Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is the blog where I'll lose all of my female followers and gain a million male followers. So Brendan Kelly, my lord and savior, has repeated talked about "guessing muffs" in his spare time at

That's all I've got to say.

Tim and I got together and watched W today. I'm sure it was a good movie if I sat and analyzed it and it was interesting in what I got out of it, but it's summertime and I haven't been deep into politics since the election. Maybe I should be. Regardless, I want a mental break for a while and trying to follow the politics behind Bush and understand his relationship with his father and everything piled up at the same time was a little much. Real Laura Bush is so scary-looking.

NEXT TOPIC! I just love my hair! If I were to describe myself, I'd call me "just too cute." Wait until you see it! It's like Jessica Alba having sex with a mongoose! Erotica!!!

I'm wanting to go to Jim's house and make cinematic art! I also plan on getting an excellent night/morning of sleep in a few hours. This driving myself around thing makes me feel so much more responsible and I actually felt like I was obligated to get a bath, put my clothes away, and put my dishes in the sink this morning before they sat there for a week. I think maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll be okay in the real world.

Dan from Paint It Black spoke on how embarrassing tough guy hardcore is in an interview I read today. I commented them on Facebook saying I thought it was hilarious how he said that, since I live in an area where people like to form "tough guy hardcore" bands for whatever reason. Macho fucks. Totally miss the point. Anyway, they wrote me back a few times and I appreciated it a lot. Thank god for Paint It Black. I drop their name a lot, so you should check them out one day!

I really am lacking material today, so I'll leave you a little excerpt from my BSC Bible. Brendan Kelly wrote:

"What is wrong with our world, people? Nuclear disaster, luxury hotels blown to bits, flooded gay couples in Iowa waiting patiently for marriage licenses and government aid, Osama, Obama and now this old dude with the gun in the Holocaust museum killing a guard. It’s really quite sad. The statement about the guard said he died ‘heroically in the line of duty’ which is, you know, true. But fuck, he was a security guard at a museum. It’s not really what they sign up for. A guy on the SWAT team can die heroically in the line of duty and it’s sad but it’s honorable and somewhat easier to deal with because it’s assumed that he knew the risks and at least he died doing what he loved (terrorizing brown people), but I seriously doubt this security guard ever expected to really put his life on the line. I mean, I don’t know what the museum guards are like in DC, but here they’re almost entirely fat, middle aged black women with walkie talkies and wine colored weaves. Not really a likely line of defense against deadly force. The one good thing is that in a few years, this slain guard’s family can say “oh, yeah, my brother-he died in the Holocaust…” and that’ll maybe be kind of funny. Probably not yet though. Too soon."

'Kay, I'm leaving you.


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