Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You should love Twitter. I do?

Twitter, as I often say, is lame. How else would I say it? Mark Hoppus ate all of his popcorn before The Hangover even started. I know this...because I follow him on Twitter. Kara Owens wants coffee and needs to study for Chemistry. I know this...because I follow her on Twitter. It's like making conversation even more obsolete. Instead of telling someone about their day, you can say, "Follow me on Twitter and you won't have to ask, bitch." And I've been spelling Megan Green's name wrong. It's like the color, not the street that goes through Cumberland. Who woulda thunk?

What else is weird? I keep getting more followers on Twitter. Who the fuck really cares? All I do is say that Twitter sucks, country music gets on my nerves, and make fun of Jesus Christ, who I follow on Twitter as well. I'm not very nice to him. He doesn't deserve it. I said...isn't he, by definiton of his religion, sinning by impersonating Jesus? What a cunt.

Twitter also has this really cool feature where it has like...a random bullshit Twitter-related dictionary term each time you refresh the page. Here's an example:

Trazz·ler Buzz n. tracking popular travel destinations via Twitter.

Here's another:

We Fol·low n. a directory of interesting Twitter accounts...

Can you get any lamer? Well, I guess having a blog is kind of lame in its own respects. It's a way to give a voice to those that probably don't have one for a reason. Maybe that's not nice. I said yesterday that you can only write in 140 characters a time on Twitter. Let's not forget about that point of interest. It's also really, really easy to never notice that someone "commented(?)" you. It's not really commenting, because that'd be too personal and personable. You know what? I'm just making up petty excuses, aren't I? I guess this is a just a compliation of a bunch of "tweets" put into paragraphs and shit. I could just as easily point to my blog and say, "Read that if you want to know what happened to me today." In fact, I did that today because I got tired of explaining to people why my dad was pissed at me. I'm a big ol' failure.

At least this thing is customizable! I can put pictures up, write, post movies, or whatever I want. It doesn't just have to be about what I'm immediately doing. Fuck, I'm just putting my foot in my mouth, eh? This girl I'm talking to will not quit. She needs to fuck off. She's saying NOTHING.

I've written two blogs today and neither of them fucking mean shit.


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