Monday, October 26, 2009

Call the doctor! This one ain't goin' away anytime soon!

So I downloaded some Toys That Kill that I didn't used to have. My respect for them has grown so much after hearing some of these songs just once. Had no idea they could be this outright poppy. That Don't Take My Clone 7" is like the best compilation of two songs I've ever heard possibly. Goddamn! You are just going to have to take my word for it because you are not going to be able to go find it yourself to listen to. It's given me a massive erection.

I promised Gracie that I'd come sit with her at lunch tomorrow and talk to Katlin, since I've been so negligent to doing that in the past few weeks. FUCK THIS TOYS THAT KILL! It is AMAZING! I don't even want to write music anymore! It's like they write in a completely different style on LPs as they do EPs. Anyway, Katlin is also important! Freshmen, though, man. Few dare to tread on that ground. I don't know if it's going to be a huge mistake or not yet. Gracie and Kylie have been good wingwomen, though by telling Katlin that I'm not a freak or anything like that. Thanks, guys. I still come off as one, though, I'm sure.


I wrote a paper yesterday for 7 hours straight. Now that is a good reason why not to post a blog, eh? I was about fucking done with writing yesterday. SEVEN MOTHERFUCKING HOURS! I wrote on my gay aunt. I'll post it here sometime, I assume. It was pretty good, I felt. However, I also felt the interview transcript was more interesting than the paper itself because my aunt rambling explained the issues a lot better than me cutting out parts of her quotes and trying to back up other statements with references. It was also a lot more personable. It was also about 20 pages double-spaced. She obviously had a lot to say and there was a lot to be covered that I simply could not do in a shorter-lengthed paper.

That fill that starts off "for.the.$$" is in a lot of songs, I'm finding out. Like right at the beginning of them, too. I found it in a Paint It Black song, a Motion City Soundtrack song, and just heard it again in one of these new Toys That Kill songs tonight. You have to realize that the music to "for.the.$$" was written with Dillinger Four and Toys That Kill in mind, though. And the fill is really fucking simple. Snare-bass-snare-bass-bass-snare-snare. Didn't exactly take a lot of thought to come up with, so it's not wonder it's been used a lot. I'm covering up the fact that I am and always will be completely unoriginal.

Possibility that I Forget can rehearse Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday this week. We have been rehearsing regularly and it's the weirdest thing. We have never been known to do that. I don't know, maybe we did like 4 years ago. We're gonna rock some testicles off some bodies. This song we've been working on sounds like Goddamnit-era Alkaline Trio and it is wonderful. Then, of course, we have "Bless My Soul" in the works. Rumor has it these songs might make the cut for our new album. We'll just have to play it out.

And ummm....I guess that's all that exists in my world right now. I have haters but they don't know what they're talking about, so I'm okay with it. Seriously, there will never be world peace with people hating for the sake of having someone to hate. So what if my hair looks bad some days? So what if you think I'm going to hell? Love me, you assholes.


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