Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to the Dark Side. May I take your jacket?

So I think this is really gonna happen. I'm going to go to Clear Spring on Saturday, drug myself up real good before going, and Katie is going to come to watch me. That seems like a nice circumstance. However, I have been forewarned of Ginger. Ginger apparently does not know that Katie and I are dating and I think if she finds out, she's gonna bite my ear off or something. Katie told me she's crazy and will kill me. I still stand by my shortest blog post of the year when I suggest to Ginger to go suck a dick. But that's fine. I'm excited for Nick and Ginger to meet. I keep saying that if they get into a fight, it'll be like Gandalf the White and Dumbledore going at it.

So let me be completely honest with myself. School isn't so bad. However, getting home, doing essentials, falling asleep, and being up and ready to take on the day at 8 or 9 PM just isn't going to cut it. I used to at least get home around 4, and if I was driving it'd be 3:30, and I could sleep until 5 or 6 and then go on with my day. There's still time to do something at 5 or 6. But 9 PM? I might as well be wasted. At the same time, I don't know what else I'd be doing with my weekday evenings. It'd be nice to go hang out with someone, I guess. At least this is keeping me in good shape. I ran the elliptical today and did 2,167 strides in 35 minutes. The stride length was "26.0." I really have no idea what that indicates. 26 inches a step? See, that doesn't really make sense because a "stride," according to the machine, is two steps. So let me try this math. If one step is 26 inches, then one stride is 52 inches. If I did 2,167 strides, that's 112,684 inches. Or, in other words, 9,390.333 feet. Let me try to figure out what the fuck THAT means in miles and see if this makes sense. A mile is 5,280 feet. I had to have done at least 4 miles, so that doesn't work. How fucking long is a stride, then!? I don't fucking understand this space technology.

I'll keep all of that information for future reference in case I ever REALLY need to know how far I went today. Tomorrow's recycling day. I need to take my recyclables in and I also need my registration and $5 so I can legally park in the parking lot at school. Other than that and having homework every night that I can usually finish in 10 minutes, school is going pretty smoothly. Computer Programming had me a little iffy at first with the way the class was introduced and how most of the kids in the class are super nerds who I thought would be way ahead of me. That's not true, though, because I'm catching on to this shit way faster than any of them. I guess having a MySpace and fucking with its HTML helps. I don't know, but I finished the four assignments assigned to last the whole block in about 5 minutes. Not worried about that shit no more.

Oh, today I was also supposed to go to my dad's, so my mom advised, but I was so fucking worn out that I couldn't. Sorry, dad...I'll be over tomorrow. Today, technically as we've passed midnight. Maybe that's my cue to go to sleep. Pfft. I was supposed to do a study guide and outline my essay tonight. I didn't do either of those things.


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