Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today held some importance

Billy Mays dies, I move out of my dad's house, other's just a big ol' clusterfuck of shit. I had the worst evening I can probably ever recall. I cried and cried and cried when my dad started to because he's tried so hard to be a good father for me and I just needed to do my own thing and move back with my mom and it's tough. It's really tough and I'm really not going to go into it because it's personal. It's very personal. There are few things I just won't talk about but this is one of them. This whole evening was kind of surreal and terrible. I see my psychologist tomorrow so hopefully that will help. I'm pretty sure I'll cry yet again.

And Billy Mays! We was so healthy-seeming on Pitch Men the last time I saw him! What the fuck did he die from? Can you die from sun poisoning? I'm pretty sure I'm sun poisoned but I doubt it can kill me unless I get some terrible infection in my blisters or something. I look and feel pretty digusting. If this whole week could have been avoided, it would have been kind of nice.

I really don't know what to say. It's not been a good time, but I think it will clear up eventually.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now that the shit hit the fan: fuck you

I am going to grow so sick of these Michael Jackson mourners that made fun of him his whole life. Fuck you. Fuck all of you. Now that he's dead, maybe you'll learn what a difference he made in the world of music, but it's a little too late to save him the jokes and humiliation, huh? Maybe if you researched before making judgments and jokes you wouldn't come off being as much of an asshole.

Everyone is saying "Thriller was so good. It was the first album I bought/the first dance I learned/the first time I masturbated alone." Fuck them. God. Yes, I know. Michael Jackson made some huge fucking differences. He's the king of pop, or was, I guess. But that's really not what these same people were highlighting until just a little bit ago. Now the media is frothing at the mouth because it gets its chance to cover his funeral or to show as many videos of him as they could or make tons of documentaries on him and interview everyone he ever knew and perhaps we'll find out what he was really like inside instead of just being labeled a child molester. Well seriously, you're a little fucking late.

Anyway, on a personal note. I have been at the beach all week with Tim. I've wanted to blog a few times, but by the time I've started getting some daily nonsense internet shit out of the way, my dad will say that it's time to go to bed. We're all in a hotel room together, so Tim and I staying up typing to each other on MSN is kind of annoying to him after a while.

So we got sunburnt today, woopee. And uh...I'm not gonna go to Insubordination Fest for the following reasons:

-I want to go home
-I'm tired of being with my dad and Zane every day
-I don't want to ask my dad for a favor and have him sigh and then do it for me
-Matt Burns will be there (who failed to contact us and tell us that the show on Sunday was canceled so we found his shitty sign on the venue door in Martinsburg)
-I don't want to go to it for two days and try to keep up my attention span (though that makes me want to see Short Attention, who will be playing, even more)
-Katie Mullan is coming home tomorrow and I can spend some time with her

Now Toys That Kill, Dillinger Four, and Cloak/Dagger are playing on Saturday. If Brittney wants to go, I think I'm gonna try to get there by 1 PM on Saturday and see some of my favorite bands fucking ever. We'll see. I wouldn't count on it, though. I really want to see Katie since I haven't since February or March.

Fuck it. I really love those bands. All of them. This is so stressful. The things you do for love! I stayed up for hours last night contemplating whether or not I should go. Here's one more reason since then I've come up with why I shouldn't go:

-Imagine moshing while sunburnt all over your body.

Tim and I saw Land of the Lost and boy, do I love that one actor who was also in Hot Rod. He is something. Great fucking movie. Some great comedies coming out this year. The Hangover, Year One, Land of the Lost. Fucking amazing. Bruno is coming out soon and that should be good. I feel like such a horrible supporter of movies when my favorites usually truly are the comedies. I bought a Vonnegut book this week, though. Does that make me seem classier? 'Cause if you think it does, you're wrong. I hate when people read in public and talk about books loudly or whatever just so they'll come off as being classier. It's lame.

I am going to go open a window and search for Hot Rod online so Tim and I can finish watching it. Fucking classic.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh hey! Where'd you come from? How could I forget those big, hairy nipples?

My god (Brendan Kelly, for those of you nonbelievers) spoke to me briefly. He more directly pointed me towards the advice of some guy that answered my question for me because he believed that other guy summed it up pretty nicely. Thanks asshole, for intercepting my message to god.

I went to my psychologist today. I am considering moving back to my mom's and wanted a third party to talk to about it. I've kind of been stressed out about it. Do you see this fucking weather? It's going to do this for at least a week and I'm supposed to go to the beach. Here's how the beach will go if I go:

-Rain like this all week (I checked for Chincoteague and Assateague Islands).
-Mosquitoes bigger than the seagulls that are attracted to repellent.
-Me helping my brother get around with his broken hip all week (dad's orders).
-Probably missing Insubordination Fest (now including Cloak/Dagger).
-Getting upset and having no one to talk to about it (common theme of this week in my life).

I don't want to go. I think those are justifiable reasons. I need a good day tomorrow. We aren't recording because Jason has another excuse. Gettin' pretty sick of them myself.

I hadn't bathed in like 3 days and I took a bath today but the thing with my new hair is that it doesn't look like complete shit after not bathing. Once again: why did I grow it out? Can one really be "crazy bored"?

This blog isn't going much of anywhere, eh? My inspiration kind of fell. Maybe I should make a list. I like lists. Here's a list of some things that make me curse a lot:

Mario Kart - first and FOREMOST Mario Kart. Anyone who has played Mario Kart probably understands. "Damn. Damn....shit....fuckin'.....YOU PIECE OF SHIT! EAT MY DICK!....piss...dammit. Fuuuuuck." That's typical. These games are not fair by any means. They cheat. Even if you turn items off, it's just more fair. I swear the computer players are on speed.

Gruesome horror movies - "Eww fuck, what the hell is that?" Like when pick-axes go through bottom jaws through noses. That's fucked up.

Driving alone - I don't say very nice things to my car or to other drivers. "Don't you even think about pulling out, you piece of shit."

When I think I'm being cool - I have a bad habit of using weak adjectives when trying not to look like a loser which has an oppositve effect, I feel. I don't even have an example.

When blogging - I get angry here. When I get angry or don't understand, a common reaction is "What the fuck is that?" Ya know? This isn't a good list. What the fuck was I thinking? Couldn't I have come up with something a little better? No. My mind is all over the damn place.

You know who is good at cursing? Jimmy Price. He's a fucking master. "Ya shittin'!?"

I should give up sometimes. I want to hear Against Me! with their new drummer. Who else would like to see Angels and Airwaves not get back together? Of course, if it serves as a place for Tom to keep his serious shit away from blink-182, then so be it. I think that if you give the kids an option, they'll buy blink-182 albums over AVA. Just sayin'. Maybe I'm being shallow. This goddamn rain...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stress, stress, stress, stress

This is what I want and don't want. I don't want to go to the beach in a week. I want to stay home. I want to go to Insubordination Fest next weekend. I want to hang out with my friends on random week days. I want to plan as I go. I want to play shows. I want to figure out what that ska song I heard between sets at the No Doubt show was. I don't want to go to band camp. I want to enjoy the short 3 months we have off this summer. I don't want to put up with the kids in band this coming year. I don't really want to put up with school for another year. I don't want to go to college, especially here. I want to move away, but I also want to stay here and live like I have been but get a passable job and then tour. I kind of want to move to a city and drum for bands. I kind of want to move back to my mom's house because I'm always stressed at my dad's because I have a hard time talking to him about things because he's never been a talker. I want not to be accused of going out and doing stupid shit. I want my dad to realize that my friends are harmless. I want to see Against Me!, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, The Lawrence Arms, American Steel, and Dead to Me before I die. I want to make a list of all of the bands I've seen that I cared even the least bit for and are recognized somewhere. Gotta start somewhere.

Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Punchline, Mercury Radio Theatre, The Sheckies, The Last Hope, Dropout Year, Jet Lag Gemini, The Morning Of, Love Automatic, Farewell, The Flatliners, NOFX, Dillinger Four, The AKAs, The Bouncing Souls, Ruiner, Paint It Black, Propagandhi, Drive A, Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio, The Sounds, Paramore, No Doubt.

Is that it? If it's not, I'm sorry. We've played shows with plenty of bands and some that have played with bands like The Misfits,'s nothing against them, it's just I wanted a list of mainly distanced bands that a good number of people have heard of. Whatev. The gnats are brutal in here.

But seriously, do you see why I'm a little stressed? The only thing there I could take direct and easy action on was that stupid list. It's summer time and I just want to chill and college and band and vacations aren't letting me do that. I hate vacations. I've been over this before.

Death By Stereo's new album sounds like Atreyu and that is shitty. George from Hot Water Music is going to replace Warren Oakes in Against Me! now. The blink-182/Weezer show I'm going to is sold out now. That's the only Punknews I've got right now. That and I Forget is playing on Sunday in Martinsburg and you should go and I Forget's new album is going to tear your pubic hair out. Oh, and if you have a Twitter, follow them.

This is the first place I even mentioned I made that. I haven't even told anyone else I made it. I Forget obviously hasn't done anything since I made it, so it doesn't even say anything, but I guess I could say, "Playing a show today. $8" or "Doing guitar to new song" whenever we actually do one of those things for anyone that might care. David Irwin wants to hang out with me this week, apparently.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Today, I prayed for the first time in years

I prayed not to the Christian god, but to Brendan Kelly! You see, my dad and Rod have kind of been asking and asking about where I'm going to college and I don't know what I want to do on the side of being a musician (preferably a drummer in a punk band or multiple punk bands). Going to college for music is stupid unless you want to be a music teacher and you don't need a college degree to get a part time job. Anyway, I'll let you know tomorrow if or not he answers my prayer.

So my plans for seeing No Doubt didn't work out. Instead of Katie and Megan going with me, it was just me and my aunt seeing three bands. But fuck, it was a good show even from the lawn. The first band was a Swedish band called The Sounds. I can still say that I've never heard a Swedish band that wasn't amazing. God, she could sing. Oh yeah, all of the bands were a bunch of guys and then a girl singer. Cute little thing they have for a tour. And the girl-boy ratio was probably backwards from how it is at punk shows. There were 23,000 people there (so Gwen Stefani said and she doesn't sweat on stage, so she must be magical) and I'd be willing to bet....18,000 were girls. So anyway, The Sounds were awesome. Paramore was alright, as I've always said they are. Just alright. They played two new songs. I liked the one because it was actually up beat. Not like semi-up beat how most of their songs are. It's so weird how they do that. It's like Haley only writes...songs about struggling and being proud of being herself or something. Kind of like Britney Spears and that "Stonger than Yesterday" song. Girl power ballads or something, but not quite "power ballads" in the way that the '80s were. Anyway, the one new song was actually poppy and up beat and didn't give you an uneasy feeling, so I liked that. And "That's What You Get" made me cry. I cried a lot. I cry when I see something beautiful and/or amazing. Being 20 years old, writing a song, playing it in front of tens of thousands of people (and not being the headlining band), and they sing your song right back to you...that's fucking amazing and I can't even imagine how Haley Williams feels when that happens. It's amazing no matter how little of an impression Paramore leaves on me.

Now at first, I was pretty sure everyone was there to see Paramore and not as many had come for No Doubt. I was wrong and glad. Just on a side note, I hate huge venues with seating and $45 t-shirts as merch. That's so stupid. But as I said, it was appropriately huge. $45 shirts are never appropriate. But No Doubt! Of course, I hadn't bought tickets to this show for myself. I bought two tickets so I could take Katie Mullan to see Paramore. You know the story. Well No Doubt made going by myself worth it. They were flawless. I cried on their first song because it was so perfect and because it moved 23,000 people. They started with "Spiderwebs" which is probably my favorite No Doubt song. Then they played "Keep On Dancing" or whatever it's called. Then "Underneath It All." To be honest, I didn't realize they had so many huge hits. They did "Don't Speak" and like...all of those songs that my aunt kept looking at me and saying, "I think I've heard this song." They were fucking great. Gwen Stefani likes to accept gifts from the crowd and ask the people in the pit what their signs say. One said "H U G ?" written on an arrow pointing down towards the person holding it's head. She took the sign, held it out next to her and said, "Well, come get it." So he got on stage, gave her a hug, and asked her to take a picture with him. She took his camera, turned with her back facing the audience, held him against her, and took a couple of pictures. I cannot even imagine that MySpace comments he will get from that. That also made me cry. Every band made me cry numerous times. I'm very emotional.

So anyway, there was this one part...the most fucking brilliant thing I've EVER seen. Gwen was introducing everyone in the band. She did this right before a guitar solo in the song. What happened was Adrian Young played this simple beat that kind of made you groove a little. She would say "All the way from ....., California! Adrian Young on the drums!" and he'd play this drum part that is played behind the guitar solo and then go back to his little beat. Then she introduced their horn/keyboard/singing/percussion-playing black people. The one shook a tambourine on top of the drums. When she introduced the other, he played a little progression on the keyboards over the drums and tambourine. Then she did the same with the bassist. Then the bassist introduced Gwen Stefani. Then Gwen introduced the guitarist and the whole thing was put together and the guitar solo was fucking incredible. Not that it was like the best guitar solo I've ever heard (it was definitely unique and very tasteful) but the whole way of doing it was the most fucking fantastic thing I've ever seen. Fucking amazing. Made me cry. On one song, they had some black guy play drums, Adrian played a little snare drum attached to him like a marching drum (it wasn't a marching snare) and they brought out a couple huge floor toms and the members from the other two bands came out and pounded on them. Then Haley Williams and the singer from The Sounds came out and sang the song with Gwen. They were fucking amazing. The stage looked awesome that they played on, their outfits looked excellent, the camera angles on the huge screens were perfect, the crowd was fucking amazing (aside from the smell of weed because everyone was smoking it), they played their songs flawlessly, they interacted great with the audience, and they had a big screen behind the whole band that just had video things that went along with each song and gave a lot of feeling to the whole thing. It was amazing.

That was my yesterday. I'm thinking about going to see my mom tonight since she was gone all last week and I never got to see her since she was at the beach. I'm a happy person. We played Mario Kart for 4 and a half hours on Saturday night at Jimmy's. God, that is one of the best memories of my life. We won like 1169 to 1167 on team battle against hard computers on 150 cc with items turned off. It was epic. You had to be there and I'm not going to attempt to tell you how amazing it was. I love Jim and Tim. Birthday party at Jim's this Saturday! Show in Martinsburg on Sunday!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear world, you have officially failed.

Brokencyde is on MySpace's featured music. Are you serious? They are a fucking joke. Don't believe me? Humor yourself and actually go listen. How the FUCK do we let a band THAT FUCKING TERRIBLE get that popular without saying, "Whoa wait a minute, YOU GUYS suck"? It's fucking unbelievable. Like okay, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, A Day to Remember. They slip on by and it's like okay, not my thing and they're kind of off in what they're calling their music genre-wise, but whatever. I'm not gonna go there. But Brokencyde? Fucking crunk. Crunk is BULLSHIT. Thought 3Oh!3 was bad? I fucking hope you did. Well this is fucking worse THAN THAT SHIT! What the fuck? What came first, as Henry Rollins said: the bad music or the drugs? Was it "Whoaaa, I'm so out of it. Listen to what I just wrote." "Whoaaaaa."? Or was it "Dude, this is terrible." "No, you don't understand. Take this. NOW listen to it."?

Fuck Brokencyde. With bands like Brokencyde, don't you EVER complain about the new Anti-Flag or Rancid album. FUCK YOU. That's generalized to THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN!

love (but expect little in return this time from),

Sometimes I just write bulletins I'm so happy with, I just have to throw them on here. But no, seriously, happy with the way I put something or not, this is fucking bull. I hope Brendan Kelly is pissed. I wish he really was "God" and could throw fucking lightning bolts at shitty-ass bands for being so fucking terrible. I wrote them a message just now telling them how they've caused me to cross the line into messaging a band telling them how much they suck. If my MySpace gets deleted for that, consider me a martyr.

Fuck, people, come on! Don't you know what the scene used to be like?! Sure I was kind of not alive for some of it and then just a fucking retarded Pokemon geek for the rest of it but this what's going on right now is in NO WAY a reflection of what there once was. This is a reflection of tackiness and getting rich off of shitty music you can get your dick sucked to or whatever. Fuck that. Fuck MySpace for having them as a featured artist, fuck Warped Tour for putting them on the bill, and FUCK THE KIDS for buying their shit and watching them be fucking morons on stage. Thank you, NOFX, I now see what your 5-second song is about. It's about how these fucking kids are helpless and they just need to be FUCKED. No one's hands are clean.

It's 4 AM, I saw Drag Me to Hell "yesterday." I'm going to Jim's "today." I'm going to see Paramore and No Doubt "tomorrow." Megan and Katie better be able to go because I didn't buy three tickets for me, I'll tell you that much. I'm getting tired. That's a good thing. It is 4 AM, after all. Did you all get a kick and an addiction for guessing muffs? That's a good thing, too.

Just one more day of goats with pinkeye. I'm going to bed. It's been nice waking up next to you. For real this time.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is the blog where I'll lose all of my female followers and gain a million male followers. So Brendan Kelly, my lord and savior, has repeated talked about "guessing muffs" in his spare time at

That's all I've got to say.

Tim and I got together and watched W today. I'm sure it was a good movie if I sat and analyzed it and it was interesting in what I got out of it, but it's summertime and I haven't been deep into politics since the election. Maybe I should be. Regardless, I want a mental break for a while and trying to follow the politics behind Bush and understand his relationship with his father and everything piled up at the same time was a little much. Real Laura Bush is so scary-looking.

NEXT TOPIC! I just love my hair! If I were to describe myself, I'd call me "just too cute." Wait until you see it! It's like Jessica Alba having sex with a mongoose! Erotica!!!

I'm wanting to go to Jim's house and make cinematic art! I also plan on getting an excellent night/morning of sleep in a few hours. This driving myself around thing makes me feel so much more responsible and I actually felt like I was obligated to get a bath, put my clothes away, and put my dishes in the sink this morning before they sat there for a week. I think maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll be okay in the real world.

Dan from Paint It Black spoke on how embarrassing tough guy hardcore is in an interview I read today. I commented them on Facebook saying I thought it was hilarious how he said that, since I live in an area where people like to form "tough guy hardcore" bands for whatever reason. Macho fucks. Totally miss the point. Anyway, they wrote me back a few times and I appreciated it a lot. Thank god for Paint It Black. I drop their name a lot, so you should check them out one day!

I really am lacking material today, so I'll leave you a little excerpt from my BSC Bible. Brendan Kelly wrote:

"What is wrong with our world, people? Nuclear disaster, luxury hotels blown to bits, flooded gay couples in Iowa waiting patiently for marriage licenses and government aid, Osama, Obama and now this old dude with the gun in the Holocaust museum killing a guard. It’s really quite sad. The statement about the guard said he died ‘heroically in the line of duty’ which is, you know, true. But fuck, he was a security guard at a museum. It’s not really what they sign up for. A guy on the SWAT team can die heroically in the line of duty and it’s sad but it’s honorable and somewhat easier to deal with because it’s assumed that he knew the risks and at least he died doing what he loved (terrorizing brown people), but I seriously doubt this security guard ever expected to really put his life on the line. I mean, I don’t know what the museum guards are like in DC, but here they’re almost entirely fat, middle aged black women with walkie talkies and wine colored weaves. Not really a likely line of defense against deadly force. The one good thing is that in a few years, this slain guard’s family can say “oh, yeah, my brother-he died in the Holocaust…” and that’ll maybe be kind of funny. Probably not yet though. Too soon."

'Kay, I'm leaving you.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Not unlike a hippy. Okay, unlike a hippy. Like a monk. Okay, not like a monk. With indulgence but...just fucking chill. Chilllllll and the world will be a little happier. That is my lesson for the day. A friend or two of mine got into a slight quarrel with me today and for what seems to me over nothing other than they need to have some respect and chill. I started the quarrel today but was not the one who brought the tension. I will not get into what it was about or who it was, but basically I lost patience and was sick of being victim of sugarcoated bullshit I don't know what. It's hard to describe it without saying what happened, but I will refrain.

So basically the friends apologized and I said chill. I'm not going to worry about this shit, I'm glad you're apologizing, I forgive you, we can make this okay, just fucking CHILL. Let this be a lesson to all! You know who I love and will ALWAYS love because she is so chill? Brittney Owens. Thank imaginary authority figure in the sky for Brittney. Everyone loves Brittney and they often can't pinpoint why that is. I have figured it out. Because she is fucking chill. Brittney may care what you decide to do and have her opinion, but as she said to me today, "I'm not going to worry or say anything about it. It's none of my business. If it makes you happy! Hey! Whatever!" Fucking amen. That's all I've got to say. I love the shit out of the following chill people: Brittney Owens, Timmy Ryan, Katie Mullan, Megan Green, Jimmy Price, Alex Grabenstein. You guys are always chill and for that, I thank you.

Megan cut my hair today. Watching this video of Green Day made me realize that my hair is similar to Billie Joe Armstrong's now. People won't mix me up with Shaun White again for a while. I'll give you bitches a picture when I feel like it. If you gonna be a hater, suck this dick! Ahahaha. Boy. Megan has a Crass, Cramps, and Casualties CD in her room. Interesting. Also a Clash poster on her wall. Into punk bands that start with C's. Maybe she'd like Cloak/Dagger? Chixdiggit!? Consumed? Communique? She also has some thing that looks like it was made in school art class that says "OP IVY" on it. May not seem like much to you, but it's fascinating to me for someone who everyone seems to think only can take in and put out scene-related things.

So American Steel song today on their MySpace! God that's some good shit! It sounds like they've been having relations with Alkaline Trio since their most recent release! I can't wait for Fat Wreck's continuing releases this year. They may almost make up for losing Propagandhi...if you can EVER make up for Propagandhi.

Tomorrow I...feed animals, get the car fixed, go to the studioooo! Gonna lay down some more vokills! Gonna get this album FINISHED so you motherfuckers can give your money to us and listen to it yourself!

Hey, if anyone's irritated by me saying "chill" so much like a hippy, here's some advice for you: chill.


I hate this stupid fucking drum beat

As you may have heard, Warren Oakes has left/been fired from Against Me! What does this mean to you? Perhaps nothing, but the next time you hear "Stop!" remember that the guy who played that uhnn tiss beat is gone from the band and it will never quite be the same played again by another drummer. Bummer. I hear they're auditioning Hot Water Music's drummer? They're both from Gainesville, so that'd make sense. I'm pretty certain HWM has an excellent drummer. Umm...and some people made some funny jokes about Warren leaving like "Tom really must have hated his stupid fucking drum beat" which to those of you who aren't familiar with Against Me! songs or lyrics, that's a lyric to "Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists." AM! humor. Also, Warren has opened a restaurant and someone asked if he'd be serving "Potoatoes, Rice, and Bread" or "Mediocre Pears" or "Mutiny on the Eletronic Burger" or some shit. More band song title humor. I said that they should go for the "our drummer is the awkward ex of our singer's wife" approach and get Glenn Porter to play drums for htem, who was Alkaline Trio's original drummer and used to date Tom Gabel's wife, Heather Gabel WHO designed Alkaline Trio's heart logo as well as like every other logo of theirs, she designed stuff for AFI, Green Day, Hot Water Music, The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, Sundowner, and other random bands and stuff and I had no idea until I saw her entire collection that all of that was done by one person. Tom, you have an excellent wife. Keep your band from mutinizing on your electronic bay. Heh.

Aside from Warren, I had a personal life today, too. I was to go to Megan's and finally get this hair cut off today after she got back from Rocky Gap. She was to call/text me. She went there around 2:30 and immediately it started raining, so she went off with her friends someplace else and fucked all of her plans up. SO! I'm going over tomorrow at 2 PM with no set backs. She apologized. Thank you, Megan. I forgive you. All is well. We have all fucking summer, though I'd really like to get rid of this hair as soon as fucking possible.

So did I mention that Katie told me that she couldn't go see Paramore and that I should take Megan? Well she said that, so I ask Megan if she'd like to go and she says sure, so I'm now taking Megan. Katie tells me last night that she can go after all. I felt bad and didn't want to tell either of them no, so what did I do? I bought Katie a ticket this morning. So now I'm going with the both of them. This should be interesting. km and mg. Yeaaaaah, metric system.

I've been testing my US geography skills and have determined I need to work on Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Missouri and make sure I'm 100% certain on all of my New England states, though I think I have it down pretty well. I know the four that touch in one place are Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. People think that knowing where punk bands are from and shit will never do me any good, but it helps with my geography and knowledge of what cities are in what states very well. Suck my punk dick, you people that can't label Florida. I need to work on Nebraska, too, but I think I actually have it down. There's Illinois, uhh...something to the left of it underneath of Iowa, and then Nebraska to the left of that.

I've been treating goats with pinkeye this week and they look like they belong in I Am Legend. Disgusting. Have you ever seen a goat with pinkeye? Google it or something. It's horrifying. I'm so fucking tired, which is good since I have to wake up, feed the animals, and get to Megan's house by 2. My hair will finally be off of my head.

Did something else special happen today? I don't think it did. I Forget's new album, I'm tellin' ya. It's gonna blow some minds. Britnee did some guest vocals and it's gonna rock your fucking world. She sounds like she belongs on Radio Disney. We should tell everyone it's Demi Levado or fuckin' whatever.

Oh shit! Tim, Nick, and I went together to see The Hangover last night. We got there and there's this notice saying that the reel to the movie had like black scratches on it and they apologized for it. The guy working the window let us go in to see how bad it was and as we were going in, he said to my aunt, who was ready to pay, "I really don't care if they come back out. You can just go in, too." So the four of us went in for free. And we go in looking for a seat and someone starts calling me and there's fuckin' Jim, his mom, Sophie, Caleb, and Kayleigh (not my sister, Jim's cousin) calling for us! What are the odds? So we got in for free to watch a fucking great movie and meet up with our friends. Fucking epic. Couldn't have worked out more smoothly.

I live a pretty exciting life sometimes. I have to do shit for Mr. Cowgill's AP Government class all summer and I may be using this to put some of it on or whatever. I often lack material here anyway. OH! Paint It Black (the best modern hardcore band there is) is releasing a 7" through Fat Wreck Chords. That is like the most fucking epic thing to me. They're shown on the Fat Wreck roster. I. Fucking. Love. Paint It Black. Can't get over that. God, what a day. Tomorrow will be more eventful, even. I drummed until my hands bled today.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

I think I get it? But then again I don't.

I kind of understand Twitter, if I'm completely honest. It's like the easiest thing to use ever, but it's so easy that you really cannot effectively communicate with anyone else. It's not about that, though, I guess. It's just about...telling people what you're doing all the time? I don't really know why that's so great, but I even say something on there now and then. I like to follow a few bands on there because they usually say fun things. Off With Their Heads in particular. They're, as Paddy says, the most popular band from Minneapolis that isn't popular in Minneapolis. Speaking of all of that, I still have to get Insubordination Fest sorted out! Damn! I don't want to miss Toys That Kill because I don't know when I'll be able to see them again!!!

I see No Doubt and Paramore in a week with Katie Mullan. I decided that I'm a little excited for that last night. That fuckin' "That's What You Get" song has been stuck in my head. At least it's not solely Alkaline Trio. I will cut my hair off and dye it by that time if this week works out. Megan and I had to reschedule.

Okay, a note on "modern" music. It's not so much the music that irritates me, though it kind of does irritate me, but more so the attitudes. You know? I've been over this. It's a popularity contest now at the expense of queers.

Megan just asked me if I'm going to that show tonight, so I guess that means I'm going. Metalcore. The joy, eh? Guess I'm going to partake in what I was just criticizing. Hopefully there will be okay bands. I found a more modern hardcore band today that was good. They are called New Tomorrow. I'm wearing my Sick of It All shirt to the show, goddammit. NYCHC!

Okay, I've really nothing to say. Lou, I'll be representin'.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You should love Twitter. I do?

Twitter, as I often say, is lame. How else would I say it? Mark Hoppus ate all of his popcorn before The Hangover even started. I know this...because I follow him on Twitter. Kara Owens wants coffee and needs to study for Chemistry. I know this...because I follow her on Twitter. It's like making conversation even more obsolete. Instead of telling someone about their day, you can say, "Follow me on Twitter and you won't have to ask, bitch." And I've been spelling Megan Green's name wrong. It's like the color, not the street that goes through Cumberland. Who woulda thunk?

What else is weird? I keep getting more followers on Twitter. Who the fuck really cares? All I do is say that Twitter sucks, country music gets on my nerves, and make fun of Jesus Christ, who I follow on Twitter as well. I'm not very nice to him. He doesn't deserve it. I said...isn't he, by definiton of his religion, sinning by impersonating Jesus? What a cunt.

Twitter also has this really cool feature where it has like...a random bullshit Twitter-related dictionary term each time you refresh the page. Here's an example:

Trazz·ler Buzz n. tracking popular travel destinations via Twitter.

Here's another:

We Fol·low n. a directory of interesting Twitter accounts...

Can you get any lamer? Well, I guess having a blog is kind of lame in its own respects. It's a way to give a voice to those that probably don't have one for a reason. Maybe that's not nice. I said yesterday that you can only write in 140 characters a time on Twitter. Let's not forget about that point of interest. It's also really, really easy to never notice that someone "commented(?)" you. It's not really commenting, because that'd be too personal and personable. You know what? I'm just making up petty excuses, aren't I? I guess this is a just a compliation of a bunch of "tweets" put into paragraphs and shit. I could just as easily point to my blog and say, "Read that if you want to know what happened to me today." In fact, I did that today because I got tired of explaining to people why my dad was pissed at me. I'm a big ol' failure.

At least this thing is customizable! I can put pictures up, write, post movies, or whatever I want. It doesn't just have to be about what I'm immediately doing. Fuck, I'm just putting my foot in my mouth, eh? This girl I'm talking to will not quit. She needs to fuck off. She's saying NOTHING.

I've written two blogs today and neither of them fucking mean shit.


Innocent as charged?

'kay, here's how it went

I drove home

and had to take the car to my mom's

and she was feeding the animals before she took me over

and my dad had left a voice mail on my phone

so I called him

he asked why I was over there and I said I'd driven to school and I was waiting for my mom to take me home

then I asked if I could go to a show tonight with Brittney

he said no, that he was mad at me and asked why he was mad at me

I had no idea

he asked if I called last night, I said I thought I had. I know I told Rod "I'll see you tomorrow" when I stopped over at the house yesterday

my dad said, "Were you drunk?" like in disbelief that I thought I'd called

I said, "No dad, I was not drunk."

then he asked if I'd called him and told him when I was coming home from recording on Monday like I said I would

I said that no, I hadn't

he asked when I got home

I said I got home at 8 pm

and I'd gone to bed

he didn't realize I was there

because when I woke up at 11, the front door was unlocked and the light was on

meaning he was leaving it so I could come in when I got home

so as you can see, I still didn't feel guilty

and then he said, "Where did you go with Cris when you said you were going to Jimmy's?"

I said "Uhh..I went to Jimmy's? And I picked someone up on the way, like I said I was going to."

"Why did you have to have Cris take you?" "I knew it was going to be out of your way and I didn't want to bother you." "I told you that I was going into town. Now I know something is up." "Nothing is up, dad. I swear I'm not doing anything behind your back."

This was all taken from a conversation with Alex. I just cut his name out. To tell the truth, I just didn't want to retype it all. I figure you can figure out what went on. I don't like being accused of going out and doing shit. I don't do anything. I live a harmless life. I go to Jim's house and we all play video games, watch movies, and make movies. Sometimes eat pizza. The worst we do is make me get naked and take pictures of me. Sheesh.

It's alright now, I think. I just wish I could have gone to that show. And I also hope I am allowed to go see No Doubt and later go to Insubordination Fest.

I think Megan's gonna have to cut a ton of my hair off because bleaching it kills it, which I've done a few times. It pretty much quits being so dead where the blonde stops. And here's Belle suggesting I dye it blonde again. Pfft. How about I just cut all of the blonde off and go from there, eh? It's gonna be so stupidly short....I'm going to hate it, I think. My bangs are currently like 2 inches past my chin. Now I'll be lucky if they're two inches down my forehead. Oh well, it'll be summer. Megan, you'd better know how to cut other people's hair as well as you do your own.

I really want to drum.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

God is great, beer is good.

Three days more of school. Three more days of country songs in third block. Just three. I can stick it out, I think. I've been sleeping so terribly. I woke up after 11 PM yesterday because I'd gone to bed at 8 PM. We recorded a little, I got home, and was fuckin' beat. I'd slept all the day before because I'd gone to Jim's and not gone to bed until 4 AM. My body now thinks it's supposed to go to sleep at 4 AM and maybe it is, but school isn't built around letting me do that. I'm driving tomorrow. That means I get to sleep in until about 7:30.

Megan's cutting and possibly dying my hair this weekend. Not sure how I want any of it to look in the end, but I want it to look different and feel different and most importantly to feel cooler. It's getting hot and my hair is brutal. I looked like a Ramone this time last year. Maybe I'll try to look like a Misfit this time. I always say that I'm cutting my hair into a devil locke, dying it dark, and singing "Die, Die My Darling" wherever I go. Maybe I'll go with that. I wish people'd give me suggestions.

I want to go see Dillinger Four and Toys That Kill, for christ's sake! Everything else is an added bonus. Even The Dead Milkmen.

I think I'm going to continue reading lots of books when I get out of AP Literature. I've found a good amount of books I enjoy within the past few years, so I know they're out there somewhere. It's just about finding the right things. I also have to find my text book so I don't owe Mr. Alkire $65! That fucking sucks. I hate losing things. I really wish people wouldn't give me so much responsibility sometimes with things because I have NEVER claimed to be responsible with keeping an eye on things. If Shane wasn't in I Forget, we'd have lost everything at some point. We still lose mic stands and mics sometimes.

Oh, I got a 100% on a quiz on The Stranger. I told whoever reads this about it a few days ago and how I liked it a lot. Well I fuckin' did better than everyone else, I think, which is a first in that class. I also kicked some ass on the Holden Caulfield voice assignment. I'd like to say that I wrote the best paper and Belle agreed with me. She's actually the one who said it and I agreed with her. I'm modest.

Anyone know who Against Me! is touring with this year? Who am I kidding? This isn't the crowd to ask that question to. Paddy confirmed that they're touring with The Arrivals and Off With Their Heads and shit this fall today. I'll fuckin' be there. I still regret missing the Against Me!/Off With Their Heads show in Virginia Beach. I'd have probably screamed until I was coughing up blood to "Scream Until You're Coughing Up Blood" and to everything else. Those are two bands that are designed to be sung along with live.

I am so, so, so, so ready for school to end. I was tired a little bit ago, but I've become happy and now I think I'm gonna be up all night again. I wish I had my bass here. When I can't sleep, I play bass with my fingers in the dark on my bed. It kind of fucking hurts at first like...making-your-skin-raw-wise. Why does no one warn me of this type of thing?

I'm way too happy to write blogs. I just write about myself and how great certain things are going and about petty little things. There's no revolution anymore, eh? My biggest complaint is "Wahhh, I'm too much of a pussy to push through these last three days of school." I don't even follow the news or politics anymore. Alex, you really need to start blogging again because otherwise, I'm oblivious to the world and its happenings. And maybe if my motherfuckin' followers would be more active in commenting, complaining, criticizing, and complimenting me, I'd have more to go on. It's like I'm talking to myself on Twitter or something! The only difference between Twitter and this is that...I'd have to have posted like 300 "tweets(?)" on Twitter to have written all of this, since they only let you do 140 characters at a time. Bull shit. Here's a great idea. Let's narrow down people's happenings to 140 characters so they have to water down their English and emotions even more! It's 1984 out there, I swear to god.

Here's a common "tweet" for me: Twitter sucks. End.

I'm such an antagonist, eh? If you want to know the truth, I think summer is the worst season there is. What's fun about always being hot and humid? We're not even in a luscious and pretty environment like a fucking tropical rain forest, so it's strictly annoying and unejoyable unless you own a swimming pool or enjoy frying yourself. I'd be reallly white all year if I had a choice, but I really don't since I have band. I always look fucking retarded tan because I tan wrong because my hair is always stupid and covers up stupid parts of my face and I'll have half of my face tan and half white and who the fuck even cares?! Point being: I hate summer time. Here's another reason why summer is the worst season of the year and I'd prefer it to always be winter: bugs. Fuck bugs. Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps. You really like those kinds of things? How about snakes? Bears? Killer squirrels? Winter. I'm moving to Canada with some hot chick and living in the Rockies and being a lumberjack for a living.