Sunday, April 12, 2009

God Told Me to Write a Book

If there is a "God" and he has anything to do with what goes on in life, he might just be hinting at me to write a book, since I keep having fucked up dreams with fucked up plots.

I had a dream about some substance that would kill anyone who inhaled it after like 10 seconds and it was untraceable, so you wouldn't be able to tell what the person died from. So the market for it was big and a lot was sold because people wanted to kill people they didn't like with no trace or consequence. Well this substance (it looked like dirt and smashed oreo cookies in a plastic bag) was very illegal, obviously. It was also highly flammable. So the people that ended up having it and didn't want to use it were stuck with it. It wasn't easily disposable as it could kill anyone if the wind blew the right way and you couldn't just try to store it somewhere because it would catch fire under any amount of pressure or friction. So in this dream, it started with one man being around this substance he had found on the ground and he was observing it, as he found it had a strange odor. There were a few people around him and they saw him drop dead after a few seconds. When they, too, smelled the odor, they began to run and were warning everyone to get away from it. It was later discovered that it was not the only case of that substance appearing; a lot of people had some. It was a lot more dangerous than anyone had bargained for. It was in a dream so many logistsics weren't in place. Like, no one thought to put it in a sealed container instead of just the plastic bags everyone was carrying around. However, they didn't even like to reveal that they were trying to conceal anything, for it was severely punishable to have any in your possesion. Apparently some major label pop/r&b/hip-hop artist (I forget who it was, but it was a girl and really random) had started the manufacturing and selling of it because she knew it would sell well. It was really quite a scary dream as I remember running through rooms with my eyes and mouth closed and my nose held trying to get away from it. There were also many people trying to give it to other people because they didn't want to deal with it any longer and didn't want to try to resell it. That's about all I can remember except for most everyone was dead by the end of the dream by which time I was saying to the other people in the dream, "I've realized this is a dream and I'd wake up if I didn't know I'm going to be so tired." I woke up anyway.

I then fell back to sleep to dream about hell. I don't remember as much about this one. I remember that when you got to hell, you were beaten repeatedly and continuously by mideval-executioner-dressed guards and put through flames. When you were eventually "situated," you were put with your friends from when you were alive. You always fought and grew to hate each other. There were rats and other vermin that would bite you or scratch you at any given time and if you went to the wrong place (which could change at any time) you would be burned severely. That's about all I remember. I, for the record, don't believe in hell.

So umm...I could probably work with either of those ideas or with any other dream I've had recently and make it into a book. It'd obviously end up being a science fiction book or some shit. I don't even know much about science to do that, but I don't know much about writing either, so it'd all be a huge experiment (isn't that what science is, anyway?). I'll keep the computer by my bed tonight so that if I dream, I can open this up and write down everything I dreamt and remember before I lose it in the thoughts of the day. Awesome.

Oh, I'm going to "cruise chicks," as I keep saying, with Timmy later today (since it's 3 in the morning right now). I gotta get up at 8:30, get ready, and get to Tim's house around 9:30 because my mom's dropping me off on her way to work. If I'm lucky, I'll still be as tired as hell when I arrive in the morning so that I can go back to sleep for the sake of sleeping tonight...meaning the night after today. Very confusing. It should be a fun day with Tim, though. I hope we get laid tenfold, but that's probably as likely as it would be for Betty (my cat) to walk up to the top of the bed next to me and whisper "Jesus was a zombie" in my ear.

You know the founder of scientology wrote a book called "How to Make Up a Religion and Get Rich Off of It" or something like that? That just makes any follower of that religion poorly educated or makse me ill-informed and very wrong in saying that. I'm really, really tired and Tim went to bed like an hour ago. I should have done the same.


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I so saw you when you were out cruising chicks