Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh hey! Where'd you come from? How could I forget those big, hairy nipples?

My god (Brendan Kelly, for those of you nonbelievers) spoke to me briefly. He more directly pointed me towards the advice of some guy that answered my question for me because he believed that other guy summed it up pretty nicely. Thanks asshole, for intercepting my message to god.

I went to my psychologist today. I am considering moving back to my mom's and wanted a third party to talk to about it. I've kind of been stressed out about it. Do you see this fucking weather? It's going to do this for at least a week and I'm supposed to go to the beach. Here's how the beach will go if I go:

-Rain like this all week (I checked for Chincoteague and Assateague Islands).
-Mosquitoes bigger than the seagulls that are attracted to repellent.
-Me helping my brother get around with his broken hip all week (dad's orders).
-Probably missing Insubordination Fest (now including Cloak/Dagger).
-Getting upset and having no one to talk to about it (common theme of this week in my life).

I don't want to go. I think those are justifiable reasons. I need a good day tomorrow. We aren't recording because Jason has another excuse. Gettin' pretty sick of them myself.

I hadn't bathed in like 3 days and I took a bath today but the thing with my new hair is that it doesn't look like complete shit after not bathing. Once again: why did I grow it out? Can one really be "crazy bored"?

This blog isn't going much of anywhere, eh? My inspiration kind of fell. Maybe I should make a list. I like lists. Here's a list of some things that make me curse a lot:

Mario Kart - first and FOREMOST Mario Kart. Anyone who has played Mario Kart probably understands. "Damn. Damn....shit....fuckin'.....YOU PIECE OF SHIT! EAT MY DICK!....piss...dammit. Fuuuuuck." That's typical. These games are not fair by any means. They cheat. Even if you turn items off, it's just more fair. I swear the computer players are on speed.

Gruesome horror movies - "Eww fuck, what the hell is that?" Like when pick-axes go through bottom jaws through noses. That's fucked up.

Driving alone - I don't say very nice things to my car or to other drivers. "Don't you even think about pulling out, you piece of shit."

When I think I'm being cool - I have a bad habit of using weak adjectives when trying not to look like a loser which has an oppositve effect, I feel. I don't even have an example.

When blogging - I get angry here. When I get angry or don't understand, a common reaction is "What the fuck is that?" Ya know? This isn't a good list. What the fuck was I thinking? Couldn't I have come up with something a little better? No. My mind is all over the damn place.

You know who is good at cursing? Jimmy Price. He's a fucking master. "Ya shittin'!?"

I should give up sometimes. I want to hear Against Me! with their new drummer. Who else would like to see Angels and Airwaves not get back together? Of course, if it serves as a place for Tom to keep his serious shit away from blink-182, then so be it. I think that if you give the kids an option, they'll buy blink-182 albums over AVA. Just sayin'. Maybe I'm being shallow. This goddamn rain...


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Alex said...

I had a brief notion to blog today and maybe continue doing it, at least until summer is over.
Inspiration, yes? We could be the "once what was blogging duo". I don't think I'm going to blog about all that political news shit though as much. I think it's too much to worry about and kind of self-defeating and counter-productive, ya know?