Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just 5ive ?uestions.

I have no questions, I just thought that looked kinda cool. Who knows? Maybe I'll have asked five questions by the end of this post. I just asked one two sentences ago.

Here's what's happening: I'm using one of my posts for an assignment in Mr. Alkire's class. I'm not sure which, but I better decided and start writing it by hand soon because I'm gonna have to find some sleep since I've not been sleeping during the day (which is actually probably a healthy sleep habit). After that's done, I'm going to kill tax protestors for not researching an issue and just bitching about something to bitch about the new president. Fuck them. I saw a girl on Channel 1 today saying that she wasn't going to have money to go to college because of this tax that Obama is imposing to 5% of the fucking country. That 5% to the very rich population of the country. She was wearing a 3Oh!3 shirt, so she obviously didn't know shit as it was. You're a fucking moron. Protest for an issue, not against the way the country has worked since it began which is by getting money from tax payers. And after I do that, I'm gonna find whatever's keeping Twitter running and setting it ablaze and changing the password of the guy who runs it. So maybe the latter two things I want to do aren't going to happen, but they're a lot more important to me than rewriting a blog post for Mr. Alkire's class.

Guess what I do in two weeks! I see Alkaline Trio! Wooooo!!!! It's about time.

I went to the middle school today and we talked to the kids about getting involved in recycling at school and at home. A lot of them seemed very interested and exciting and ready to start. Hopefully it works out. I saw Mr. Weaver, Mr. Brennaman, and Mrs. Fiscus who all kind of shaped me as a person. Mrs. Fiscus was the teacher that always encouraged me to keep playing music and writing songs and singing. I'd sing to her class at least once a week with a guitar. That's neither here nor there.

Here's the best come back I've ever heard.

Man 1: You're a fucking cunt, bro.
Man 2: You're a fucking bro, cunt.

That's all I got for you today. I'm desperate for sex, by the way. Gimme an out. Tell all your hot friends.


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Kayleigh said...

Wow thanx for the info in that last paragraph. O.o and I do beleive you only asked the 1 question.