Sunday, November 1, 2009

This one's for school

I have an assignment where I have to write about an event in my life through two different genres of writing. So one genre is going to be a blog post which I'm going to write here and a second and the other I will figure out later. Now I just have to think of something that happened to me. I'm omitting this paragraph. I'll write about last night, I guess.

So yesterday was Halloween. Halloween is always one of those holidays I look forward to and then completely miss when it arrives. I spent 1 PM to 7 PM in my basement playing music by myself. It was mostly my computer playing through the PA (which almost caught on fire today) and me drumming along and then maybe an hour of me singing and playing some guitar. That's what a self-productive day to me is. Some people call a self-productive day a day when they clean their house, pay their bills, make phones calls, what have you, but my definition is a day spent playing music by myself.

Anyway, about Halloween. I did not dress up. I did not go Trick-or-Treating. I didn't even get those voicemail messages Nick sent me asking me to come candy-hunting until I was on my way to Tim's party about 15 minutes after it started. My dad came into the basement around 7 telling me it was 7 and that if I wanted to go, I should be getting my shit together. So that's what I did. I went upstairs and threw a button-up shirt on. That was my costume. I said I was "the guy that was not ready for Halloween" for Halloween. Oh well. Off to Tim's house.

So I get there and everyone is in the basement and guess what! It's yet another sausage fest! We have had pure sausage fest parties for probably the past 6 months in our friends group. No girls can ever make it. Ever. Alex, the girl, couldn't even come because she was in a car crash the night before. So there I was with a bunch of guys as they were watching...30 Days of Night? I can't remember what order movies were watched in. We watched that, 28 Weeks Later, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The latter (if you can even use the word "latter" in cases of there being three things listed) was a terrible movie. I got up in the middle of it and said, "This is fucking stupid. I cannot watch this." Jessica Biel's body drew me back in later. So that's Halloween for me. That and an Oojie board. No bags, no doorsteps, no dressing up, no hayrides, no girls, even. Just me, my friends, too many movies, and an Oojie board. Oh, and Jessica Biel fantasies, I guess. Still a stupid movie.

About that Oojie board. Caleb wouldn't let us "use" it in the house. Can anything bought at KB Toys be worthy of spiritual intervention? No. I don't really believe in all that anyway. So we "used" it outside in the rain on the hood of Timmy's car. I summoned Satan and asked that he bless us with his presence and sleep with me that night. I got no such satisfaction. Surprise. Still a really fun time no matter how I make it out to sound. There's nothing wrong with those aspects of a night. Oh, and we talked about how hot Nick's sister is. That's a good night.


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