Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Not unlike a hippy. Okay, unlike a hippy. Like a monk. Okay, not like a monk. With indulgence but...just fucking chill. Chilllllll and the world will be a little happier. That is my lesson for the day. A friend or two of mine got into a slight quarrel with me today and for what seems to me over nothing other than they need to have some respect and chill. I started the quarrel today but was not the one who brought the tension. I will not get into what it was about or who it was, but basically I lost patience and was sick of being victim of sugarcoated bullshit I don't know what. It's hard to describe it without saying what happened, but I will refrain.

So basically the friends apologized and I said chill. I'm not going to worry about this shit, I'm glad you're apologizing, I forgive you, we can make this okay, just fucking CHILL. Let this be a lesson to all! You know who I love and will ALWAYS love because she is so chill? Brittney Owens. Thank imaginary authority figure in the sky for Brittney. Everyone loves Brittney and they often can't pinpoint why that is. I have figured it out. Because she is fucking chill. Brittney may care what you decide to do and have her opinion, but as she said to me today, "I'm not going to worry or say anything about it. It's none of my business. If it makes you happy! Hey! Whatever!" Fucking amen. That's all I've got to say. I love the shit out of the following chill people: Brittney Owens, Timmy Ryan, Katie Mullan, Megan Green, Jimmy Price, Alex Grabenstein. You guys are always chill and for that, I thank you.

Megan cut my hair today. Watching this video of Green Day made me realize that my hair is similar to Billie Joe Armstrong's now. People won't mix me up with Shaun White again for a while. I'll give you bitches a picture when I feel like it. If you gonna be a hater, suck this dick! Ahahaha. Boy. Megan has a Crass, Cramps, and Casualties CD in her room. Interesting. Also a Clash poster on her wall. Into punk bands that start with C's. Maybe she'd like Cloak/Dagger? Chixdiggit!? Consumed? Communique? She also has some thing that looks like it was made in school art class that says "OP IVY" on it. May not seem like much to you, but it's fascinating to me for someone who everyone seems to think only can take in and put out scene-related things.

So American Steel song today on their MySpace! God that's some good shit! It sounds like they've been having relations with Alkaline Trio since their most recent release! I can't wait for Fat Wreck's continuing releases this year. They may almost make up for losing Propagandhi...if you can EVER make up for Propagandhi.

Tomorrow I...feed animals, get the car fixed, go to the studioooo! Gonna lay down some more vokills! Gonna get this album FINISHED so you motherfuckers can give your money to us and listen to it yourself!

Hey, if anyone's irritated by me saying "chill" so much like a hippy, here's some advice for you: chill.


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Amanda said...

Dear Kyle,

I love the fuck out of you.