Friday, November 6, 2009

Live from Computer Programming

I finished my test yesterday, so I'm sitting here with nothing to do today. I'd normally just sleep but I'm not tired because I slept first block and taking that AP Biology test woke me up. I do not think I did real well on it. Oh well, it's over. No going back.

So Katlin gave me her number. That's awesome, right? Well like every up in my life, it must be almost immediately followed by a down. So last night, I was informed that she got her phone taken away for texting another senior. Her mom apparently does not want her involved with senior boys. What does this mean for me? Perhaps jail if things get going. Perhaps nothing and things won't be able to get going. What have I got to lose, though? My perfect criminal record? I'll be 18 in two months. She'll be 14 a couple of days. Monday, I believe. And my dad's birthday is tomorrow...and I want to rehearse at his house on that day. Maybe I should ask him tonight if we can rehearse and then get him something so I can give it to him while I'm over there. Everyone's getting older, but some people not fast enough, I suppose.

Talent show is in less than a week now. I'm playing "Time to Waste" and Dogjaw is playing "Calling All Skeletons." Why, you might ask? Because Alkaline Trio are just talent show-worthy. I'm capoing at the second fret for it so the guitar will be tuned to F#. That way when I play the lead part, that F# can sometimes be used as a root note. Also because it allows me to play the piano part on the guitar with ease. So you come out and watch me and see how I pull this off. Winner of the talent show gets to open for Charlie Kenney, who is some local country singer. I would have so much fun with that. I think the winner should open for I Forget, though. I'd be a good opener.

I don't think we're gonna play this powder puff game. I was told that the Fort Ashby Colts are playing. They're like 7 or 8 years old or some shit. That's ridick. I Forget would be so much better. In fact, a lot of people were going to come just to see I Forget. Then again, probably a lot of people are going to go just to see the Colts. Grrr. I've been looking for Miss Morrison all week but haven't even seen her. Then Alex McDonald was supposed to send me her number last night but that never happened, so I don't know what's going on there.

We'll play here at the high school in January, though. That'll be a great show. I'm gonna try to get Freak Scene up here for that one. We're the power trio. The alkaline trio, if you will. I Forget/Dogjaw/Freaky J. Oh, and Unheard Silence just tops it off. I miss those guys.

Have I mentioned recently that I don't know what to do about college? I don't know if I want to leave what I've worked for in the past 5 years behind. I mean, I Forget really is getting to be a decent-sounding band with decent songs. Like seriously, I might listen to them on my own even if I didn't drum for them. I couldn't used to say that. I wouldn't have listened to our first album if another band wrote it. Well, I don't even listen to it now. I think it's mediocre. Many agree with me. At least my bandmates do, except for Brandon. Anyway, so yeah, I might stick around and do something mediocre in college and stay with I Forget. I mean, who cares? I want to tour. If we can start like playing big cities and stuff then who cares where I live or what my day job is? That's an amazing thing. Even if we just play on the weekends, who cares? So we'll see.

Here's a list of some things that keep me sane. Drumming. My friends. The Office. My cats. This blog. Computer games. Now how many of those things would I have to give up when I went to college? I mean seriously, can I not have drums wherever I move to? That sucks. I want my band. Not just any band. My band who I write for and where Brittney and Shane and Brandon play in and we don't have to sit down and show each other every note that needs to be played because they just get it. Music is easy with I Forget. We could get booked as a cover band and never have played any songs togethere before, get up on stage, take requests, and play an entire show just like that. That's how easy music is. I can work with these people. I couldn't ask for more, so why should I leave it behind? I think I'm successful. I mean, I should probably get a job and some income, but I am a very happy person. Honestly, the biggest stress in my life is school work. I mean, mabe like millions of other kids try this logic but seriously, they don't play in pop punk bands from West Virginia. That is a very exclusive thing, I think.

So anyone in local bands out there, let's make a scene again. I'm up for it. It'll give me something to do. If I can play shows enough, I won't even need a job. Seriously. People do it. Sure, it's rough and tough to do, but people do it. It'd at least help, ya know? We'll see. I may just move far away.

I've still got an hour of this class left. I really don't have an hour's worth of stuff to type. I've realized that I don't pay a lot of attention to details in the visual world. At least I don't think I do. I pay attention in music. I decided that when I sing a song in my head, it's a lot more vivid than it is in most people's heads. There are drumfills and bass drum patterns and shit in my head. There are cymbal crashes on beat two in certain songs going on. I'm not just singing words and making guitar noises in my head. So when I see people draw these things that I'd never think of thinking about, I feel a little less bad about it. And when I see people do better in school than me, I know I can write a better song than them. I know I've said that sometime before. I'm very happy with the way I am. At least for now. I mean, I'll have to move out and get a life one day I dunno. I'm supposed to try to get a job with my sister at Walmart sometime. I'll see where that goes.

I'd narrate what's going on in here but it's kinda bland. Zack and Matt aren't supposed to be talking because they're taking a test. So that being the condition, there isn't much to laugh at or anything. They're talking about the game tonight, which I fully intend to attend. It shall be cold but I aint curr! I'll dress in ten layers! Michael's talking about how undangerous swine flu is. It's really a normal day in here except instead of me starting at some letters and numbers that don't make much sense, I'm making my own sense. I guess I should maybe go. I can try to get 50 minutes of sleep. They say it's supposed to be 39 degrees at 7 and then drop a degree each hour tonight. I'm ready for it. I need some gloves.


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