. Not as far away as I remembered.
Two tickets to her favorite concert. What’s the problem with that picture?
Picture myself alone at a Paramore concert. That’s the problem.
I’m not here for the music. I’m here for someone who “couldn’t” make it.
But it’d be such a waste to just not go.

It’s such a waste to keep trying.
I don’t realize it yet. I won’t realize it for another few months.
Until then we meet once. We foolishly start “dating.”
This is the interesting part.
First college. Stripper. College again. United States Navy.
Can someone please tell me I’m not insane?

And that bitch, for a lack of more accurate word, that she keeps so near.
Ginger. A true wretch. Another body full of wasted space.
“She obviously doesn’t want to talk to you,” the wretch reports.
“Kyle, I didn’t tell her to say any of that,” she says.
Chance again.

It lasts another few weeks and I’m “done.”
She’s sorry it ended that way. I’m foolish enough to buy it.
She wants to be friends again. She’s got a new man.
He’s not as new as she’d like me to believe.

One last shot.
Plans are made.
I go to town.
She doesn’t answer.
She doesn’t show.
It’s typical and finally clear to me.

“Tell her whatever you want,” I said.
“You’re a complete waste of time. You’re worthless,” Nick says to her.
(If only I’d have trusted his uneducated dose of words 8 months ago.)
“ Your friendship obviously is pointless…” she starts.
“Katie, I didn’t tell him to say any of that,” I say.
A smile in spite of a year of regret. Justice is beautiful.
“I’m done with you, too,” she says. (As if it matters now.)
She was never here anyway. There is no setting.
The only image our eyes share are the words of hate exchanged.

“…you cheated on me…you don’t take responsibility…we made plans to meet…you’d never show.”
No argument. No counterattack. No words of wisdom.
“Good luck finding someone,” she said, “Bye (:”



Sunday, November 29, 2009

I should really stop this

I many important things happen in my life between these posts. Like that show at The Warren with a record crowd, that girl Jeannine coming to the show, not talking to me, and then texting me and talking to me on MSN and telling me how much she thinks about me, and...I guess that's about it. I also went Black Friday shopping and Thanksgiving happened. So which of these things should I cover?

Abortions. Sounds good. Well I don't really like talking about abortions or anything like that. People just disagree. I don't even like talking politics. I can enjoy people so much better if I don't know their political stance. Like...oh, he's got really nice parents....but oh, they watch the O'Reily Factor every night. I'm going astray, though. Abortions. I'm going to talk about them. Keep in mind I'm not very politically educated anymore.

Why are abortions bad? Because everyone deserves a chance at life. Everyone. Even that baby that's going to be born without a skull. Can't argue with that. Next.

Why are abortions good? Well, not everyone wants to bring a baby without a skull into the world or they're not capable of giving birth or if they are capable of giving birth, they aren't economically capable of raising a kid. But they are un-American. Because first off, you should be working 3 or 4 jobs to support your family to be a true American. George W Bush said that about a woman once himself. So if you ignore that, well, I guess they are just irresponsible. I don't really think abortions are good. If the guy don't wrap it, that's your problem. Raped? I aint give a shit. Shouldn't have been so slutty. Shoulda carried a knife. There's no excuse for having an abortion. None. I don't want to hear your arguments. This is a freedom you shouldn't have. There should not be the choice to not raise a kid. FUCK ADOPTIONS! RAISE IT YOURSELF, YOU SLUT!

That's all.

Man, that felt good. I think I'm good at this. What else? Gay marriage?! Okay!

The Bible clearly states that queers are to be stoned to death. Allowing two men or two women to get married is completely against the Bible. That's why it should be against the United States federal law to let gays marry. You can't argue against that. Separation of Church and State, you say? I don't know what that is or means.

That's all.

You guys don't even know how much good I'm doing for the world right now. I am taking all of these controversial topics and giving unarguable solutions. This is going to give us so much more time to fight the war on drugs!!! YES!!!! Personal choices = bad!

Much like the guy who found those things about the Mormon religion in the ground in upstate New York (his name was Joseph Smith), I deserve a seat between God and Jesus. BETWEEN! I'll sit on Joseph Smith's lap. He and I both caused so much good to the human race that...well, we're more important than God or Jesus. What? You say you thought I was an Atheist? Well I was. 'Till I learned I was more important than God and Jesus. I can dig that. Also, I want thirty wives. At least. That way I can have unprotected sex, get bitches pregnant, and still not have to fuck a pregnant bitch! And none of them are allowed to get abortions! And who needs gay marriage when you can have thirty wives?! That's right! No one! QUEERS! Stone 'em to death!

I think you all agree.


Friday, November 20, 2009


It's been a while. I don't know what it is. I just don't feel the drive to get on here. I mean, I check my blogger every day, but I never do anything. I even read Brendan's blog every day. It's like...I don't know. I'm writing right now because no one else is online to talk to. I think I'm addicted to talking to people online. But at least I'm not weird and can't talk to the same people in person. I'm guessing you want a recap of my life lately? Well we have a show coming up on Sunday and I, with the help of friends, made over 100 flyers for the show and put them all over the school and handed them out. That was pretty cool. Most of them stayed up through the school all week long. Hopefully a good many people will attend and the room will be packed!

Last weekend we all went out rollerskating together. It was me, Jim, Tim, Nick, Caleb, Alex the boy, Alex the girl, Kayla, and Tabitha. Good group. Good time, too. When I got back, I had to tell Alex the girl about how depressed I get when I have a good time. I don't know if it's the crash after a high or if I just wish I'd have had a girl to enjoy my time with. I guess that's pathetic. But seriously, I haven't had an actual girlfriend in over two years. I don't think it's that much to ask! I'mma tryin'. Real hard.

Also...what else? We went to some mall in Baltimore yesterday for like 6 or 7 hours before seeing Medieval Times. I bought six CDs. I got the following:

ALL - Allroy's Revenge
ALL - Breaking Things
Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit
The Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious
Living End - Modern Artillery
Smoking Popes - 1991-1998

And for less than $40 I got all of that! I got a pretty good deal there. And I got a Vans hat for $10. I could have bought CDs for that, I'm just now realizing. However, it kept my shitty hair in hiding yesterday and kept my head warm tonight at the football game. And we also saw Paranormal Activity at the mall there. The theatres had 24 different cinemas. Fuckin' awesome, too. Like the one I went to in Myrtle Beach a few years back when I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fucked up movie, too. Don't really want to get into movie reviews.

Game tonight was a good'un. I really don't know what Katlin thinks of me. I also don't know what Karalee thinks of me. I'm not real sure what many of the freshmen think of me. I took a cowbell and a drumstick to the game, though. That was a lot of fun. I marched with the band and played the samba rhythm I wrote for the quads last year on my cowbell, though. That was fun as well.

I'm hoping to maybe rehearse with I Forget tomorrow and then go to Jim's where Kylie and Gracie may be coming. I don't have anything controversial to say, really. I've been working on this paper with Nick about how 9-11 was an inside job and that's where all my work in controversy goes. After that I just don't give a fuck. It's like...bring on the thoughtless thoughts. That's what I'm all about right now. I feel like I can't maintain all of my friends as I get more. It's like I talk to a certain amount and can't go over it. I don't know if I like that. I'm just being depressing now. Fun night, though. Future's lookin' fun. Show on Sunday. I hope Katlin comes. I hope everyone comes. Should be a good show...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Live from Computer Programming

I finished my test yesterday, so I'm sitting here with nothing to do today. I'd normally just sleep but I'm not tired because I slept first block and taking that AP Biology test woke me up. I do not think I did real well on it. Oh well, it's over. No going back.

So Katlin gave me her number. That's awesome, right? Well like every up in my life, it must be almost immediately followed by a down. So last night, I was informed that she got her phone taken away for texting another senior. Her mom apparently does not want her involved with senior boys. What does this mean for me? Perhaps jail if things get going. Perhaps nothing and things won't be able to get going. What have I got to lose, though? My perfect criminal record? I'll be 18 in two months. She'll be 14 a couple of days. Monday, I believe. And my dad's birthday is tomorrow...and I want to rehearse at his house on that day. Maybe I should ask him tonight if we can rehearse and then get him something so I can give it to him while I'm over there. Everyone's getting older, but some people not fast enough, I suppose.

Talent show is in less than a week now. I'm playing "Time to Waste" and Dogjaw is playing "Calling All Skeletons." Why, you might ask? Because Alkaline Trio are just talent show-worthy. I'm capoing at the second fret for it so the guitar will be tuned to F#. That way when I play the lead part, that F# can sometimes be used as a root note. Also because it allows me to play the piano part on the guitar with ease. So you come out and watch me and see how I pull this off. Winner of the talent show gets to open for Charlie Kenney, who is some local country singer. I would have so much fun with that. I think the winner should open for I Forget, though. I'd be a good opener.

I don't think we're gonna play this powder puff game. I was told that the Fort Ashby Colts are playing. They're like 7 or 8 years old or some shit. That's ridick. I Forget would be so much better. In fact, a lot of people were going to come just to see I Forget. Then again, probably a lot of people are going to go just to see the Colts. Grrr. I've been looking for Miss Morrison all week but haven't even seen her. Then Alex McDonald was supposed to send me her number last night but that never happened, so I don't know what's going on there.

We'll play here at the high school in January, though. That'll be a great show. I'm gonna try to get Freak Scene up here for that one. We're the power trio. The alkaline trio, if you will. I Forget/Dogjaw/Freaky J. Oh, and Unheard Silence just tops it off. I miss those guys.

Have I mentioned recently that I don't know what to do about college? I don't know if I want to leave what I've worked for in the past 5 years behind. I mean, I Forget really is getting to be a decent-sounding band with decent songs. Like seriously, I might listen to them on my own even if I didn't drum for them. I couldn't used to say that. I wouldn't have listened to our first album if another band wrote it. Well, I don't even listen to it now. I think it's mediocre. Many agree with me. At least my bandmates do, except for Brandon. Anyway, so yeah, I might stick around and do something mediocre in college and stay with I Forget. I mean, who cares? I want to tour. If we can start like playing big cities and stuff then who cares where I live or what my day job is? That's an amazing thing. Even if we just play on the weekends, who cares? So we'll see.

Here's a list of some things that keep me sane. Drumming. My friends. The Office. My cats. This blog. Computer games. Now how many of those things would I have to give up when I went to college? I mean seriously, can I not have drums wherever I move to? That sucks. I want my band. Not just any band. My band who I write for and where Brittney and Shane and Brandon play in and we don't have to sit down and show each other every note that needs to be played because they just get it. Music is easy with I Forget. We could get booked as a cover band and never have played any songs togethere before, get up on stage, take requests, and play an entire show just like that. That's how easy music is. I can work with these people. I couldn't ask for more, so why should I leave it behind? I think I'm successful. I mean, I should probably get a job and some income, but I am a very happy person. Honestly, the biggest stress in my life is school work. I mean, mabe like millions of other kids try this logic but seriously, they don't play in pop punk bands from West Virginia. That is a very exclusive thing, I think.

So anyone in local bands out there, let's make a scene again. I'm up for it. It'll give me something to do. If I can play shows enough, I won't even need a job. Seriously. People do it. Sure, it's rough and tough to do, but people do it. It'd at least help, ya know? We'll see. I may just move far away.

I've still got an hour of this class left. I really don't have an hour's worth of stuff to type. I've realized that I don't pay a lot of attention to details in the visual world. At least I don't think I do. I pay attention in music. I decided that when I sing a song in my head, it's a lot more vivid than it is in most people's heads. There are drumfills and bass drum patterns and shit in my head. There are cymbal crashes on beat two in certain songs going on. I'm not just singing words and making guitar noises in my head. So when I see people draw these things that I'd never think of thinking about, I feel a little less bad about it. And when I see people do better in school than me, I know I can write a better song than them. I know I've said that sometime before. I'm very happy with the way I am. At least for now. I mean, I'll have to move out and get a life one day I dunno. I'm supposed to try to get a job with my sister at Walmart sometime. I'll see where that goes.

I'd narrate what's going on in here but it's kinda bland. Zack and Matt aren't supposed to be talking because they're taking a test. So that being the condition, there isn't much to laugh at or anything. They're talking about the game tonight, which I fully intend to attend. It shall be cold but I aint curr! I'll dress in ten layers! Michael's talking about how undangerous swine flu is. It's really a normal day in here except instead of me starting at some letters and numbers that don't make much sense, I'm making my own sense. I guess I should maybe go. I can try to get 50 minutes of sleep. They say it's supposed to be 39 degrees at 7 and then drop a degree each hour tonight. I'm ready for it. I need some gloves.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weezer's Raditude: my thoughts.

As you may have heard, Raditude is the seventh studio album by the band Weezer. Weezer formed in 1992 and was soon widely known for their hit songs such as "Buddy Holly" (a song about looking like the singer Buddy Holly) and "Undone - The Sweater Song" (a song singing about pulling a loose string of a sweater until it comes undone). Their premier and self-titled album, sometimes known as The Blue Album was widely well-received and is a certified triple platinum album. It has become known as one of the highlight albums of the 1990s. Okay. Now that that's established, they've now released a new album 17 years in the future. Somewhere along the lines, Weezer sold out, it would appear. Instead of writing lyrics that are not "lame" such as "you take your car to work; I'll take my board. And when you're out of fuel, I'm still afloat," Weezer are writing about girls, partying, and being a father. Way to be mature, guys. Come on. Who the fuck writes about girls? Are you AC/DC or some shit? No one likes them. No one. Especially the people who give these reviews. God, Rivers. Grow a dick and write about a photograph, about being a rockstar. That's what we want to hear. Not this pussy bullshit.

God. I can't even believe this. The hooks might be some of the best Weezer's ever come up with. The album explores a lot of boundaries of their genre of "geek-rock" and then some. It's completely unheard of to change your sound from album to album or especially song to song. Weezer, hang it up. I give this album a 9/10 stars.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

This was for school, too

This was the second part of my assignment. This part wasn't a blog post and I didn't write it just now. I wrote it like an hour ago. It's a letter to Satan. I think it's pretty good.

HC 86 BOX 17B
Springfield, WV 26763Mr. Lucifer “Satan” Beelzebub
Founder/Owner, Hell
666 The Underworld
Detriot, Michigan 48201

Dear Mr. Satan:

Last night you allowed me to make an ass of myself in front of all of my friends. You should know more than most that I am a huge and very devout fan of yours. I spend many days of my life preaching about how I don’t believe that Jesus ever existed and how life after death is a made up fictional fairytale to keep people doing good in the world. For just once, I wanted to show my friends how wonderful and mighty and graceful you are and how much of a fraud “God” is. And what did you do? You did nothing.

I hereby wish to break all ties with you. I am through attending your church. The pastor did a subpar job anyway. I am not going to send my children to your church, either. I am going to find my own church. I think I will call it the Reformed Church of Satan. Yes, I think that is a great idea. I am going to fund the church by setting up false charities because I know that works really well.

Also it was really cold last night. Satan, we can still be friends if you just come back to me. I needed somebody to keep me warm last night but all I had was Timmy. Timmy does not radiate the flames of hell. It just isn’t the same. Please write back. I have enclosed all my loving to you. Sorry this letter wasn’t as formal as I intended for it to be. My innermost feelings for you get the best of me sometimes.


Kyle Wagoner

P.S. Thanks again for the musical abilities. It means the world to me.

This one's for school

I have an assignment where I have to write about an event in my life through two different genres of writing. So one genre is going to be a blog post which I'm going to write here and a second and the other I will figure out later. Now I just have to think of something that happened to me. I'm omitting this paragraph. I'll write about last night, I guess.

So yesterday was Halloween. Halloween is always one of those holidays I look forward to and then completely miss when it arrives. I spent 1 PM to 7 PM in my basement playing music by myself. It was mostly my computer playing through the PA (which almost caught on fire today) and me drumming along and then maybe an hour of me singing and playing some guitar. That's what a self-productive day to me is. Some people call a self-productive day a day when they clean their house, pay their bills, make phones calls, what have you, but my definition is a day spent playing music by myself.

Anyway, about Halloween. I did not dress up. I did not go Trick-or-Treating. I didn't even get those voicemail messages Nick sent me asking me to come candy-hunting until I was on my way to Tim's party about 15 minutes after it started. My dad came into the basement around 7 telling me it was 7 and that if I wanted to go, I should be getting my shit together. So that's what I did. I went upstairs and threw a button-up shirt on. That was my costume. I said I was "the guy that was not ready for Halloween" for Halloween. Oh well. Off to Tim's house.

So I get there and everyone is in the basement and guess what! It's yet another sausage fest! We have had pure sausage fest parties for probably the past 6 months in our friends group. No girls can ever make it. Ever. Alex, the girl, couldn't even come because she was in a car crash the night before. So there I was with a bunch of guys as they were watching...30 Days of Night? I can't remember what order movies were watched in. We watched that, 28 Weeks Later, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The latter (if you can even use the word "latter" in cases of there being three things listed) was a terrible movie. I got up in the middle of it and said, "This is fucking stupid. I cannot watch this." Jessica Biel's body drew me back in later. So that's Halloween for me. That and an Oojie board. No bags, no doorsteps, no dressing up, no hayrides, no girls, even. Just me, my friends, too many movies, and an Oojie board. Oh, and Jessica Biel fantasies, I guess. Still a stupid movie.

About that Oojie board. Caleb wouldn't let us "use" it in the house. Can anything bought at KB Toys be worthy of spiritual intervention? No. I don't really believe in all that anyway. So we "used" it outside in the rain on the hood of Timmy's car. I summoned Satan and asked that he bless us with his presence and sleep with me that night. I got no such satisfaction. Surprise. Still a really fun time no matter how I make it out to sound. There's nothing wrong with those aspects of a night. Oh, and we talked about how hot Nick's sister is. That's a good night.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Call the doctor! This one ain't goin' away anytime soon!

So I downloaded some Toys That Kill that I didn't used to have. My respect for them has grown so much after hearing some of these songs just once. Had no idea they could be this outright poppy. That Don't Take My Clone 7" is like the best compilation of two songs I've ever heard possibly. Goddamn! You are just going to have to take my word for it because you are not going to be able to go find it yourself to listen to. It's given me a massive erection.

I promised Gracie that I'd come sit with her at lunch tomorrow and talk to Katlin, since I've been so negligent to doing that in the past few weeks. FUCK THIS TOYS THAT KILL! It is AMAZING! I don't even want to write music anymore! It's like they write in a completely different style on LPs as they do EPs. Anyway, Katlin is also important! Freshmen, though, man. Few dare to tread on that ground. I don't know if it's going to be a huge mistake or not yet. Gracie and Kylie have been good wingwomen, though by telling Katlin that I'm not a freak or anything like that. Thanks, guys. I still come off as one, though, I'm sure.


I wrote a paper yesterday for 7 hours straight. Now that is a good reason why not to post a blog, eh? I was about fucking done with writing yesterday. SEVEN MOTHERFUCKING HOURS! I wrote on my gay aunt. I'll post it here sometime, I assume. It was pretty good, I felt. However, I also felt the interview transcript was more interesting than the paper itself because my aunt rambling explained the issues a lot better than me cutting out parts of her quotes and trying to back up other statements with references. It was also a lot more personable. It was also about 20 pages double-spaced. She obviously had a lot to say and there was a lot to be covered that I simply could not do in a shorter-lengthed paper.

That fill that starts off "for.the.$$" is in a lot of songs, I'm finding out. Like right at the beginning of them, too. I found it in a Paint It Black song, a Motion City Soundtrack song, and just heard it again in one of these new Toys That Kill songs tonight. You have to realize that the music to "for.the.$$" was written with Dillinger Four and Toys That Kill in mind, though. And the fill is really fucking simple. Snare-bass-snare-bass-bass-snare-snare. Didn't exactly take a lot of thought to come up with, so it's not wonder it's been used a lot. I'm covering up the fact that I am and always will be completely unoriginal.

Possibility that I Forget can rehearse Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday this week. We have been rehearsing regularly and it's the weirdest thing. We have never been known to do that. I don't know, maybe we did like 4 years ago. We're gonna rock some testicles off some bodies. This song we've been working on sounds like Goddamnit-era Alkaline Trio and it is wonderful. Then, of course, we have "Bless My Soul" in the works. Rumor has it these songs might make the cut for our new album. We'll just have to play it out.

And ummm....I guess that's all that exists in my world right now. I have haters but they don't know what they're talking about, so I'm okay with it. Seriously, there will never be world peace with people hating for the sake of having someone to hate. So what if my hair looks bad some days? So what if you think I'm going to hell? Love me, you assholes.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is like an all time low. HA!

Seriously, I've been horrible with this blog this month. Four posts prior to this one this month! Month's almost over, too! Well my excuse is that my computer had a virus this week and I had to completely restart it AGAIN so that took up a good bit of time. Then I missed the Office and have been rehearsing with my band so the time I'd have to be on here I've been rehearsing or catching up on missed episodes of my favorite shows online since I don't have TV. That and I completely forget to get on here until like it's real late at night and I should just be going to sleep.

So today my goals are to interview my aunt about being gay in West Virginia and how she has to act around the homophobes and shit and what it was like growing up and how she felt and was treated and how she was different from the other kids and things like that. She's already answered some of my questions online and her answers are very, very intriguing. I kind of went into it assuming she'd already told me all of the information I'd ask for but I'm learning a lot.

I have the new Weezer album that isn't even out yet. I think they're trying to sell out. There is some poppy stuff on there. Pretty much every track could be a single. Lil Wayne sings on one song. One song was written with two guys from All-American Rejects. You know, stuff the kids are gonna love. I love some of them, that's for sure. Pat Wilson wrote one called "In the Mall." It's about being in the mall. "The Girl Got Hot" is awesome. "(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To" is still one of the best Weezer songs I've ever heard. I want to see what the critics are gonna say. More importantly, I want to see what the kids at are gonna say. I'm anticipating widespread hate. Like "Rivers, give it up. Quit trying to write hip music." I don't know if they realize this, but Rivers Cuomo is amazing and nothing will change that. Except maybe a lobotomy.

New Lawrence Arms EP this week. Who's getting it?! I am! If I can. If not, I'll get it offline somewhere. Like a bad kid. You find lots of good shit out there. You can find just about anything, too. Just go to Google and type "[ALBUM/BAND NAME HERE] mediafire" or "[ALBUM/BAND NAME HERE] download blogspot" and you'll probably find a place to download it somewhere. I can't find a certain Groovie Ghoulies album I'm after, however. It's the one with "Beast With Five Hands" on it. I really want that shit. They were a good band. Horror pop punk. I Forget is kind of doing that a little with the new songs we've been writing.

What else is new in my life? Umm...the powderpuff game we were supposed to play and wasn't supposed to be canceled no matter what was canceled yesterday. On a Saturday they called off a school event. They called everyone's house and left a generated message. I was not pleased. And I posted on my Facebook status that I was not pleased and then someone fucking TATTLED on me. We're in high school. Not grade school. And someone tells on me. I said that I was not thankful that someone was put in charge of the game to call it off. Having Miss Morrison tell me it would not be canceled, I was assuming someone else was the one who called it off. Well a certain person/certain people read that as "Kyle Wagoner hates Miss Morrison" and went and told her that. So then Josh Hanson comments my status saying "Well you can get playing at all saying things like that when it's rescheduled." And I was like "I'll burn in your hell and deal with it. Get your panties out of a knot." And he's like, "I don't care about your religion. I'm talking about what you said to Miss Morrison." And I was like, "I didn't say shit." and this went on for a while. But someone told her some shit. So now, I have to go into school and find her and tell her what happened and explain to a fucking TEACHER that I do not hate her. 4th grade again. Swear to god. Only I never had to deal with this even back then.

That's my bullshit story for the week. Isn't that just bullshit? So we didn't get to play. Sucked. It was supposed to be a great Saturday but it was just okay in the end. Friday was pretty cool, though, because I Forget rehearsed. We've been doing pretty good at that. Rehearsing with Brandon is awesome. Having a second guitarist is awesome. I never realized how many windows it'd open in writing songs. We're going to start sounding more and more like a full-sounding band. We have harmonizing guitar parts now, we can have complicated parts and Brittney can still sing at the same time, we can have solos over top of chords now. It's pretty awesome. And the best part is that neither is lead or rhythm. They share.

So that's pretty cool of I Forget. We're gonna try to finish up some new songs so we can get them on this upcoming album since we have so much time. We'll probably be playing at the powderpuff game when it's rescheduled if Miss Morrison isn't convinced I hater her and can't be convinced the opposite. We'll be playing at The Warren on November 22nd. We want to be interviewed by Tiffany Mason or someone she gives us and we'd get video footage of it probably. We also want new band pictures. Excitement!

Okay and I need to get some shit done but first I'm gonna take a nap. So enjoy your day. Maybe I'll come visit later. Or maybe I'll catch fire. I'm just a sleepyhead right now and someone need to tuck me in. I think that's enough Alkaline Trio song names for one paragraph. All of these bad attempts are making me cringe. Someone help me.

Sorry about that.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Like a computer crash that never hits the ground...

Yeah, computer crashed. Lost all of my music files. All 5,800 songs or so. All of my programs. All of my school files. No more Microsoft Office. No more Photoshop. No more SHIT. That made Saturday really lame. Going through another day of plans not working out with Katie also made it a bad day. But she lives here now, so hey, whatever, right?


So Friday night was Mario Kart Night. Can't remember the last time we had one of those. I only drank one Dr. Pepper that night. Do you know how much I hate soda? All I have in this house is soda and tap water right now. I. hate. soda. Smells like NOT OK soda. FUCK IT. We have fuckin' Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper or whatever it's called. "It's obnoxiously smooth" or some slogan like that. Lame. Tastes like horse shit liquefied.

So all I've been doing since my computer crashed is the only thing I thought reasonable: download everything I lost. I'm downloading a lot of it illegally. Why, you might ask? Well, I got a lot of it legally at one point and then lost it, that's why. So I don't feel too bad. That and I'm downloading entire albums at a time, so's a lot more organized. I'm making sure everything I put on this computer has album art to go with it now. Not gonna be unorganized like before. Also, I'm only going to put on music that I listen to. And I'm going to only put entire albums and not just random songs from here and there. I always hate it when people only have one song from something, so I shouldn't be one of those guys. Like when you find an iPod on a trail somewhere and most of the stuff on it is shit and then you find some bands that you can tolerate and the only thing they have is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and then you are glad that person lost their iPod because they've proven to not deserve to listen to music.

Speaking of music, after a long, long discussion and quarrel with phones and such today, I Forget finally rehearsed. And! my drum set is once again in my basement at my dad's. Whole thing. Right there. For my playing pleasure. Oh life is good. So we rehearsed with Brandon for the first time. Umm...we need to get approved for the Powder Puff Football game this Saturday. I am thinking about asking Miss Morrison if it'd be alright that I just bring in a guitar and sing her the songs and the lyrics. That's a challenge for me, seeing as the songs we've picked to play are kind of bad for lyrics. How do you rephrase "She doesn't go to the Warped Tour 'cause she says she's not a corporate whore and Fat Mike is a fucking cunt" without anything that could be coined as "inappropriate"? I'll have to figure it out very quickly. Bustin' my balls here!

Got a blister playing drums today. Doesn't surprise me a bit. I can't remember the last time I really played the drums. Brittney and Shane couldn't remember the last time they played their instruments, either. The last time for any of us was probably the last rehearsal like a month ago. That's a longass time. Nick interviewed us after we rehearsed. We wished he'd had a tape recorder because our answers to his questions were very extensive. When he writes it up, I'd like to put it up somewhere for the world to see. He asked us about our struggles as a pop punk band trying to make it in West by-God Virginia.

What would I do without I Forget? That wasn't one of the questions, but that's what I asked myself in the final statements. I Forget is, as I said, like the girlfriend you've been dating for 12 years and if she were to ever break up with you, you'd just want to die. Or, as Shane said, you'd want to rape her and kill her. That's always a more enjoyable alternative with a lot better closure. Makes it easier to get over someone if they've been raped and killed.

I got straight A's on my report card. Have I reported that? I did. I did a great job. However, Rod won't quit asking me about colleges. I told him today, as he was showing me brochures to different colleges he'd collected at College Night the other night, that I wanted to go to college for Audio Engineering and that the guy from Marshall that I talked to agreed with me when I said that there probably are none in the state. So Rod tells me that one college had something similar to that. Did I not go over this in my last post? I said, "I don't want 'something similar.' That sounds like you're cheating yourself out of what you want." And it does. "Something similar." "You ordered the...Triple Whopper? Well here's the deal: we didn't make that...but here's something similar. It's a Chicken Patty." No. Fuck you. Give me the fucking Triple Whopper like I want. Who gives a fuck if my Triple Whopper costs a little more? It's what I fucking want. And no, I'm still a vegetarian, it was just an example. Bringing me to my next thing to mention!

So my dad ordered me Chinese the other night. I was happy. I love Chinese food. Well that tofu did not look like General Tso's tofu to me. Looked like fuckin' General Tso's chicken. I was skeptical. I put it in a nice plate and took it out to the couch. I put a piece of it in my mouth, started chewing it and took it out of my mouth. "I really don't think this is tofu." Upon my dad and Rod's inspections, it was determined that they did, in fact, get the order wrong. "Well this isn't General Tso's tofu, but it's something similar." Yeah, and it could have made me both sick and break vegetarianism. Thanks, asshole. That's why you don't fucking settle!

I gave blood, motherfucker!


Monday, October 12, 2009


I really need to respect my friend here, Bloggy. That's his name, after all. Right? Oh, Bloggy, you listen to so much shit. But to be honest with you, Bloggy, you don't get the worst of it. In fact, I am not what I claim to be with you. I claim to be someone who would never censor himself...but the fact of the matter is that everything I tell you...well, you aren't a very good secret-keeper. So I can't tell you everything. I censor myself for you. I don't tell you about all of my sexual excursions and shit. I don't tell you when certain people do things that the public would not like. For obvious reasons, I guess. Sorry, Bloggy, but you will never know everything I know. You're just a silly computer, after all.

Bloggy, Katie's parents got in a fight today. How about that? So you know what happened instead of her coming out here? Well they couldn't decide who was gonna get her or who she was going to stay with, so everybody lost. I know, right?! Fight like 3rd graders! Yeah, I know. The haters are gonna be like, "Ha. I knew she wouldn't come see you. It's an excuse." What?! You knew this would happen? Fuck you, you aren't supposed to have opinions. You are unbiased! FUCK OFF!

Well guys, I'm now going to ignore Bloggy because he cannot be trusted. Who's to say this will even be posted with the same words as I typed? Bloggy could turn on me and make up shit and try to sabotage my reputation. Then again, I'm the one talking to my blog and giving it a pet name...

Yes, I have the last cross country race of the season and of my high school life tomorrow in Berkeley Springs. Glad you remembered. Did you bring me a present? Oh well, I'm cheap, too. And yes, my hip still hurts. I will probably hate my life when it's over and regret running for a little while but when the year is over, I will be glad I ran that last race instead of not cherishing the race at Keyser as my last. I kind of regret not cherishing my last performance with the marching band, but I had no way of knowing it was my last at the time...

Anyway, wish me luck there. Wish me luck with Katlin since I've been told she thinks I'm weird. Wish me luck with seeing Katie since she couldn't come out today and she's gonna try for this weekend. Wish me luck with this flannel shrinking so it'll fit me. Fuckin' Gabes had sizes L-4XL but nothing else. They have things I want sometimes but never in my size. Today they had a Vandals shirt. The fucking Vandals. It was a kind of dumb shirt, but it's the Vandals! It was too big...and the Operation Ivy shirt I got from there is like XS if that's a size.

Adam is dating Gracie now! Finally one of my friends is accomplishing something relationship-wise. Adam isn't really one of "the crew," though. Tim, Jim, Nick, Alex, and Caleb need to get into the game. Fuck, so do I.

This one Paint It Black song..."Memorial Day." Yeah, it's basically half Paint It Black and half The Loved Ones since Dave Hause, who was a member of PIB back then, sings the second half and it's all vocally melodical (which is something PIB like never features with Dan). I don't really like The Loved Ones that much. Is that a sin? I don't care that much for Good Riddance, either. They broke up, though. Pulley is breaking up. How about that? The Matches broke up and so did Piebald. Such a shame! I need to see another punk show. This is the part of each blog that no one cares about reading...The guy in The Menzingers can sound very scene at times. You should check them out if you haven't. That means you should check them out.

There's this country song that I used to hear and it would say "Did I shave my legs for this?" and that might even be what it's called. But songs generally are about stupid things like having Christmas lights up all year around or whatever, but as ridiculous of a question that sounds like, I understand it and have actually reverted to that thought multiple times before in my life. Not my legs, though. More like did I shave my balls for this? The song is, of course, talking about going on a date and the date being a disaster. I mean, the balls thing I guess was kind of inappropriate, but you can generalize it to feeling like a day was completely wasted and you got so excited and so dressed up and prettied for it. That's what happened to me this morning...I was anticipating a nice, long, happy day with Katie Mullan but noooooooo. Shit happens. Too much.

I need to try to sleep tonight. I slept all day, so we'll see how that goes. I fixed the mic on my computer, so I may try to record things again at some point. That's excited, I guess, right? Have you heard my solo music? Go here and hear it if you want.

It's all sappy sometimes...


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just for future reference and documentation

I know I don't really write with a moral much anymore, but life this week has been very eventful. I made that to-do list with 19 things on it and I'm down to 7. The worst of them are out of the way, I think.

Anyway, that's beside the point right now. I'm here to document what happened yesterday at lunch considering Katlin. Here's how I tell it to people:

So I go to sit down at my table during lunch and everyone's like "You're going to talk to her today!" and I'm like, "Oookay, I guess I will" and they're like "YOU WILL DO IT!" So I was just trying to eat my food...and they were saying I wasn't going to do it, so they call Alonzo, who is the most outgoing person I've ever met, over to psyche me up and be my wingman. Crazy nigga. Alonzo wants to know who we're dealing with, so they try to point her out to Alonzo but he doesn't see who they're pointing at, so Nick goes over to her table, points her RIGHT in her face and screams "IT'S THIS ONE! RIGHT HERE!"

Though it was very awkward and embarrassing, it was easily one of the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. It, of course, draws a lot of attention. Mr. Riley started watching us. Then Alonzo went and talked to her, came back, and then everyone starts clapping for me trying to pump me up to go talk to her or some shit and Mr. Riley yells at them to stop it. Then Katlin gets up and goes to the bathroom. When she came back, she sat at the end of her table. Well Alonzo puts his arm around me and he's like, "Here we go," and we slowly walk over to her table and Mr. Riley is like "What are you up to?"and he sees that I'm like freaking out. So Mr. Riley, our fucking VICE PRINCIPAL, starts rubbing my shoulders, telling me it's going to be okay or some shit. How do you follow that up with casual conversation? You don't. Unless you're Alonzo, who then asks everyone to introduce themselves. He gets to Katlin and he's like, "Can I call you Kate?" "Yes." "Can he (me) call you Kate?" "Yes." Then he asks her where she lives and shit and AHHHH!!! Then he told me I suck at that and got up and left and sat back at my table where all of my friends watched with huge eyes. Tim Day then asked me if I wanted his seat, directly across the table from Katlin, and I said I guessed so. (Sorry for all of these tense shifts.) So she's like, "Thankss, Tim," which made me feel I apologized for the awkwardness and everything. I didn't say very much...I kind of choked, but I really didn't know how to casually talk to her when half of the lunch room was watching me including the vice principal and guidance counselor and I had my entire lunch table like waving their arms at me and staring and patting me on the back as they walked by to go the bathroom...

Anyway, that was weird. Karalee also printed off the conversation I'd had with her the night before on Facebook and let like all of her friends and Katlin read it and it was a conversation regarding Katlin. Someone wrote "Kyle Wagoner <3 Katlin Wilson" on the top of the paper. That's what I get for dealing with freshmen, I guess...

Katie coming here next Monday. She apologized for being a poor/bad/shitty/horrible girlfriend, however you want to look at it. She manned up and said everything I wish she'd say and I was so we're gonna hang out all next week if all works out. You see where this gets complicated?

Got a cell phone charger today since I lost mine. Got minutes for my phone since I only had 67 left and they were all going to expire tomorrow. Now I have 527. That's good news. My group presents its skit in Psychology tomorrow. I audition for the Dinner Theatre singing "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash. So even though most of my worries are gone, I still have a couple for tomorrow to overcome. After this week, I am just going to CHILL.

Hey, thanks to everyone trying to support me through all of this insane shit!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Nick....what am I gonna do widja?

I guess I'll formally announce that I'm looking into a certain girl, you could say. Freshman girl. Her name is Katlin. Uhh...I don't really know much about her other than what Kylie, Alex Grabenstein's sister, has told me. However, I decided that I want to meet her and talk to her. Well today at lunch, my friends, Alex, Nick, Caleb, and Timmy, found out which girl I was talking about and Nick thought it'd be a great idea to talk to her. I begged to differ, but he, for once, did not put up with Alex, Tim, and Caleb calling him a pussy and got up and talked to her. This made me feel very awkward, as everything pertaining to this girl has been for me so far. It was awkward asking Kylie about her, awkward asking Karalee about her, awkward telling my friends about her since I've never met her. As I keep saying, I just call it curiosity at this point. She kind of looks like the kind of girl I'd be interested in, though. She's skinny and taller than me. Been there before, eh?

Anyway, so here's how lunch went today. Nick went over to her table, leaned across it, shook her hand, and introduced himself, then said something like, "I...I'll be back," and then went to the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, he sat down right next to her and went over his prepared speech that he probably came up with in the bathroom. "So here's the deal. You see, my friend Kyle. Kyle Wagoner. You see him sitting over there? He's too shy to talk to you, but he's a great guy and you should totally get to know him." Something like that he ranted off. Now remember, Nick is the one who is known for not being able to girls at all. How could he find the balls for this and I couldn't? Well maybe it's that he's cruel and thought it was hilarious and had nothing to lose. I don't know if I appreciate this or not.

Last night, I tried talking to Karalee about Katlin because I was told that they are good friends. Well before I could ask my question, Karalee went offline. So today, she got on Facebook and says "what." "What what?" I ask. She asked me what I wanted to ask yesterday, I told her I didn't remember now, which was true...I didn't remember what exactly I had in mind to ask her. She said "I bet it has to do with Katlin?" "Yeah?" She then demanded that I tell her what I wanted. It kind of scared me. So Karalee ended up saying that it's too late to not come off as being weird and that she was going to print off our conversation, give it to Katlin, and tell her to talk to me during lunch tomorrow. I don't know if I appreciate this or not.

This shit is getting to be a big deal and I can't just go back now. Things have been initiated. Other big deals in my life include doing my SATs, having a skit in Psychology to present tomorrow, having a huge AP Biology test tomorrow, having two tests to take in British Literature on Wednesday, finding my phone charger and buying minutes before my phone expires in like two days, finding more time to drum, and tons of other things. I made a to-do list, which is very unlike me. It's helped. So far, I've written the papers I needed to write, recycled, and learned to play "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky." That's good, right? Got a ways to go. A lot of the things are hit or miss and they'll either happen this week or they won't and I can't go back since the grading period ends on Wednesday.

I've hurt my hip. I did not run today. I rode the bus home for the first time all year. We have a meet tomorrow which I'll go to but not run. You can't wrap a hip like you can an ankle...I wish I could run, though.

I have some studying to do for AP Bio, but I have a feeling I'll be better off going to bed, getting to school, reading over my papers then, and taking my test than staying up 'till 3 reading words that mean nothing to me. I was up 'till 3:30 last night, which was bad. Sleep is good. I should get there. Sorry I haven't blogged in what feels like weeks.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Bitch, that's a mistake!

So I didn't plan on or want to write this, but it kind of just happened. Motivation at 12:18 AM. Well here's the deal: I have to drive to school in the morning and the last time I drove to school, I crashed into someone at 10 mph. Well it'd be nice if I had some rest before I go driving, so I'll try to keep this very brief. Oh how I want some pancakes.

Brandon Irwin came and played guitar with I Forget at our rehearsal yesterday and he is probably going to become our fourth member as rhythm/lead guitarist depending on the song. That's very exciting to me. That means we can start writing lead and harmonizing guitar parts and playing them live! Awesome! Though, yeah, there's something really sweet about 3-piece bands...but still, some 3-piece bands have added other members and it gone over smoothly. Think Dead to Me (who are like a 3-piece again, so maybe that's a bad example) or Propagandhi! And both of those bands have two lead singers like us! That's a good thing to name off real quick. Bands with two (or more) lead singers:

-Alkaline Trio
-Dead to Me
-Dillinger Four
-Toys That Kill
-Teenage Bottlerocket
-The Lawrence Arms
-System of a Down
-Dropkick Murphys
-Drag the River
-The Beatles

Okay, so that's not that many, but there are some great names on there! I Forget fits in real nicely, I believe. Anyway, I just wasted like 10 minutes composing that list. I forget what I was going to say. I broke up with Katie. I wrote some of that essay. I did well on the tests I took today, I feel. Jim's surgery went well today. I'm continually injuring myself. I wanna ruin Nick's shit. Someone hit his homecoming sign today and drew a dick on his locker.

So anyway, here's a list of bands with less than one lead singer:

-Bob Marley

...too soon?


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Once again...twice, rather

Going into the studio and rehearsing yesterday did not work out as planned. Does it ever? Instead of going into the studio and playing music together, Jason, after we finally got ahold of him on the way there, said that he didn't know what we were doing that day. "Bullshit he didn't!" Brittney said. We kinda had all confirmed with him separately earlier that day that we were in fact going to come in a little later and rehearse. So whatev, he forgets everything. We're almost ashamed to have the band name that we have when we're around him. So we'll try again today. We're supposed to go in at 2:30.

Today, Brandon Irwin will be joining us and playing with us. Perhaps we're looking at I Forget's fourth member? That'd be neat, eh? We'll see how this plays out. And umm...yeah, so today should be good.

I did not get enough sleep last night because I was booking on my mom taking us to second service at church, but instead we went to the 8:15 service. That sucks. I'm fucking tired. I have two essays to write, some tests to study for (not that I'd do that anyway), and rehearsal to go through today and I have gotten no fucking sleep. As we discussed in Sunday School today, my goal for the week is to get my shit together. I gotta get my parking permit for school, gotta sign up for SAT's since I'm wayyyy late on that, and I just gotta get these essays written and written well and do well on tests. I am a bit overwhelmed. I also have to do better at cross country. I think I've thrown my left hip out or something because it really hurts to walk on it right now. That and I can still feel that side stitch from yesterday.

So okay, maybe today is the look at a new horizon. Still gotta dump that girlfriend of mine. Every time I sit down and figure out how I want to say it to her, it's in a time I cannot text her, since that's going to have to be the method. Even if she doesn't get the text because Ginger reads it instead, well, that's not my fucking problem.

Nick says Ginger Berry sounds like the name of a cereal. I said it sounds like something you'd pick on a tree in a Pokemon game. "Obtained Ginger Berry!"

'Kay, that's about all the coverage in my life I've got for you so far. Oh, maybe I didn't explain how I got a side stitch on my last mile of the race yesterday and instead of running a 6:06 mile like my first mile, the last was 8:25. Yeah, hurt like a bitch. My total time was 22:25. Still not bad, but I can do better. I'll be back at that same track in 8 days now.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Das ist gute!

So I'm kicking ass at cross country this week during workouts, hopefully it will show on Saturday. Regardless of where I finish on Saturday, it's setting up to be an awesome day. Why? Because I got ahold of Jason today and we have made plans to go into the studio and rehearse on Saturday. This will be the first time I Forget has played together since the last Warren show. Awesome. Totally stoked.

Girlfriend hasn't spoken to me. Think we can stick a fork in this one.

Um, been watching some videos on Michael Moore's new movie Capitalism: A Love Story. Propagandhi showed me this show via Facebook called Democracy Now! and I watched the hour of it and Michael Moore came in to talk about his new movie and frankly, I am still very interested in politics. It's weird. I love politics, I'll listen to politics all day, but I hate politics and know nothing about it at the same time. Politics are interesting. Politics are evil. Politics are fascinating. I can't verbally argue my side in political arguments very well because I'm just not organized in that way and don't know every fact about everything and cannot throw statistics and site every reference in a casual conversation. That's why I look up to Michael Moore and Propagandhi. They do it pretty well. Perhaps I should read some Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

I was supposed to write an essay tonight and have it for peer reviews tomorrow in College English, but it would appear that I completely forgot to take my book home so I could look back at the essays in it and at least get the titles so I could start comparing and contrasting them. Oh yes, I have not explained the prompt. We are to either compare and contrast two essays on date rape or two essays on immigration and decide which uses the tools of persuasion better. I wanted to do the ones on date rape, but I realized that I'm not sure how different the arguments presented really are, so I may read over the ones on immigration and see what I think about those. I really am not looking forward to writing this essay.

Tomorrow during school, I have to write up a study guide I could have done any other day this week during any of the 5 (give or take an hour or two) hours I spent sleeping in class because I had all of my work done. I also have to do some chapter review questions in Computer Applications. I slept for 2/3 of Microbiology today and all of Computer Applications. It. was. awesome. Then I woke up, went to the bathroom, changed, and ran six sets of half mile runs. 6 8's, Mr. Phillips says. If I run anything on Saturday like I have the three workout days we've had this week, I will be killing in the JV race. I want to get on varsity by the end of the season. I've found my competitive side, I think. I just had to prove to myself that I was capable of running with the faster people and staying with them and sometimes even being faster.

So here's a little up/down rundown in how things are looking:

School preparedness: down
Cross country: up
I Forget playing/recording: up
Girlfriend: down
Political knowledge: up
Overall feeling: I need to get my school work together and break up with my girlfriend.

Oh shit! And Ben, Nick, and I got together yesterday evening at Ben's house, learned a couple of Weezer songs (half-assed, of course), and went in to Psychology class today and played them for everyone. I played bass and sang while Ben took drumming duty and Nick was left on guitar as usual. We played "Dreamin" and "Undone - The Sweater Song." I thought it was alright minus a few things here and there.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today I...

1. Got up at 6:30, got dressed and ready for school, got on the bus around 6:55:20 and slept.

2. Got to school. Went to Psychology class, saw my teacher, who is my sister's grandma, Mammaw Sara, had a short class, and got ready to watch a presentation given by the strongest man on earth about the Columbine shootings and the death of Rachel Scott and the impact her kindness has had on the world.

3. Watched the presentation. Did not cry, which left me sorta disappointed, but I still enjoyed the presentation.

4. Watched as people gave various excuses as to why they did not want to accept Rachel's "challenge" which basically just states that you will try to set a good example and be fair to people and try to do your best in life.

5. Ate lunch.

6. Had half an hour of Microbiology where I wore Timmy's jacket and acted like him by saying "house" weird and by stretching my arms and proclaiming that I haven't had sex in 17 years and don't watch The Office. When Timmy left and our half an hour of work was finished, I slept for the remaining hour as the rest of the class watched game shows from the '80s or some shit.

7. Woke up and went to fourth block, Computer Programming, where I checked my blog, checked, showed Mrs. Boden that I'd done all of my work the day before, went back to my seat, and slept until the school day was over.

8. Got dressed for cross country. Ran 6 miles in about 45 minutes. Felt awesomely exhausted.

9. Got a ride home from Rebekah. Thank you, Rebekah. Got my shit together and took it with me to my dad's who followed Rebekah and I into the driveway.

10. Took a bath, layed in bed, ate pizza, took some pain pills, watched the finale of America's Got Talent online and cried as I saw that Kevin Skinner actually won, which I felt he should have.

11. Came back to my mom's, played a little guitar, talked to Tim, realized my school day was completely pointless, wrote this.

12. Decided it is time to go to bed. Half a day tomorrow, followed by an easy partner run. I've been kicking ass in practice. My ankle's feeling better and I like these shoes I've been wearing this week. Maybe they're a placebo.

Downloaded the new Banner Pilot album. I have a feeling it will grow on me and I will love it. I also think that Brittney subconsciously ripped off Chuck Ragan's "Do You Pray?" because she has a song about religion and the first thing it says is "Do you pray?" in the same manner and Chuck and it's the same kind of folk song as his and it's just very similar. Oh, and if Katie isn't going to come see me and I'm not going to be able to talk to her in peace, then I am done. Completely finished. This is getting to be ridiculous.

Dear Landlord is fucking awesome.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

So much new music, my head is going to explode


That is like the answer to my prayers. Here is a list of all of the bands I have downloaded albums from and the actual album names of those albums in the past few days that I've been looking for forever.

American Steel - Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
Banner Pilot - Pass the Poison
Cloak/Dagger - We Are
Cloak/Dagger - Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes
Chuck Ragan - Feast or Famine
Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon
Dear Landlord - Dream Homes
Defiance, Ohio - The Fear, The Fear, The Fear
Drag the River - Live at the Starlight
The Menzingers - A Lesson In The Abuse of Information Technology
The Menzingers - Hold On, Dodge
Paint It Black - Paradise
Paint It Black - Amnesia
Paint It Black - Surrender
Teenage Bottlerocket - They Came from the Shadows
Various Artists - Fest 7 Comp

Now if I can, I plan on purchasing many of these actual CDs or 7-inches in the future. These albums, from what I've listened to, contain some of the best music I've ever heard. Teenage Bottlerocket, American Steel, and Cobra Skulls especially have brought out some solid full-lengths this year. That sight I gave you at the very top can give you a lot of these I mentioned and then some. Goddamn, that's some good music. I finally have Paint It Black's entire catalogue!

So the car I crashed last week is fixed. I am not driving it yet, though. At least not to school. And that's not mom's rules, that's my decision. I need to slowly get back into driving before I jump in the car and drive to school again. This nightmare is hopefully over, though. Now if I can just get the rest of my life fixed up. Need to figure out what the deal with my girlfriend and I is, need to get in the fucking studio for the first time in months and finish this fucking album. Need to get my SAT's done, some college applications sent. I got a lot of shit to sort out, obviously. I also want to do really well at cross country regionals. I did alright yesterday when I ran, but I could have done better and I will not rest until I do my best! But god, I hate running. At the same time, it was driving me mad that I didn't run today. I think I'm gonna run for the rest of my life...

I visited Jim in the hospital today. His lung collapsed and all of this shit because he's a tall and skinny boy and that happens to people like him. And apparently, if it happens once, it's more prone to happen again from then on. That's great, huh? Poor Jim. He still doesn't take anything in life seriously, but I kind of respect that in a weird way. I take too much seriously sometimes, I feel, but at the same time, I feel like I need to buckle down in a lot of areas. But Jim is going to be alright, for all of those wondering. I love ya, Jim!

Saw Jennifer's Body in theatres with Tim, Nick, Alex, and Brittney on Friday. I enjoyed it, though I'm not one for horror films generally. The part where they stab the girl while singing "Jenny (867-5309)" was fucking classic. So was the part about the box-cutter. I'll let you go see it for yourself. You probably won't regret it.

Ummm...and I forgot to mention that I watched the first episode of the new season of The Office on Thursday and it's going to be a great season and Community is going to be a great series, I feel. That's about all I got for you tonight. I love punk music.