Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's depression, not recession

Obama's on TV right now. America is a big ol' alcoholic in denial. This is a depression. Let's accept it and get over it together. Also, swine flu is a joke. When everyone dies from it, I will be sorry, probably. I wish they'd shut up about the flu, though. Some woman was just suggesting quarantining Mexico or something.

Check this out: 63,729 per year, 5,310 per month, 1,225 per week, 174 per day, 7 per hour die from the flu in the US, according to this site.

One person has died from swine flu in the US. I think we're going to be okay.

Hey, be glad you aren't a pig in Egypt, because they're slaughtering every last one! I bet PETA is pissed.

Essay-writing night again. This time on the intelligence of the character Hamlet. I think I foreshadowed this yesterday or maybe I'm just paraphrasing from yesterday's post. This one I'm very unsure about...partially because I can't read Shakespeare and partly because I've read the book partially from the actual text, partially from a movie, and partially from a modern English-translated text. I'm an underachiever and I'm afraid I'm going to live my entire life that way...

Oh, and yes, Alex, Coaster INDEED came out yesterday. I wanted to go get it, but fell asleep and forgot about it. I'll go get it sometime soon. I think I'm gonna spend my money at Alkaline Trio on Friday and see what I have left to spend after that. Oh, and Fat Mike said today that he's going to lower the prices of every CD on Fat to under $10 and for most to be under $8. Like in every record store. Now, remember, the Fat Wreck comps say "Don't sell this for more than $4" on the back or whatever and they're sometimes sold for $8, so we'll see how FYE takes that. You know why the CD is called Coaster and the LP is Frisbee? Because Fat Mike feels making and selling CDs is as good as selling coasters and LPs are best used as frisbees anymore. I guess that goes into why he's lowering the price. They say they'll make less profit, but it will make it easier for us to buy from our independent artists, which is why he started the label to begin with. Though he thinks Propagandhi are death metal and that's a lot why they didn't release their most recent CD on Fat (they didn't want to release it when the label owner wasn't really behind it), he's a pretty good guy for the most part.
Umm...Love Equals Death broke up. Chon Travis apparently left the band last year and their bassist from '06 was charged for rape, so they've kind of not been able to recover from those things. 88 Fingers Louie are another band reuniting this year. Let's review this list: blink-182, Sublime, 88 Fingers Louie, Screeching Weasel, The Beatles, and Blake Schwarzenbach has a new band (whose album comes out on June 30th). I think that's a fair trade-off for Love Equals Death. Uhh...The Vankills are on hiatus. D4, Propagandhi, Alkaline Trio, I Forget, Toys That Kill are all still kickin' it. Speaking of Alkaline Trio, someone was posting that Dan Andriano had died on Alk3's Wikipedia page. I deleted it once and that British cunt reposted that he died on "22 April 2008," (which, let me remind you, is over a year ago), so I overwrote what he said and told him to fuck off and explained how he is NOT dead. Since then, the whole section has been deleted, which was my intention. Dan cannot die.

Did I tell you on here that Freaky J are very impressive? I know I did.

'Kay, I'm gonna watch Obama, Ghosthunters, get a bath, and write a paper. That's all I got for today.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The contradiction's gone...

Last night, I was on a "Hey! If Christians can leave pamphlets in car windows, why can't I tell them that Jesus isn't real?" kick. It makes sense. I don't know why I felt like being so hypocritical to the hypocritical, but I was. I still wish those without religion (or even those with a different religion) would be left alone to figure out their lives on their own. I guess Shane and I just thought it was hilarious at the time. What's not funny about "TOUGH MUSIC + JESUS = HIGH PRESSURE"? That's fucking hilarious.

I read that Matt Skiba and Derek Grant (whose name I spelled wrong a while back) belong to the Church of Satan. I decided to research it briefly via Wikipedia. The fact that there's a religion for those who believe in nothing is stupid. Religion is not for why would I make my own? I guess it is kind of funny when everyone thinks I'm going to go burn in their imaginary hell and they want to throw holy water on me. I think I'm an atheist, which is why I just call myself agnostic.

I read Hamlet translated into modern English today! The ending was umm...kind of brutal and epic. I guess "tragic" is the right word, but that's cliche, being that the story is called "The Tragedy of Hamlet." Anyway, I got a lot more out of it reading it in modern English than in its original text. Fuck trying to translate it to myself. I'm not a reader, I'm sorry. I grew up differently. I'd rather listen to The Bouncing Souls or The Clash, as I've been doing this evening. I don't listen to either of them enough.

Alkaline Trio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone's jealous. You all know you're jealous.

Freaky J and the Bears on Saturday! They have progressed and fucking then some. I hope they don't show us off. I don't know if we're going to open or if they're going to. Anyway, if anyone that reads this lives in Virginia, then I Forget w/ Freaky J and the Bears @ Kronos Art Gallery in Staunton, VA at 7:30 pm. $5 cover charge. There's a flyer on our MySpace page.

I hate homophobic everything. Especially when people swear up and down they're not homophobic and then say very anti-gay things. Don't judge that in which you don't understand. You know who you are. I don't feel bad for saying things that make you feel awkward when you say homophobic things around me (who, let me remind you, has a gay brother, father, and aunt).

Okay, enough with that. I see D4 twice more this year, Toys That Kill once, and Off With Their Heads once. That's just what I have planned. That's super fucking exciting, though. I need my dirty pop punk fill.

Do I only talk about bands or what? It's really all I know, I think. Music and girls, I swear to god. I said this on like my first or second or third post. It's so true. I can't stand listening to myself talk sometimes. I don't know shit about WWE, about cars, cooking, riding horses, my knowledge on books and authors is so inferior to those that care about books and authors that I never even try, no one has seen the movies I've seen, and it's just like...what am I supposed to talk about? He said/she said? I hate that. I'm not even good at telling stories or accounting for what people said, so that's just stupid for me to attempt. So here's this interesting girl I want to talk to, completely hypothetically, of course, and I say "So you know, you should listen to Frenzal Rhomb. Yeah, they're good. Uh know NOTHING about them or any bands from Australia...yep. You know AC/DC, Jet, Wolfmother, and The Living End are from Australia, right? No? Huh...this is awkward." I don't hardly know anything about Australian bands, to my standards. But like...seriously, what do people normally talk about? I've grown up with musicians and people who love music and when I get out of that realm, it's like...what? It's not like I "get out there" and get to meet all sorts of people. I haven't worked a job yet. You know where I go when I leave the house? To play a show, to watch a show, to buy a CD, or to go record. OR go to Jim or Tim's house to play video games or cruise chicks (the latter of which I know very little about). But there we go, I know my shit about video games. Where does that get me, though? It makes for good discussion in Foundations, but that's about it.

No wonder chicks don't dig me. All I talk about is music and I don't like the music that anyone else likes. The BoysLikeGirls shirts all over school piss me off. Did I not talk about that? Well BoysLikeGirls played in Frostburg on Sunday and like fucking EVERYONE went to see them and then all of the girls wore the exact fucking same shirt to school yesterday. One girl was talking about how she was pissed that someone tried to start a "moshpit." I said "hahaha, you've never been in a moshpit." "Yes I have," she tried to explain. "No, you haven't," I insisted. She doesn't know what a moshpit is. No idea. I only know NOFX and The Bouncing Souls. I'm sure that doesn't have shit on say...The Career Solidiers or Lamb of God or whoever the fuck people make "the wall of death" to. I guess they do that to dumbshit "metalcore."

Why does iTunes have a default playlist of "90's music"? All of my music is 90's music. At least 70% of my songs are from the 90's. I think...who knows? A lot of it. It's an unnecessary list that really narrows down nothing, is what I'm trying to say.

I have to write a paper on whether or not I think Hamlet is intelligent tomorrow. Tits.

What's the opposite of progressive metal? Regressive metal?


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom skipper

Probably a good portion of the junior and senior class is out dancing together in a room filled with hormones right now. Well, there's really no "probably" about it. It's happening. Hundreds of kids from Frankfort and their boyfriends and girlfriends who go to other schools are all at the prom. Same goes for kids from Mountain Ridge and Hampshire. I, on the other hand, skipped out. I am asked why I don't go to prom for many reasons. I suppose I will present you with a list or something.

  • I fucking hate terrible music.
  • They only play fucking terrible music at prom or ANY school dance. Hair ballads, hip hop bullshit, country ballads (modern country, that is), and shitty modern rock. Fuck all of that.
  • I have no date and don't enjoy being reminded of that by hundreds of other people in the room.
  • I don't like at least half of the people that would be going.
  • I only dance at shows.
  • I have nothing nice to wear and think spending a lot of money on nice clothes on my junior year is retarded.
  • Can you imagine me dancing at a school dance?

I think that covers my biggest points. Now here are some ways that I would maybe consider going.

  • If I had a date with someone I really liked.
  • If, instead of a DJ, The AKA's played.
  • If, instead of a DJ, I Forget could play.
  • If I felt I could go and talk to new people instead of the people I see every day of my life and am sick of enough as it is.
  • If I was a modern country, modern rock, hair metal, hip hop tool bag.
  • If I was a girl.

Since none of those things are true statements or anything, you may be able to see why I feel I have no place at a school dance. Not my thing. Not my comfort area. 8th Grade Dance was the worst night of my life. Why would I want to even go to something that reminds me of that?

I Forget opened for a Christian band today. Kind of fuckin' weird, since we sing "I'm better than Jesus Christ" in a song. That, and Steve was wearing his kickass No Jesus toboggan. Though their views and mine don't align real well, I still thought their music and performance was nothign short of excellent. The up-right bassist also played flute, the girl had an amazing voice and played clarinet, and they all played random percussion and kazoos. Except for the drummer and Brendan, who kept to their instruments: drum set and banjo respectively. Oh, actually Brendan played a drum once and some ukelele, too. Okay, so it was awesome, basically. Folky ska gospel shit. Kinda badass, though I don't like gospel (since every gospel lyric was written by the 1600's and I don't really care for them in the first place). I loved it regardless, and they seemed to like OUR music. The older people were bobbing their heads and smiling as we sang even lyrics like "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you can suck my fucking nut." That's gonna be a great song when we record it and everyone can clearly hear that I Forget doesn't give half a shit about censorship.

I am really bored this evening, as I often am spending evenings at my stepdad's house, even though I'm not missing missing the prom. Thing about it is that my friends who I usually talk to on MSN to keep me company are either at the prom or out together celebrating that they're not at the prom, probably by playing Rock Band, Super Smash Bros, and/or Mario Kart Wii. Damn. Next weekend won't be boring at all, as I'll be seeing Alkaline Trio and then going to Virginia the next day to play a show. I know, I say the same things every day.

I just got two shows for us booked for this summer. Slackerfest and some show in Moundsville, WV. The Sheckies are playing Slackerfest and we're not opening the show!!!

I'm excited now.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

RE: Alex...and then some other stuff

On Against Me! being your favorite band on Fat Wreck...that's a tough one. Especially since if you consider Against Me! to be a "Fat" band, you'd also have to consider Propagandhi to be one because they both left Fat Wrech Chords after some ground-breaking releases of theirs. Also remember Dillinger Four is on Fat Wreck. It'd really be a tough call on a favorite band from Fat, though Propagandhi and D4 are my favorite bands. If I had to go with a current band on it, Dillinger Four. All time would be D4 or Propagandhi. That's just me. The Descendents were on it, Against Me!, Dead to Me, The Lawrence Arms, Randy, Bracket, American Steel, NOFX of course, and the list goes on and on and on. Really hard to pick a favorite; even harder to pick the best. Nah, Propagandhi is the best musically. Then probably Strung Out, though I don't care much about their kind of punk metal. It's all fuckin' awesome. What do I care? My point is, Against Me! are good (especially during the Fat Wreck days), but they've got some tough competition.

I think there might be a decent turnout this Saturday. Hopefully we get over 100 people. Gonna be hard to compete with the 400 or 500 we had at our last show. We'll see what we get, though! Shit, I need to make some fucking CDs....

Okay, I'll have to come back to my dad's to pick this computer up tomorrow after school anyway, so I'll try to remember to do that then. Fuck, this sucks. We really should make CDs at least days in advance. We're a horrible band when it comes to the business side of it. The only reason we get by on the music thing is that we're all talented musicians that love playing and listening to music.

Anyway, invite everyone to the show this Saturday. It'll be our first show without Belle in like...a longass fucking time. In over a year. I think her first show with us was at the Teen Center in Romney, which was February of 2008. She's gonna be getting ready for prom...

So other news not regarding I Forget...I finished my paper last night and turned it in. I had no homework tonigh, except to read some Hamlet (I think is what it was), which I didn't really do!

Brittney reports from Facebook that she just saw a dead person. I've never seen a dead person outside of a movie or funeral before. She saw this body not too far from her or my house, so I'm hoping that it wasn't anyone I know, not that any one person's life is more important or worthy than anyone else's. I told her that I hoped it wasn't anyone from the junior or senior class because we had speakers in today that talked to us about what happened to their lives when they got caught up in partying, drugs, and alcohol. The one guy said he started playing drums in a band in 7th grade and was into the punk scene. Weird.

Green Day's new single premiers today, which is technically Friday, though the time on this post probably begs to differ. It'll be good for a while and then everyone will get sick of it. Why? Because it's a single and that's what happens. It's their first single since like '05. Fall Out Boy have had like 3 or 4 albums in that span of time.

NOFX's new album is going to be good, I've decided. I was very skeptical for a while, because they tend to be mediocre. It's very ska-oriented. I don't like ska unless NOFX plays it, I think.

Brendan Kelly says he's been booking. A tour? I hope so. An East Coast tour? I really fucking hope so. I think American Steel and The Larry Arms should tour again. I'd tear that shit up.



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gom Tabel

Against Me! is releasing something on Fat later this year. This excites me a lot more than Rise Against doing the same thing. Against Me!'s release will actually be worth listening to. I still love everyone in Rise Against, I just really can't follow their music anymore. Sorry guys...

I've got another paper to write. I feel like I'm always writing here when I should be writing essays. That is certainly a statement about myself.

There's an X-Men Origins: Wolverine commercial on. I already saw that movie. It comes out next Friday. It's going to be amazing, just to let you know. I'm seeing it in theatres at some point. Not next Friday; I have to see Alkaline Trio. Kierston is coming with us.

I do and don't love the punk scene. The local band shows are amazing. Calling Against Me! and Alkaline Trio sell-outs is not amazing. There are more important things to worry about in the scene. I think I covered this. Complain about how terrible Avenged Sevenfold are, not about how Propagandhi's new album is overproduced. I hate talking about this. I saw someone with a 3Oh!3 shirt today. The same one that girl on Channel One complaining about not being able to go to college because Obama is raising rich people's taxes was wearing. How disappointing. There was also a From First to Last shirt. I kind of hate Epitaph records.

Someone from Underoath called out A7X on being a gimmick band. Kind of weird, because I'd easily say the same about Underoath, though they aint got shit of a gimmick on A7X. Here's his statement.


In the latest Metalhammer, Underoath shared some choice words for popular punk/glam metal act Avenged Sevenfold. Guitarist Tim McTague explained:

What’s popular, to a degree, is what pushed me to find something that isn’t popular for Underoath. Chiodos or Escape The Fate who do kind of the same thing – screaming and singing and whatever – do it their way, so we’re like, ‘let’s do it completely the opposite’ because we don’t want to be associated with them.

People might associate us with Avenged Sevenfold because they’re pissed Republicans and ‘so metal’, but they’re a gimmick, they’re a circus. They can’t play and they can’t write a song. What’s worse is the way they look.

If you need to have make-up and crappy names like Synyster Gates to sell records, then you shouldn’t be here. That’s not rock’n’roll to me. Arena rock maybe, but not real rock’n’roll. If you’re basing yourself on how cool you are or how many girls you can trick into thinking your band is cool you can just… take that home."

If only someone with more credibility would have said it. But as I said in "Me First and the Gimmick Gimmicks," every band seems to need a gimmick to get by anymore. You can't just accept a band for what they are. "Who do they sound like? What do they do?" They sound like themselves and they play music. That's as simple as it should be. But it's not. Thank you, Alkaline Trio, for getting rid of the makeup. Skiba went on to sing with H2O in a song that starts right after someone on the album badmouths bands wearing eyeliner. I guess that's kinda hypocritical, but whatever. Skiba is my hero and I see him in just over a week.

I really am having trouble writing a continuous stream of thoughts. I'm contemplating taking a bath, but leaning towards no. NO. I'm going to finish my paper and I'm going to sleep. I need to quit sleeping in Trig.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There are things that used to make me smile

We have a show this Saturday at Dante's in Frostburg at 2 pm with Soulmobile Eternal! You should fucking come and bring hot chicks so I have a better chance at ending these 19 sexless months I've been going through, ya know? Maybe that's selfish, but come on. This is getting to be ridiculous.

The computer I'm typing on is really, really small. I'd say the screen is 10 inches wide and 6 high or somethign ridiculous like that. The keyboard is just as large, of course. Therefore, there is not enough room to put the keys in their normal place. The result is that the apostrophe is located next to the space bar, so every time I go to put one in (not remembering this new location) I hit enter. On MSN, this is particularly annoying as I often send incomplete sentences and words to whoever I am talking to. This is my aunt's laptop that I am borrowing until I finish writing my essay on Gulliver's Travels tomorrow.

I see Matt, Dan, and Derrick next Friday!!!! I hope that I get to meet them and converse with them some. I greatly admire them. I will speak to them about Brendan Kelly perhaps, since they like grew up together or something. After next Friday, I will go home and get ready to play a show in Virginia the next day with Freaky J and the Bears (formerly Freak Scene). I am quite excited for that, as well. After that show, we have nothing scheduled for the first time in forever. We really need to finish the album...

Pain in the ass of the week award goes to myself for writing such a long blog the other day in which I rewrote by hand to turn in for a grade in Mr. Alkire's class. I said some form of "fuck" twice and talked about my need to get laid. Hopefully I won't be judged too harshly for being a teenager.

Alex mentioned that I mentioned wanting to start a fanzine. I do. I really fucking want to. However, I also want to release Punk Goes Punk through In Your Indo Records, but it's taking me a real fucking long time to get that in order, too. I just don't have all of the resources to do these things I want to do and I often come up short. I will release Punk Goes Punk one day. Once we get the new I Forget album out of the way, I will be able to worry about it again. Freaky J need to get on the ball and record their song for it, too. Maybe I can release something through The Expletive by permission of Alkaline Trio when I meet them next Friday!!! That would be badass, huh? I don't know which one I would do or how I would do it, though. There are so many Alkaline Trio songs that are just fantastic and it would be so difficult to pick one over any other. Maybe I would pick...Jaked on Green Beers. I don't know. I'll worry about that later.

Twilight and Twitter still need to fucking die.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just 5ive ?uestions.

I have no questions, I just thought that looked kinda cool. Who knows? Maybe I'll have asked five questions by the end of this post. I just asked one two sentences ago.

Here's what's happening: I'm using one of my posts for an assignment in Mr. Alkire's class. I'm not sure which, but I better decided and start writing it by hand soon because I'm gonna have to find some sleep since I've not been sleeping during the day (which is actually probably a healthy sleep habit). After that's done, I'm going to kill tax protestors for not researching an issue and just bitching about something to bitch about the new president. Fuck them. I saw a girl on Channel 1 today saying that she wasn't going to have money to go to college because of this tax that Obama is imposing to 5% of the fucking country. That 5% to the very rich population of the country. She was wearing a 3Oh!3 shirt, so she obviously didn't know shit as it was. You're a fucking moron. Protest for an issue, not against the way the country has worked since it began which is by getting money from tax payers. And after I do that, I'm gonna find whatever's keeping Twitter running and setting it ablaze and changing the password of the guy who runs it. So maybe the latter two things I want to do aren't going to happen, but they're a lot more important to me than rewriting a blog post for Mr. Alkire's class.

Guess what I do in two weeks! I see Alkaline Trio! Wooooo!!!! It's about time.

I went to the middle school today and we talked to the kids about getting involved in recycling at school and at home. A lot of them seemed very interested and exciting and ready to start. Hopefully it works out. I saw Mr. Weaver, Mr. Brennaman, and Mrs. Fiscus who all kind of shaped me as a person. Mrs. Fiscus was the teacher that always encouraged me to keep playing music and writing songs and singing. I'd sing to her class at least once a week with a guitar. That's neither here nor there.

Here's the best come back I've ever heard.

Man 1: You're a fucking cunt, bro.
Man 2: You're a fucking bro, cunt.

That's all I got for you today. I'm desperate for sex, by the way. Gimme an out. Tell all your hot friends.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

God Told Me to Write a Book

If there is a "God" and he has anything to do with what goes on in life, he might just be hinting at me to write a book, since I keep having fucked up dreams with fucked up plots.

I had a dream about some substance that would kill anyone who inhaled it after like 10 seconds and it was untraceable, so you wouldn't be able to tell what the person died from. So the market for it was big and a lot was sold because people wanted to kill people they didn't like with no trace or consequence. Well this substance (it looked like dirt and smashed oreo cookies in a plastic bag) was very illegal, obviously. It was also highly flammable. So the people that ended up having it and didn't want to use it were stuck with it. It wasn't easily disposable as it could kill anyone if the wind blew the right way and you couldn't just try to store it somewhere because it would catch fire under any amount of pressure or friction. So in this dream, it started with one man being around this substance he had found on the ground and he was observing it, as he found it had a strange odor. There were a few people around him and they saw him drop dead after a few seconds. When they, too, smelled the odor, they began to run and were warning everyone to get away from it. It was later discovered that it was not the only case of that substance appearing; a lot of people had some. It was a lot more dangerous than anyone had bargained for. It was in a dream so many logistsics weren't in place. Like, no one thought to put it in a sealed container instead of just the plastic bags everyone was carrying around. However, they didn't even like to reveal that they were trying to conceal anything, for it was severely punishable to have any in your possesion. Apparently some major label pop/r&b/hip-hop artist (I forget who it was, but it was a girl and really random) had started the manufacturing and selling of it because she knew it would sell well. It was really quite a scary dream as I remember running through rooms with my eyes and mouth closed and my nose held trying to get away from it. There were also many people trying to give it to other people because they didn't want to deal with it any longer and didn't want to try to resell it. That's about all I can remember except for most everyone was dead by the end of the dream by which time I was saying to the other people in the dream, "I've realized this is a dream and I'd wake up if I didn't know I'm going to be so tired." I woke up anyway.

I then fell back to sleep to dream about hell. I don't remember as much about this one. I remember that when you got to hell, you were beaten repeatedly and continuously by mideval-executioner-dressed guards and put through flames. When you were eventually "situated," you were put with your friends from when you were alive. You always fought and grew to hate each other. There were rats and other vermin that would bite you or scratch you at any given time and if you went to the wrong place (which could change at any time) you would be burned severely. That's about all I remember. I, for the record, don't believe in hell.

So umm...I could probably work with either of those ideas or with any other dream I've had recently and make it into a book. It'd obviously end up being a science fiction book or some shit. I don't even know much about science to do that, but I don't know much about writing either, so it'd all be a huge experiment (isn't that what science is, anyway?). I'll keep the computer by my bed tonight so that if I dream, I can open this up and write down everything I dreamt and remember before I lose it in the thoughts of the day. Awesome.

Oh, I'm going to "cruise chicks," as I keep saying, with Timmy later today (since it's 3 in the morning right now). I gotta get up at 8:30, get ready, and get to Tim's house around 9:30 because my mom's dropping me off on her way to work. If I'm lucky, I'll still be as tired as hell when I arrive in the morning so that I can go back to sleep for the sake of sleeping tonight...meaning the night after today. Very confusing. It should be a fun day with Tim, though. I hope we get laid tenfold, but that's probably as likely as it would be for Betty (my cat) to walk up to the top of the bed next to me and whisper "Jesus was a zombie" in my ear.

You know the founder of scientology wrote a book called "How to Make Up a Religion and Get Rich Off of It" or something like that? That just makes any follower of that religion poorly educated or makse me ill-informed and very wrong in saying that. I'm really, really tired and Tim went to bed like an hour ago. I should have done the same.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beautiful. Wonderful. American Holidays.

I was recently asked how I've been "enjoying" my "spring break." I replied saying that I've been spending it religiously by going to church a whole bunch of times which, I said, is cool and all...if you're religious....which I am not. Therefore, I determined, it's kind of a waste of my time and a pain in my ass. If, in fact, I ever return to Christianity (which I don't foresee happening), it will not be due to an epiphany reached by attending church. I could more easily enlighten myself by reading a book, researching some topic on the internet, or listening to music.

My mom is upstairs fighting with her husband and my brother saying that she'll just go to church tonight by herself because she doesn't feel like fighting with any of us. I haven't said a negative thing about it because for one, I respect my mom's belief that it is her duty to raise me to the best of her abilities and in any way she feels will help me grow up to be a better person and two, fighting about it gets you nowhere (as my brother demonstrates every Saturday evening and Sunday morning). This is a typical holiday in my family. I'm sure it's a typical holiday in many people's families.

Guitar on the album is almost finished. We actually went in and recorded today with very limited interruptions. It was the most productive two hours I think we've ever spent in the studio recording guitars. Brittney and I have decided that we want another guitarist preferably to play lead and solo with a background in punk since the more difficult stuff we have to play is speed-punk-based. Brittney kinda BS's the parts live but on the album, she has to play the real precision-based guitar parts...well, precisely. She never wanted to be a lead guitarist, she just wanted to sing, write, and play some rhythm guitar for a band. So if you're a punk-influenced and well-rounded guitarist who'd like to play lead for I Forget, let me know. "Punk-influenced" does not mean "I listen to Metallica and they like The Misfits."

Speaking of telling you about the album, I posted a bulletin today and I was kind of proud of the contents of it. I'm posting it here mostly so that I'll have it forever to look back upon.

Well, my friends, we lost the election....I mean we did it!

We reached 50,000 plays today! You know what that means: we're halfway to a tenth of a million plays! So we're a twentieth of a million plays through. So do what you did from the time we started our MySpace and put music up until now again TWENTY TIMES and we'll have a million. Simple. See, then I'll want a billion, though I don't think any band has done that yet. Maybe I'm wrong, though. Huh...anyway, thanks for letting me be your distanced authority figure that can never be satisfied. I used to have one of those....I think they called him "God."

Oh! And uhh...we've started recording our new album! Expect it to be called "Cunts, Blunts, and Deer Hunts" or something like that.See, that way, you won't be disappointed when you find out that that's really the album title!

Also expect 34 songs to appear on our new CD.We'll also have a centerfold-type record sleeve with all of us naked covered in horseshoe crabs with a caption saying "This doesn't even need a caption, but WE HABBA CRABS!"

Oh, and we're heading towards this kinda new-wave Guttermouth/Pink Floyd/As Blood Runs Black/Simon and Garfunkle kind of sound. Can you imagine that? You won't have to when the album comes out! Expect to hear more trombone than drum set, more tambourine than rhythm guitar, more dead space than music, and more sounds of rodents having sex than dead space. I'm estimating it to clock in around 85 minutes. If you play it backwards, we're gonna be sure it says "Bob Dole should have been elected president of the US and since he wasn't, he should have been adopted by the Russians to be sent into space with the monkeys to breed and start a new colony on Mars. Since none of the aforementinoed happened, I'm going to go to the house of everyone who voted against Bob Dole and steal both their dogs and newest pair of shoes. However, those who voted for Bob Dole will awaken to the sound of us gutting them because they were the ones with the power to influence and didn't do their part well enough. Fucking communists."

Kyle "

Sometimes when you feel like you've got something to say, you have to say it regardless of whether or not you know what you really have to say. Then again, lots of people in history have gotten killed for doing just that. Doing the opposite of what I just stated is often referred to as "keeping your mouth shut." I'm not very good at that. Which reminds me...

I don't want someone operating on me when they're considered a "practicing doctor." I want them to know damn well what they're doing when they cut me open and move shit around. Pfftt. Practice. Maybe I just don't know all of the meanings of that word. I Forget doesn't know any meaning of that word.

Steve Irwin, you know? Deja vu. Did I post something before saying "deja vu" and mention Steve Irwin? It'd be interesting if I did. When I sensed deja vu, I was reminded of Steve Irwin, so I said it, you know? I'm sure you don't. I won't even know what I meant by any of that when I look back on it in 3 days.

Caleb and Jimmy made this and it's fucking hilarious:

Maybe only my friends will get it, but then again, who the hell else reads this?


Friday, April 10, 2009

Jesus died today

if you believe in any of that shit. For me, it's just another manic Friday. I guess it's slightly different because I'm not writing this from school right now. And I also feel like I actually got sufficient sleep last night for once in my life.

Recaps in life:
(this blog continued at 9:37 from about 2 in the afternoon earlier today)
-Kaila apologized for never talking to me anymore, which was all I needed to hear. Perhaps we can go see Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day together.
-Katie came to Fort Ashby for the weekend. We were going to hang out today, but she went out with "the family" and I'm not sure where she's at now. No worries, it's jesus weekend.
-I am in fact going to see Alkaline Trio on May 1st. I have my tickets.
-Brendan Kelly, Tom Gabel, and Dan Andriano played a show today in Florida and I bet you it was amazing. They all played acoustic sets. I told BK to play "Nuts, Nuts, We Want Nuts." BSC readers would get it, but no one else will. Then again, BSC readers would know that that happened today...and that Brendan didn't post a blog today because he's in Florida....I so totally wish I could have gone BUT I see Dan on May 1st!!!
-Against Me! play Virginia Beach next Saturday. I kind of wish I would have known it was that soon, but I didn't keep track of the days. They're playing with Off With Their Heads.

I wore my Paint It Black shirt today, as I often do anymore, and wondered How many other people wear their Paint It Black shirts while brushing horses and loading hay onto trucks? Then I wondered How many people wear their plaid Wrangler button-up shirts while brushing horses and loading hay onto trucks? and I figured the numbers probably evened out to be pretty average in the end.

You know what isn't funny in any way? People saying "Watch me eat a burger!" in front of vegetarians. That's kind of on the same stupidity level of saying "Hey! Watch me burn a Bible!" in front of a church congregation. It's not funny. Why would that be taken as funny? Gay jokes aren't funny, either, unless written by gays, in which case only gays should get them. Making fun of gays in a room full of people that you don't know are gay or not is like making fun of people with dead parents in a room full of people that you don't know have dead parents or not. Regardless of if they're there or not, it's very ignorant, but if they are there, it makes you an even further incompetent moron.

I want to write a book. Amanda keeps encouraging me to do so. It's half her idea. I don't think my vocabulary is very good at all, though. The only thing I really have going for me is that I'm usually pretty good with sentence structure. I'm not clever with every sentence, I'm not deeply imaginative, I've got a typical vocabulary because I haven't read much other than what's been assigned to me in school in my life. I still want to write a book, though. It'll kind of like be a non-musician trying to write a song, though. Maybe that's exaggeration, since I can read and write and speak articulately. Okay, it'll be like a flute player trying to write a rock song. No offense to flute players, by the way.

This post has no thesis statement, huh? It was a list of recent events, a small sermon, and a desire to write a book. The beauty of being the author...

We might get to record tomorrow, but I'm looking at this as another weekend of not recording and another reason why Jason shouldn't be in charge of our recording schedule. Expect the album out this fall.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Me First and the Gimmick Gimmicks

This even ties in with what Brendan Kelly was saying over at BSC today about "Brilliant people create; geniuses steal," or something like that. Like Pepsi to Coke. Rip it off, make it a little different, steal their idea. Even if it's worse, hey, who gives a shit, right?

Okay, so he was also covering how everyone and everything needs a gimmick nowadays for anyone to give a shit. His example was "Hey! Have you heard of this band Gogol Bordello? A gypsie punk band! Who would have thought of it!" and people listen to it for what it is, not what it's consisted of. Good points. That's how that band in specific was presented to me. I even like some of what they do, but I don't really listen to them a lot. A gimmick isn't enough for me and it really shouldn't be. Now I guess I'm gonna preach. Yawn.

Yellowcard has a violin player! Isn't that awesome! Devo wear flower pots on their heads! Slipknot look like a bunch of fucking morons that escaped from Halloween! Short Attention play 15-second songs! Green Day wear eyeliner and make 12-year-old girls wet! You know you're a victim of it. Some of it I understand. Some I don't know WHY the fuck you listen to it. Nickelback have NO gimmick and no good music. Why the fuck do you listen to that? They have nothing going for them. None of them are attractive. They're just on the radio a lot and you can't avoid them. And how the fuck are there 3,000,000 scene bands with the same gimmick yet they all manage to get their dicks wet at the end of the day? I just don't understand. That's not even me preaching, I'm seriously curious as to how that works.

Okay, personal life time. All of the basic instrumentation on I Forget's new CD was supposed to have been finished today. Nothing more has been done since last weekend. I hate wasting time. This piece of shit album could have been finished in February if we would have just been able to stick with the schedule and recorded solidly every Sunday and Monday. Easily. What's difficult about that? Two days a week. Why can't a couple of people manage to clear those days so that they can do work? So what ends up happening is that I clear my days (and sometimes my entire weekend so that I can leave the house on those days) and then nothing happens and Sunday evening comes along and I say "Wow, I seriously didn't leave my house this weekend."

I've got an essay to write. I'm done here.