Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everything in moderation...especially life

A significant event in my event that changed my outlook on a certain subject or object or person or some shit. That's basically the prompt I have to follow for our first real essay in College English. This one, however, is 4-5 pages long. Now I absolutely hate talking music and girls in school for papers. Really do. I feel condescending or something. I read what I wrote yesterday in front of the whole class. I talked about "beating [my] friends to manhood" and about finding that poop under that rock and everything else I mentioned yesterday. I name dropped a few bands I've seen and felt like I was being condescending and stupid saying that. I also named some Alkaline Trio songs. You know, I really hate it when any other kid goes up in front of a class and names bands and songs and lyrics, so why would they not feel the same about me? Then again, they name Nickelback and Buckcherry and their shitty songs, but still. They're thinking "What's a Dillinger Four?" as I keep reading. Oh well, it was from the heart. I liked it. Good essay, I feel.

Anyway, but to not write about girls and music but still write 4-5 pages? That seems like a tough one for me. So I figure I could talk about either the time in my life I lost my religion or the time I quit putting up this past summer. When I had that night of revelation and came here and said "Chill." and that I was not putting up with unnecessary bullshit. And if you ask me, all bullshit is unnecessary except for that that fertilizes fields.

Anyone want to vote? I think the religion one would be fun and I think the teacher would support it since he's real chill and awesome. The other one is kinda yeah. The Broadways sound like Jawbreaker if Brendan Kelly and Chris McCaughan were in Jawbreaker.

EVERYONE I TRY TO TALK TO GOES OFFLINE! I hate this having 3 hours to myself on school days. It's bullshit. I got home at about 5:45, got some food, and fucking crashed. Just went down. You know what I did when school ended? Got my clothes, changed into my shorts and a t-shirt, went to the commons, and was paired up with Nick to go run for 45 fucking minutes. What part of "I have a bad ankle and I should not be running on it" does Coach Phillips not understand? Running on it does NOT make it better! It needs to heal! Once more, I am going to Clear Spring on Saturday and I would love to be able to run then. Ruining my ankle now isn't going to help my case. Right now I'm ranked last of the cross country boys. I fucking hate this bullshit. Let me rest! REST!

Anyway, I digressed, so I crashed at 6 this evening. Then I slept for two hours. Got up at 8 and by that time...well, it was 8. What else needs to be said? Basically what the point here that I didn't start my day until 8 PM. I do hope someone fed and watered those rabbits because I definitely did not. I can barely walk when I come home from cross country. When I woke up, I showered, so I guess that sets back my free time even further. It's just ridiculous. And then I go to bed between 8 PM and 1:30 AM depending on how much sleep I got the day before and on how much homework I have.

Sigh....I've got an assessment to do for psychology. And yeah, my teacher is definitely "Mammaw Sara." 95% sure. I'll take a picture of her from 25 years ago in tomorrow and be like, "Hey. This is you." I hope she doesn't recognize me by some off chance so she thinks I'm like an insane stalker or some shit. But how many Kyle Wagoners does the average person know? I'm willing to bet the answer is less than plural.

Stewart Copeland of The Police wrote the musical scores to the first three Spryo the Dragon video games. What the hell, right? And Elijah Wood does Spyro's voice on the newer games. There's going to be a Spryo the Dragon movie. I bet it'll be lame and little kid-oriented. Fuck, I should sleep.


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I hate the new Spyro voice.