Thursday, September 24, 2009

Das ist gute!

So I'm kicking ass at cross country this week during workouts, hopefully it will show on Saturday. Regardless of where I finish on Saturday, it's setting up to be an awesome day. Why? Because I got ahold of Jason today and we have made plans to go into the studio and rehearse on Saturday. This will be the first time I Forget has played together since the last Warren show. Awesome. Totally stoked.

Girlfriend hasn't spoken to me. Think we can stick a fork in this one.

Um, been watching some videos on Michael Moore's new movie Capitalism: A Love Story. Propagandhi showed me this show via Facebook called Democracy Now! and I watched the hour of it and Michael Moore came in to talk about his new movie and frankly, I am still very interested in politics. It's weird. I love politics, I'll listen to politics all day, but I hate politics and know nothing about it at the same time. Politics are interesting. Politics are evil. Politics are fascinating. I can't verbally argue my side in political arguments very well because I'm just not organized in that way and don't know every fact about everything and cannot throw statistics and site every reference in a casual conversation. That's why I look up to Michael Moore and Propagandhi. They do it pretty well. Perhaps I should read some Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

I was supposed to write an essay tonight and have it for peer reviews tomorrow in College English, but it would appear that I completely forgot to take my book home so I could look back at the essays in it and at least get the titles so I could start comparing and contrasting them. Oh yes, I have not explained the prompt. We are to either compare and contrast two essays on date rape or two essays on immigration and decide which uses the tools of persuasion better. I wanted to do the ones on date rape, but I realized that I'm not sure how different the arguments presented really are, so I may read over the ones on immigration and see what I think about those. I really am not looking forward to writing this essay.

Tomorrow during school, I have to write up a study guide I could have done any other day this week during any of the 5 (give or take an hour or two) hours I spent sleeping in class because I had all of my work done. I also have to do some chapter review questions in Computer Applications. I slept for 2/3 of Microbiology today and all of Computer Applications. It. was. awesome. Then I woke up, went to the bathroom, changed, and ran six sets of half mile runs. 6 8's, Mr. Phillips says. If I run anything on Saturday like I have the three workout days we've had this week, I will be killing in the JV race. I want to get on varsity by the end of the season. I've found my competitive side, I think. I just had to prove to myself that I was capable of running with the faster people and staying with them and sometimes even being faster.

So here's a little up/down rundown in how things are looking:

School preparedness: down
Cross country: up
I Forget playing/recording: up
Girlfriend: down
Political knowledge: up
Overall feeling: I need to get my school work together and break up with my girlfriend.

Oh shit! And Ben, Nick, and I got together yesterday evening at Ben's house, learned a couple of Weezer songs (half-assed, of course), and went in to Psychology class today and played them for everyone. I played bass and sang while Ben took drumming duty and Nick was left on guitar as usual. We played "Dreamin" and "Undone - The Sweater Song." I thought it was alright minus a few things here and there.


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Alex said...

I have a People's History of the United States if you want it. Prepared to be a little depressed.