Monday, October 26, 2009

Call the doctor! This one ain't goin' away anytime soon!

So I downloaded some Toys That Kill that I didn't used to have. My respect for them has grown so much after hearing some of these songs just once. Had no idea they could be this outright poppy. That Don't Take My Clone 7" is like the best compilation of two songs I've ever heard possibly. Goddamn! You are just going to have to take my word for it because you are not going to be able to go find it yourself to listen to. It's given me a massive erection.

I promised Gracie that I'd come sit with her at lunch tomorrow and talk to Katlin, since I've been so negligent to doing that in the past few weeks. FUCK THIS TOYS THAT KILL! It is AMAZING! I don't even want to write music anymore! It's like they write in a completely different style on LPs as they do EPs. Anyway, Katlin is also important! Freshmen, though, man. Few dare to tread on that ground. I don't know if it's going to be a huge mistake or not yet. Gracie and Kylie have been good wingwomen, though by telling Katlin that I'm not a freak or anything like that. Thanks, guys. I still come off as one, though, I'm sure.


I wrote a paper yesterday for 7 hours straight. Now that is a good reason why not to post a blog, eh? I was about fucking done with writing yesterday. SEVEN MOTHERFUCKING HOURS! I wrote on my gay aunt. I'll post it here sometime, I assume. It was pretty good, I felt. However, I also felt the interview transcript was more interesting than the paper itself because my aunt rambling explained the issues a lot better than me cutting out parts of her quotes and trying to back up other statements with references. It was also a lot more personable. It was also about 20 pages double-spaced. She obviously had a lot to say and there was a lot to be covered that I simply could not do in a shorter-lengthed paper.

That fill that starts off "for.the.$$" is in a lot of songs, I'm finding out. Like right at the beginning of them, too. I found it in a Paint It Black song, a Motion City Soundtrack song, and just heard it again in one of these new Toys That Kill songs tonight. You have to realize that the music to "for.the.$$" was written with Dillinger Four and Toys That Kill in mind, though. And the fill is really fucking simple. Snare-bass-snare-bass-bass-snare-snare. Didn't exactly take a lot of thought to come up with, so it's not wonder it's been used a lot. I'm covering up the fact that I am and always will be completely unoriginal.

Possibility that I Forget can rehearse Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday this week. We have been rehearsing regularly and it's the weirdest thing. We have never been known to do that. I don't know, maybe we did like 4 years ago. We're gonna rock some testicles off some bodies. This song we've been working on sounds like Goddamnit-era Alkaline Trio and it is wonderful. Then, of course, we have "Bless My Soul" in the works. Rumor has it these songs might make the cut for our new album. We'll just have to play it out.

And ummm....I guess that's all that exists in my world right now. I have haters but they don't know what they're talking about, so I'm okay with it. Seriously, there will never be world peace with people hating for the sake of having someone to hate. So what if my hair looks bad some days? So what if you think I'm going to hell? Love me, you assholes.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is like an all time low. HA!

Seriously, I've been horrible with this blog this month. Four posts prior to this one this month! Month's almost over, too! Well my excuse is that my computer had a virus this week and I had to completely restart it AGAIN so that took up a good bit of time. Then I missed the Office and have been rehearsing with my band so the time I'd have to be on here I've been rehearsing or catching up on missed episodes of my favorite shows online since I don't have TV. That and I completely forget to get on here until like it's real late at night and I should just be going to sleep.

So today my goals are to interview my aunt about being gay in West Virginia and how she has to act around the homophobes and shit and what it was like growing up and how she felt and was treated and how she was different from the other kids and things like that. She's already answered some of my questions online and her answers are very, very intriguing. I kind of went into it assuming she'd already told me all of the information I'd ask for but I'm learning a lot.

I have the new Weezer album that isn't even out yet. I think they're trying to sell out. There is some poppy stuff on there. Pretty much every track could be a single. Lil Wayne sings on one song. One song was written with two guys from All-American Rejects. You know, stuff the kids are gonna love. I love some of them, that's for sure. Pat Wilson wrote one called "In the Mall." It's about being in the mall. "The Girl Got Hot" is awesome. "(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To" is still one of the best Weezer songs I've ever heard. I want to see what the critics are gonna say. More importantly, I want to see what the kids at are gonna say. I'm anticipating widespread hate. Like "Rivers, give it up. Quit trying to write hip music." I don't know if they realize this, but Rivers Cuomo is amazing and nothing will change that. Except maybe a lobotomy.

New Lawrence Arms EP this week. Who's getting it?! I am! If I can. If not, I'll get it offline somewhere. Like a bad kid. You find lots of good shit out there. You can find just about anything, too. Just go to Google and type "[ALBUM/BAND NAME HERE] mediafire" or "[ALBUM/BAND NAME HERE] download blogspot" and you'll probably find a place to download it somewhere. I can't find a certain Groovie Ghoulies album I'm after, however. It's the one with "Beast With Five Hands" on it. I really want that shit. They were a good band. Horror pop punk. I Forget is kind of doing that a little with the new songs we've been writing.

What else is new in my life? Umm...the powderpuff game we were supposed to play and wasn't supposed to be canceled no matter what was canceled yesterday. On a Saturday they called off a school event. They called everyone's house and left a generated message. I was not pleased. And I posted on my Facebook status that I was not pleased and then someone fucking TATTLED on me. We're in high school. Not grade school. And someone tells on me. I said that I was not thankful that someone was put in charge of the game to call it off. Having Miss Morrison tell me it would not be canceled, I was assuming someone else was the one who called it off. Well a certain person/certain people read that as "Kyle Wagoner hates Miss Morrison" and went and told her that. So then Josh Hanson comments my status saying "Well you can get playing at all saying things like that when it's rescheduled." And I was like "I'll burn in your hell and deal with it. Get your panties out of a knot." And he's like, "I don't care about your religion. I'm talking about what you said to Miss Morrison." And I was like, "I didn't say shit." and this went on for a while. But someone told her some shit. So now, I have to go into school and find her and tell her what happened and explain to a fucking TEACHER that I do not hate her. 4th grade again. Swear to god. Only I never had to deal with this even back then.

That's my bullshit story for the week. Isn't that just bullshit? So we didn't get to play. Sucked. It was supposed to be a great Saturday but it was just okay in the end. Friday was pretty cool, though, because I Forget rehearsed. We've been doing pretty good at that. Rehearsing with Brandon is awesome. Having a second guitarist is awesome. I never realized how many windows it'd open in writing songs. We're going to start sounding more and more like a full-sounding band. We have harmonizing guitar parts now, we can have complicated parts and Brittney can still sing at the same time, we can have solos over top of chords now. It's pretty awesome. And the best part is that neither is lead or rhythm. They share.

So that's pretty cool of I Forget. We're gonna try to finish up some new songs so we can get them on this upcoming album since we have so much time. We'll probably be playing at the powderpuff game when it's rescheduled if Miss Morrison isn't convinced I hater her and can't be convinced the opposite. We'll be playing at The Warren on November 22nd. We want to be interviewed by Tiffany Mason or someone she gives us and we'd get video footage of it probably. We also want new band pictures. Excitement!

Okay and I need to get some shit done but first I'm gonna take a nap. So enjoy your day. Maybe I'll come visit later. Or maybe I'll catch fire. I'm just a sleepyhead right now and someone need to tuck me in. I think that's enough Alkaline Trio song names for one paragraph. All of these bad attempts are making me cringe. Someone help me.

Sorry about that.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Like a computer crash that never hits the ground...

Yeah, computer crashed. Lost all of my music files. All 5,800 songs or so. All of my programs. All of my school files. No more Microsoft Office. No more Photoshop. No more SHIT. That made Saturday really lame. Going through another day of plans not working out with Katie also made it a bad day. But she lives here now, so hey, whatever, right?


So Friday night was Mario Kart Night. Can't remember the last time we had one of those. I only drank one Dr. Pepper that night. Do you know how much I hate soda? All I have in this house is soda and tap water right now. I. hate. soda. Smells like NOT OK soda. FUCK IT. We have fuckin' Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper or whatever it's called. "It's obnoxiously smooth" or some slogan like that. Lame. Tastes like horse shit liquefied.

So all I've been doing since my computer crashed is the only thing I thought reasonable: download everything I lost. I'm downloading a lot of it illegally. Why, you might ask? Well, I got a lot of it legally at one point and then lost it, that's why. So I don't feel too bad. That and I'm downloading entire albums at a time, so's a lot more organized. I'm making sure everything I put on this computer has album art to go with it now. Not gonna be unorganized like before. Also, I'm only going to put on music that I listen to. And I'm going to only put entire albums and not just random songs from here and there. I always hate it when people only have one song from something, so I shouldn't be one of those guys. Like when you find an iPod on a trail somewhere and most of the stuff on it is shit and then you find some bands that you can tolerate and the only thing they have is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and then you are glad that person lost their iPod because they've proven to not deserve to listen to music.

Speaking of music, after a long, long discussion and quarrel with phones and such today, I Forget finally rehearsed. And! my drum set is once again in my basement at my dad's. Whole thing. Right there. For my playing pleasure. Oh life is good. So we rehearsed with Brandon for the first time. Umm...we need to get approved for the Powder Puff Football game this Saturday. I am thinking about asking Miss Morrison if it'd be alright that I just bring in a guitar and sing her the songs and the lyrics. That's a challenge for me, seeing as the songs we've picked to play are kind of bad for lyrics. How do you rephrase "She doesn't go to the Warped Tour 'cause she says she's not a corporate whore and Fat Mike is a fucking cunt" without anything that could be coined as "inappropriate"? I'll have to figure it out very quickly. Bustin' my balls here!

Got a blister playing drums today. Doesn't surprise me a bit. I can't remember the last time I really played the drums. Brittney and Shane couldn't remember the last time they played their instruments, either. The last time for any of us was probably the last rehearsal like a month ago. That's a longass time. Nick interviewed us after we rehearsed. We wished he'd had a tape recorder because our answers to his questions were very extensive. When he writes it up, I'd like to put it up somewhere for the world to see. He asked us about our struggles as a pop punk band trying to make it in West by-God Virginia.

What would I do without I Forget? That wasn't one of the questions, but that's what I asked myself in the final statements. I Forget is, as I said, like the girlfriend you've been dating for 12 years and if she were to ever break up with you, you'd just want to die. Or, as Shane said, you'd want to rape her and kill her. That's always a more enjoyable alternative with a lot better closure. Makes it easier to get over someone if they've been raped and killed.

I got straight A's on my report card. Have I reported that? I did. I did a great job. However, Rod won't quit asking me about colleges. I told him today, as he was showing me brochures to different colleges he'd collected at College Night the other night, that I wanted to go to college for Audio Engineering and that the guy from Marshall that I talked to agreed with me when I said that there probably are none in the state. So Rod tells me that one college had something similar to that. Did I not go over this in my last post? I said, "I don't want 'something similar.' That sounds like you're cheating yourself out of what you want." And it does. "Something similar." "You ordered the...Triple Whopper? Well here's the deal: we didn't make that...but here's something similar. It's a Chicken Patty." No. Fuck you. Give me the fucking Triple Whopper like I want. Who gives a fuck if my Triple Whopper costs a little more? It's what I fucking want. And no, I'm still a vegetarian, it was just an example. Bringing me to my next thing to mention!

So my dad ordered me Chinese the other night. I was happy. I love Chinese food. Well that tofu did not look like General Tso's tofu to me. Looked like fuckin' General Tso's chicken. I was skeptical. I put it in a nice plate and took it out to the couch. I put a piece of it in my mouth, started chewing it and took it out of my mouth. "I really don't think this is tofu." Upon my dad and Rod's inspections, it was determined that they did, in fact, get the order wrong. "Well this isn't General Tso's tofu, but it's something similar." Yeah, and it could have made me both sick and break vegetarianism. Thanks, asshole. That's why you don't fucking settle!

I gave blood, motherfucker!


Monday, October 12, 2009


I really need to respect my friend here, Bloggy. That's his name, after all. Right? Oh, Bloggy, you listen to so much shit. But to be honest with you, Bloggy, you don't get the worst of it. In fact, I am not what I claim to be with you. I claim to be someone who would never censor himself...but the fact of the matter is that everything I tell you...well, you aren't a very good secret-keeper. So I can't tell you everything. I censor myself for you. I don't tell you about all of my sexual excursions and shit. I don't tell you when certain people do things that the public would not like. For obvious reasons, I guess. Sorry, Bloggy, but you will never know everything I know. You're just a silly computer, after all.

Bloggy, Katie's parents got in a fight today. How about that? So you know what happened instead of her coming out here? Well they couldn't decide who was gonna get her or who she was going to stay with, so everybody lost. I know, right?! Fight like 3rd graders! Yeah, I know. The haters are gonna be like, "Ha. I knew she wouldn't come see you. It's an excuse." What?! You knew this would happen? Fuck you, you aren't supposed to have opinions. You are unbiased! FUCK OFF!

Well guys, I'm now going to ignore Bloggy because he cannot be trusted. Who's to say this will even be posted with the same words as I typed? Bloggy could turn on me and make up shit and try to sabotage my reputation. Then again, I'm the one talking to my blog and giving it a pet name...

Yes, I have the last cross country race of the season and of my high school life tomorrow in Berkeley Springs. Glad you remembered. Did you bring me a present? Oh well, I'm cheap, too. And yes, my hip still hurts. I will probably hate my life when it's over and regret running for a little while but when the year is over, I will be glad I ran that last race instead of not cherishing the race at Keyser as my last. I kind of regret not cherishing my last performance with the marching band, but I had no way of knowing it was my last at the time...

Anyway, wish me luck there. Wish me luck with Katlin since I've been told she thinks I'm weird. Wish me luck with seeing Katie since she couldn't come out today and she's gonna try for this weekend. Wish me luck with this flannel shrinking so it'll fit me. Fuckin' Gabes had sizes L-4XL but nothing else. They have things I want sometimes but never in my size. Today they had a Vandals shirt. The fucking Vandals. It was a kind of dumb shirt, but it's the Vandals! It was too big...and the Operation Ivy shirt I got from there is like XS if that's a size.

Adam is dating Gracie now! Finally one of my friends is accomplishing something relationship-wise. Adam isn't really one of "the crew," though. Tim, Jim, Nick, Alex, and Caleb need to get into the game. Fuck, so do I.

This one Paint It Black song..."Memorial Day." Yeah, it's basically half Paint It Black and half The Loved Ones since Dave Hause, who was a member of PIB back then, sings the second half and it's all vocally melodical (which is something PIB like never features with Dan). I don't really like The Loved Ones that much. Is that a sin? I don't care that much for Good Riddance, either. They broke up, though. Pulley is breaking up. How about that? The Matches broke up and so did Piebald. Such a shame! I need to see another punk show. This is the part of each blog that no one cares about reading...The guy in The Menzingers can sound very scene at times. You should check them out if you haven't. That means you should check them out.

There's this country song that I used to hear and it would say "Did I shave my legs for this?" and that might even be what it's called. But songs generally are about stupid things like having Christmas lights up all year around or whatever, but as ridiculous of a question that sounds like, I understand it and have actually reverted to that thought multiple times before in my life. Not my legs, though. More like did I shave my balls for this? The song is, of course, talking about going on a date and the date being a disaster. I mean, the balls thing I guess was kind of inappropriate, but you can generalize it to feeling like a day was completely wasted and you got so excited and so dressed up and prettied for it. That's what happened to me this morning...I was anticipating a nice, long, happy day with Katie Mullan but noooooooo. Shit happens. Too much.

I need to try to sleep tonight. I slept all day, so we'll see how that goes. I fixed the mic on my computer, so I may try to record things again at some point. That's excited, I guess, right? Have you heard my solo music? Go here and hear it if you want.

It's all sappy sometimes...


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just for future reference and documentation

I know I don't really write with a moral much anymore, but life this week has been very eventful. I made that to-do list with 19 things on it and I'm down to 7. The worst of them are out of the way, I think.

Anyway, that's beside the point right now. I'm here to document what happened yesterday at lunch considering Katlin. Here's how I tell it to people:

So I go to sit down at my table during lunch and everyone's like "You're going to talk to her today!" and I'm like, "Oookay, I guess I will" and they're like "YOU WILL DO IT!" So I was just trying to eat my food...and they were saying I wasn't going to do it, so they call Alonzo, who is the most outgoing person I've ever met, over to psyche me up and be my wingman. Crazy nigga. Alonzo wants to know who we're dealing with, so they try to point her out to Alonzo but he doesn't see who they're pointing at, so Nick goes over to her table, points her RIGHT in her face and screams "IT'S THIS ONE! RIGHT HERE!"

Though it was very awkward and embarrassing, it was easily one of the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. It, of course, draws a lot of attention. Mr. Riley started watching us. Then Alonzo went and talked to her, came back, and then everyone starts clapping for me trying to pump me up to go talk to her or some shit and Mr. Riley yells at them to stop it. Then Katlin gets up and goes to the bathroom. When she came back, she sat at the end of her table. Well Alonzo puts his arm around me and he's like, "Here we go," and we slowly walk over to her table and Mr. Riley is like "What are you up to?"and he sees that I'm like freaking out. So Mr. Riley, our fucking VICE PRINCIPAL, starts rubbing my shoulders, telling me it's going to be okay or some shit. How do you follow that up with casual conversation? You don't. Unless you're Alonzo, who then asks everyone to introduce themselves. He gets to Katlin and he's like, "Can I call you Kate?" "Yes." "Can he (me) call you Kate?" "Yes." Then he asks her where she lives and shit and AHHHH!!! Then he told me I suck at that and got up and left and sat back at my table where all of my friends watched with huge eyes. Tim Day then asked me if I wanted his seat, directly across the table from Katlin, and I said I guessed so. (Sorry for all of these tense shifts.) So she's like, "Thankss, Tim," which made me feel I apologized for the awkwardness and everything. I didn't say very much...I kind of choked, but I really didn't know how to casually talk to her when half of the lunch room was watching me including the vice principal and guidance counselor and I had my entire lunch table like waving their arms at me and staring and patting me on the back as they walked by to go the bathroom...

Anyway, that was weird. Karalee also printed off the conversation I'd had with her the night before on Facebook and let like all of her friends and Katlin read it and it was a conversation regarding Katlin. Someone wrote "Kyle Wagoner <3 Katlin Wilson" on the top of the paper. That's what I get for dealing with freshmen, I guess...

Katie coming here next Monday. She apologized for being a poor/bad/shitty/horrible girlfriend, however you want to look at it. She manned up and said everything I wish she'd say and I was so we're gonna hang out all next week if all works out. You see where this gets complicated?

Got a cell phone charger today since I lost mine. Got minutes for my phone since I only had 67 left and they were all going to expire tomorrow. Now I have 527. That's good news. My group presents its skit in Psychology tomorrow. I audition for the Dinner Theatre singing "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash. So even though most of my worries are gone, I still have a couple for tomorrow to overcome. After this week, I am just going to CHILL.

Hey, thanks to everyone trying to support me through all of this insane shit!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Nick....what am I gonna do widja?

I guess I'll formally announce that I'm looking into a certain girl, you could say. Freshman girl. Her name is Katlin. Uhh...I don't really know much about her other than what Kylie, Alex Grabenstein's sister, has told me. However, I decided that I want to meet her and talk to her. Well today at lunch, my friends, Alex, Nick, Caleb, and Timmy, found out which girl I was talking about and Nick thought it'd be a great idea to talk to her. I begged to differ, but he, for once, did not put up with Alex, Tim, and Caleb calling him a pussy and got up and talked to her. This made me feel very awkward, as everything pertaining to this girl has been for me so far. It was awkward asking Kylie about her, awkward asking Karalee about her, awkward telling my friends about her since I've never met her. As I keep saying, I just call it curiosity at this point. She kind of looks like the kind of girl I'd be interested in, though. She's skinny and taller than me. Been there before, eh?

Anyway, so here's how lunch went today. Nick went over to her table, leaned across it, shook her hand, and introduced himself, then said something like, "I...I'll be back," and then went to the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, he sat down right next to her and went over his prepared speech that he probably came up with in the bathroom. "So here's the deal. You see, my friend Kyle. Kyle Wagoner. You see him sitting over there? He's too shy to talk to you, but he's a great guy and you should totally get to know him." Something like that he ranted off. Now remember, Nick is the one who is known for not being able to girls at all. How could he find the balls for this and I couldn't? Well maybe it's that he's cruel and thought it was hilarious and had nothing to lose. I don't know if I appreciate this or not.

Last night, I tried talking to Karalee about Katlin because I was told that they are good friends. Well before I could ask my question, Karalee went offline. So today, she got on Facebook and says "what." "What what?" I ask. She asked me what I wanted to ask yesterday, I told her I didn't remember now, which was true...I didn't remember what exactly I had in mind to ask her. She said "I bet it has to do with Katlin?" "Yeah?" She then demanded that I tell her what I wanted. It kind of scared me. So Karalee ended up saying that it's too late to not come off as being weird and that she was going to print off our conversation, give it to Katlin, and tell her to talk to me during lunch tomorrow. I don't know if I appreciate this or not.

This shit is getting to be a big deal and I can't just go back now. Things have been initiated. Other big deals in my life include doing my SATs, having a skit in Psychology to present tomorrow, having a huge AP Biology test tomorrow, having two tests to take in British Literature on Wednesday, finding my phone charger and buying minutes before my phone expires in like two days, finding more time to drum, and tons of other things. I made a to-do list, which is very unlike me. It's helped. So far, I've written the papers I needed to write, recycled, and learned to play "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky." That's good, right? Got a ways to go. A lot of the things are hit or miss and they'll either happen this week or they won't and I can't go back since the grading period ends on Wednesday.

I've hurt my hip. I did not run today. I rode the bus home for the first time all year. We have a meet tomorrow which I'll go to but not run. You can't wrap a hip like you can an ankle...I wish I could run, though.

I have some studying to do for AP Bio, but I have a feeling I'll be better off going to bed, getting to school, reading over my papers then, and taking my test than staying up 'till 3 reading words that mean nothing to me. I was up 'till 3:30 last night, which was bad. Sleep is good. I should get there. Sorry I haven't blogged in what feels like weeks.