Tuesday, June 2, 2009

God is great, beer is good.

Three days more of school. Three more days of country songs in third block. Just three. I can stick it out, I think. I've been sleeping so terribly. I woke up after 11 PM yesterday because I'd gone to bed at 8 PM. We recorded a little, I got home, and was fuckin' beat. I'd slept all the day before because I'd gone to Jim's and not gone to bed until 4 AM. My body now thinks it's supposed to go to sleep at 4 AM and maybe it is, but school isn't built around letting me do that. I'm driving tomorrow. That means I get to sleep in until about 7:30.

Megan's cutting and possibly dying my hair this weekend. Not sure how I want any of it to look in the end, but I want it to look different and feel different and most importantly to feel cooler. It's getting hot and my hair is brutal. I looked like a Ramone this time last year. Maybe I'll try to look like a Misfit this time. I always say that I'm cutting my hair into a devil locke, dying it dark, and singing "Die, Die My Darling" wherever I go. Maybe I'll go with that. I wish people'd give me suggestions.

I want to go see Dillinger Four and Toys That Kill, for christ's sake! Everything else is an added bonus. Even The Dead Milkmen.

I think I'm going to continue reading lots of books when I get out of AP Literature. I've found a good amount of books I enjoy within the past few years, so I know they're out there somewhere. It's just about finding the right things. I also have to find my text book so I don't owe Mr. Alkire $65! That fucking sucks. I hate losing things. I really wish people wouldn't give me so much responsibility sometimes with things because I have NEVER claimed to be responsible with keeping an eye on things. If Shane wasn't in I Forget, we'd have lost everything at some point. We still lose mic stands and mics sometimes.

Oh, I got a 100% on a quiz on The Stranger. I told whoever reads this about it a few days ago and how I liked it a lot. Well I fuckin' did better than everyone else, I think, which is a first in that class. I also kicked some ass on the Holden Caulfield voice assignment. I'd like to say that I wrote the best paper and Belle agreed with me. She's actually the one who said it and I agreed with her. I'm modest.

Anyone know who Against Me! is touring with this year? Who am I kidding? This isn't the crowd to ask that question to. Paddy confirmed that they're touring with The Arrivals and Off With Their Heads and shit this fall today. I'll fuckin' be there. I still regret missing the Against Me!/Off With Their Heads show in Virginia Beach. I'd have probably screamed until I was coughing up blood to "Scream Until You're Coughing Up Blood" and to everything else. Those are two bands that are designed to be sung along with live.

I am so, so, so, so ready for school to end. I was tired a little bit ago, but I've become happy and now I think I'm gonna be up all night again. I wish I had my bass here. When I can't sleep, I play bass with my fingers in the dark on my bed. It kind of fucking hurts at first like...making-your-skin-raw-wise. Why does no one warn me of this type of thing?

I'm way too happy to write blogs. I just write about myself and how great certain things are going and about petty little things. There's no revolution anymore, eh? My biggest complaint is "Wahhh, I'm too much of a pussy to push through these last three days of school." I don't even follow the news or politics anymore. Alex, you really need to start blogging again because otherwise, I'm oblivious to the world and its happenings. And maybe if my motherfuckin' followers would be more active in commenting, complaining, criticizing, and complimenting me, I'd have more to go on. It's like I'm talking to myself on Twitter or something! The only difference between Twitter and this is that...I'd have to have posted like 300 "tweets(?)" on Twitter to have written all of this, since they only let you do 140 characters at a time. Bull shit. Here's a great idea. Let's narrow down people's happenings to 140 characters so they have to water down their English and emotions even more! It's 1984 out there, I swear to god.

Here's a common "tweet" for me: Twitter sucks. End.

I'm such an antagonist, eh? If you want to know the truth, I think summer is the worst season there is. What's fun about always being hot and humid? We're not even in a luscious and pretty environment like a fucking tropical rain forest, so it's strictly annoying and unejoyable unless you own a swimming pool or enjoy frying yourself. I'd be reallly white all year if I had a choice, but I really don't since I have band. I always look fucking retarded tan because I tan wrong because my hair is always stupid and covers up stupid parts of my face and I'll have half of my face tan and half white and who the fuck even cares?! Point being: I hate summer time. Here's another reason why summer is the worst season of the year and I'd prefer it to always be winter: bugs. Fuck bugs. Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps. You really like those kinds of things? How about snakes? Bears? Killer squirrels? Winter. I'm moving to Canada with some hot chick and living in the Rockies and being a lumberjack for a living.


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