Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The contradiction's gone...

Last night, I was on a "Hey! If Christians can leave pamphlets in car windows, why can't I tell them that Jesus isn't real?" kick. It makes sense. I don't know why I felt like being so hypocritical to the hypocritical, but I was. I still wish those without religion (or even those with a different religion) would be left alone to figure out their lives on their own. I guess Shane and I just thought it was hilarious at the time. What's not funny about "TOUGH MUSIC + JESUS = HIGH PRESSURE"? That's fucking hilarious.

I read that Matt Skiba and Derek Grant (whose name I spelled wrong a while back) belong to the Church of Satan. I decided to research it briefly via Wikipedia. The fact that there's a religion for those who believe in nothing is stupid. Religion is not for me...so why would I make my own? I guess it is kind of funny when everyone thinks I'm going to go burn in their imaginary hell and they want to throw holy water on me. I think I'm an atheist, which is why I just call myself agnostic.

I read Hamlet translated into modern English today! The ending was umm...kind of brutal and epic. I guess "tragic" is the right word, but that's cliche, being that the story is called "The Tragedy of Hamlet." Anyway, I got a lot more out of it reading it in modern English than in its original text. Fuck trying to translate it to myself. I'm not a reader, I'm sorry. I grew up differently. I'd rather listen to The Bouncing Souls or The Clash, as I've been doing this evening. I don't listen to either of them enough.

Alkaline Trio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone's jealous. You all know you're jealous.

Freaky J and the Bears on Saturday! They have progressed and fucking then some. I hope they don't show us off. I don't know if we're going to open or if they're going to. Anyway, if anyone that reads this lives in Virginia, then I Forget w/ Freaky J and the Bears @ Kronos Art Gallery in Staunton, VA at 7:30 pm. $5 cover charge. There's a flyer on our MySpace page.

I hate homophobic everything. Especially when people swear up and down they're not homophobic and then say very anti-gay things. Don't judge that in which you don't understand. You know who you are. I don't feel bad for saying things that make you feel awkward when you say homophobic things around me (who, let me remind you, has a gay brother, father, and aunt).

Okay, enough with that. I see D4 twice more this year, Toys That Kill once, and Off With Their Heads once. That's just what I have planned. That's super fucking exciting, though. I need my dirty pop punk fill.

Do I only talk about bands or what? It's really all I know, I think. Music and girls, I swear to god. I said this on like my first or second or third post. It's so true. I can't stand listening to myself talk sometimes. I don't know shit about WWE, about cars, cooking, riding horses, my knowledge on books and authors is so inferior to those that care about books and authors that I never even try, no one has seen the movies I've seen, and it's just like...what am I supposed to talk about? He said/she said? I hate that. I'm not even good at telling stories or accounting for what people said, so that's just stupid for me to attempt. So here's this interesting girl I want to talk to, completely hypothetically, of course, and I say "So you know, you should listen to Frenzal Rhomb. Yeah, they're good. Uh huh...you know NOTHING about them or any bands from Australia...yep. You know AC/DC, Jet, Wolfmother, and The Living End are from Australia, right? No? Huh...this is awkward." I don't hardly know anything about Australian bands, to my standards. But like...seriously, what do people normally talk about? I've grown up with musicians and people who love music and when I get out of that realm, it's like...what? It's not like I "get out there" and get to meet all sorts of people. I haven't worked a job yet. You know where I go when I leave the house? To play a show, to watch a show, to buy a CD, or to go record. OR go to Jim or Tim's house to play video games or cruise chicks (the latter of which I know very little about). But there we go, I know my shit about video games. Where does that get me, though? It makes for good discussion in Foundations, but that's about it.

No wonder chicks don't dig me. All I talk about is music and I don't like the music that anyone else likes. The BoysLikeGirls shirts all over school piss me off. Did I not talk about that? Well BoysLikeGirls played in Frostburg on Sunday and like fucking EVERYONE went to see them and then all of the girls wore the exact fucking same shirt to school yesterday. One girl was talking about how she was pissed that someone tried to start a "moshpit." I said "hahaha, you've never been in a moshpit." "Yes I have," she tried to explain. "No, you haven't," I insisted. She doesn't know what a moshpit is. No idea. I only know NOFX and The Bouncing Souls. I'm sure that doesn't have shit on say...The Career Solidiers or Lamb of God or whoever the fuck people make "the wall of death" to. I guess they do that to dumbshit "metalcore."

Why does iTunes have a default playlist of "90's music"? All of my music is 90's music. At least 70% of my songs are from the 90's. I think...who knows? A lot of it. It's an unnecessary list that really narrows down nothing, is what I'm trying to say.

I have to write a paper on whether or not I think Hamlet is intelligent tomorrow. Tits.

What's the opposite of progressive metal? Regressive metal?



Kayleigh said...

hamlet sucks balls sorry you had to read that shit. Come get a job at walmart

Alex said...

Hey, Coaster is out today, isn't it?!