Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear world, you have officially failed.

Brokencyde is on MySpace's featured music. Are you serious? They are a fucking joke. Don't believe me? Humor yourself and actually go listen. How the FUCK do we let a band THAT FUCKING TERRIBLE get that popular without saying, "Whoa wait a minute, YOU GUYS suck"? It's fucking unbelievable. Like okay, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, A Day to Remember. They slip on by and it's like okay, not my thing and they're kind of off in what they're calling their music genre-wise, but whatever. I'm not gonna go there. But Brokencyde? Fucking crunk. Crunk is BULLSHIT. Thought 3Oh!3 was bad? I fucking hope you did. Well this is fucking worse THAN THAT SHIT! What the fuck? What came first, as Henry Rollins said: the bad music or the drugs? Was it "Whoaaa, I'm so out of it. Listen to what I just wrote." "Whoaaaaa."? Or was it "Dude, this is terrible." "No, you don't understand. Take this. NOW listen to it."?

Fuck Brokencyde. With bands like Brokencyde, don't you EVER complain about the new Anti-Flag or Rancid album. FUCK YOU. That's generalized to THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN!

love (but expect little in return this time from),

Sometimes I just write bulletins I'm so happy with, I just have to throw them on here. But no, seriously, happy with the way I put something or not, this is fucking bull. I hope Brendan Kelly is pissed. I wish he really was "God" and could throw fucking lightning bolts at shitty-ass bands for being so fucking terrible. I wrote them a message just now telling them how they've caused me to cross the line into messaging a band telling them how much they suck. If my MySpace gets deleted for that, consider me a martyr.

Fuck, people, come on! Don't you know what the scene used to be like?! Sure I was kind of not alive for some of it and then just a fucking retarded Pokemon geek for the rest of it but this what's going on right now is in NO WAY a reflection of what there once was. This is a reflection of tackiness and getting rich off of shitty music you can get your dick sucked to or whatever. Fuck that. Fuck MySpace for having them as a featured artist, fuck Warped Tour for putting them on the bill, and FUCK THE KIDS for buying their shit and watching them be fucking morons on stage. Thank you, NOFX, I now see what your 5-second song is about. It's about how these fucking kids are helpless and they just need to be FUCKED. No one's hands are clean.

It's 4 AM, I saw Drag Me to Hell "yesterday." I'm going to Jim's "today." I'm going to see Paramore and No Doubt "tomorrow." Megan and Katie better be able to go because I didn't buy three tickets for me, I'll tell you that much. I'm getting tired. That's a good thing. It is 4 AM, after all. Did you all get a kick and an addiction for guessing muffs? That's a good thing, too.

Just one more day of goats with pinkeye. I'm going to bed. It's been nice waking up next to you. For real this time.


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