Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's depression, not recession

Obama's on TV right now. America is a big ol' alcoholic in denial. This is a depression. Let's accept it and get over it together. Also, swine flu is a joke. When everyone dies from it, I will be sorry, probably. I wish they'd shut up about the flu, though. Some woman was just suggesting quarantining Mexico or something.

Check this out: 63,729 per year, 5,310 per month, 1,225 per week, 174 per day, 7 per hour die from the flu in the US, according to this site.

One person has died from swine flu in the US. I think we're going to be okay.

Hey, be glad you aren't a pig in Egypt, because they're slaughtering every last one! I bet PETA is pissed.

Essay-writing night again. This time on the intelligence of the character Hamlet. I think I foreshadowed this yesterday or maybe I'm just paraphrasing from yesterday's post. This one I'm very unsure about...partially because I can't read Shakespeare and partly because I've read the book partially from the actual text, partially from a movie, and partially from a modern English-translated text. I'm an underachiever and I'm afraid I'm going to live my entire life that way...

Oh, and yes, Alex, Coaster INDEED came out yesterday. I wanted to go get it, but fell asleep and forgot about it. I'll go get it sometime soon. I think I'm gonna spend my money at Alkaline Trio on Friday and see what I have left to spend after that. Oh, and Fat Mike said today that he's going to lower the prices of every CD on Fat to under $10 and for most to be under $8. Like in every record store. Now, remember, the Fat Wreck comps say "Don't sell this for more than $4" on the back or whatever and they're sometimes sold for $8, so we'll see how FYE takes that. You know why the CD is called Coaster and the LP is Frisbee? Because Fat Mike feels making and selling CDs is as good as selling coasters and LPs are best used as frisbees anymore. I guess that goes into why he's lowering the price. They say they'll make less profit, but it will make it easier for us to buy from our independent artists, which is why he started the label to begin with. Though he thinks Propagandhi are death metal and that's a lot why they didn't release their most recent CD on Fat (they didn't want to release it when the label owner wasn't really behind it), he's a pretty good guy for the most part.
Umm...Love Equals Death broke up. Chon Travis apparently left the band last year and their bassist from '06 was charged for rape, so they've kind of not been able to recover from those things. 88 Fingers Louie are another band reuniting this year. Let's review this list: blink-182, Sublime, 88 Fingers Louie, Screeching Weasel, The Beatles, and Blake Schwarzenbach has a new band (whose album comes out on June 30th). I think that's a fair trade-off for Love Equals Death. Uhh...The Vankills are on hiatus. D4, Propagandhi, Alkaline Trio, I Forget, Toys That Kill are all still kickin' it. Speaking of Alkaline Trio, someone was posting that Dan Andriano had died on Alk3's Wikipedia page. I deleted it once and that British cunt reposted that he died on "22 April 2008," (which, let me remind you, is over a year ago), so I overwrote what he said and told him to fuck off and explained how he is NOT dead. Since then, the whole section has been deleted, which was my intention. Dan cannot die.

Did I tell you on here that Freaky J are very impressive? I know I did.

'Kay, I'm gonna watch Obama, Ghosthunters, get a bath, and write a paper. That's all I got for today.


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