Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Innocent as charged?

'kay, here's how it went

I drove home

and had to take the car to my mom's

and she was feeding the animals before she took me over

and my dad had left a voice mail on my phone

so I called him

he asked why I was over there and I said I'd driven to school and I was waiting for my mom to take me home

then I asked if I could go to a show tonight with Brittney

he said no, that he was mad at me and asked why he was mad at me

I had no idea

he asked if I called last night, I said I thought I had. I know I told Rod "I'll see you tomorrow" when I stopped over at the house yesterday

my dad said, "Were you drunk?" like in disbelief that I thought I'd called

I said, "No dad, I was not drunk."

then he asked if I'd called him and told him when I was coming home from recording on Monday like I said I would

I said that no, I hadn't

he asked when I got home

I said I got home at 8 pm

and I'd gone to bed

he didn't realize I was there

because when I woke up at 11, the front door was unlocked and the light was on

meaning he was leaving it so I could come in when I got home

so as you can see, I still didn't feel guilty

and then he said, "Where did you go with Cris when you said you were going to Jimmy's?"

I said "Uhh..I went to Jimmy's? And I picked someone up on the way, like I said I was going to."

"Why did you have to have Cris take you?" "I knew it was going to be out of your way and I didn't want to bother you." "I told you that I was going into town. Now I know something is up." "Nothing is up, dad. I swear I'm not doing anything behind your back."

This was all taken from a conversation with Alex. I just cut his name out. To tell the truth, I just didn't want to retype it all. I figure you can figure out what went on. I don't like being accused of going out and doing shit. I don't do anything. I live a harmless life. I go to Jim's house and we all play video games, watch movies, and make movies. Sometimes eat pizza. The worst we do is make me get naked and take pictures of me. Sheesh.

It's alright now, I think. I just wish I could have gone to that show. And I also hope I am allowed to go see No Doubt and later go to Insubordination Fest.

I think Megan's gonna have to cut a ton of my hair off because bleaching it kills it, which I've done a few times. It pretty much quits being so dead where the blonde stops. And here's Belle suggesting I dye it blonde again. Pfft. How about I just cut all of the blonde off and go from there, eh? It's gonna be so stupidly short....I'm going to hate it, I think. My bangs are currently like 2 inches past my chin. Now I'll be lucky if they're two inches down my forehead. Oh well, it'll be summer. Megan, you'd better know how to cut other people's hair as well as you do your own.

I really want to drum.



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