Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stress, stress, stress, stress

This is what I want and don't want. I don't want to go to the beach in a week. I want to stay home. I want to go to Insubordination Fest next weekend. I want to hang out with my friends on random week days. I want to plan as I go. I want to play shows. I want to figure out what that ska song I heard between sets at the No Doubt show was. I don't want to go to band camp. I want to enjoy the short 3 months we have off this summer. I don't want to put up with the kids in band this coming year. I don't really want to put up with school for another year. I don't want to go to college, especially here. I want to move away, but I also want to stay here and live like I have been but get a passable job and then tour. I kind of want to move to a city and drum for bands. I kind of want to move back to my mom's house because I'm always stressed at my dad's because I have a hard time talking to him about things because he's never been a talker. I want not to be accused of going out and doing stupid shit. I want my dad to realize that my friends are harmless. I want to see Against Me!, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, The Lawrence Arms, American Steel, and Dead to Me before I die. I want to make a list of all of the bands I've seen that I cared even the least bit for and are recognized somewhere. Gotta start somewhere.

Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Punchline, Mercury Radio Theatre, The Sheckies, The Last Hope, Dropout Year, Jet Lag Gemini, The Morning Of, Love Automatic, Farewell, The Flatliners, NOFX, Dillinger Four, The AKAs, The Bouncing Souls, Ruiner, Paint It Black, Propagandhi, Drive A, Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio, The Sounds, Paramore, No Doubt.

Is that it? If it's not, I'm sorry. We've played shows with plenty of bands and some that have played with bands like The Misfits, but...it's nothing against them, it's just I wanted a list of mainly distanced bands that a good number of people have heard of. Whatev. The gnats are brutal in here.

But seriously, do you see why I'm a little stressed? The only thing there I could take direct and easy action on was that stupid list. It's summer time and I just want to chill and college and band and vacations aren't letting me do that. I hate vacations. I've been over this before.

Death By Stereo's new album sounds like Atreyu and that is shitty. George from Hot Water Music is going to replace Warren Oakes in Against Me! now. The blink-182/Weezer show I'm going to is sold out now. That's the only Punknews I've got right now. That and I Forget is playing on Sunday in Martinsburg and you should go and I Forget's new album is going to tear your pubic hair out. Oh, and if you have a Twitter, follow them. www.twitter.com/ifuckingforget

This is the first place I even mentioned I made that. I haven't even told anyone else I made it. I Forget obviously hasn't done anything since I made it, so it doesn't even say anything, but I guess I could say, "Playing a show today. $8" or "Doing guitar to new song" whenever we actually do one of those things for anyone that might care. David Irwin wants to hang out with me this week, apparently.


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