Friday, April 10, 2009

Jesus died today

if you believe in any of that shit. For me, it's just another manic Friday. I guess it's slightly different because I'm not writing this from school right now. And I also feel like I actually got sufficient sleep last night for once in my life.

Recaps in life:
(this blog continued at 9:37 from about 2 in the afternoon earlier today)
-Kaila apologized for never talking to me anymore, which was all I needed to hear. Perhaps we can go see Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day together.
-Katie came to Fort Ashby for the weekend. We were going to hang out today, but she went out with "the family" and I'm not sure where she's at now. No worries, it's jesus weekend.
-I am in fact going to see Alkaline Trio on May 1st. I have my tickets.
-Brendan Kelly, Tom Gabel, and Dan Andriano played a show today in Florida and I bet you it was amazing. They all played acoustic sets. I told BK to play "Nuts, Nuts, We Want Nuts." BSC readers would get it, but no one else will. Then again, BSC readers would know that that happened today...and that Brendan didn't post a blog today because he's in Florida....I so totally wish I could have gone BUT I see Dan on May 1st!!!
-Against Me! play Virginia Beach next Saturday. I kind of wish I would have known it was that soon, but I didn't keep track of the days. They're playing with Off With Their Heads.

I wore my Paint It Black shirt today, as I often do anymore, and wondered How many other people wear their Paint It Black shirts while brushing horses and loading hay onto trucks? Then I wondered How many people wear their plaid Wrangler button-up shirts while brushing horses and loading hay onto trucks? and I figured the numbers probably evened out to be pretty average in the end.

You know what isn't funny in any way? People saying "Watch me eat a burger!" in front of vegetarians. That's kind of on the same stupidity level of saying "Hey! Watch me burn a Bible!" in front of a church congregation. It's not funny. Why would that be taken as funny? Gay jokes aren't funny, either, unless written by gays, in which case only gays should get them. Making fun of gays in a room full of people that you don't know are gay or not is like making fun of people with dead parents in a room full of people that you don't know have dead parents or not. Regardless of if they're there or not, it's very ignorant, but if they are there, it makes you an even further incompetent moron.

I want to write a book. Amanda keeps encouraging me to do so. It's half her idea. I don't think my vocabulary is very good at all, though. The only thing I really have going for me is that I'm usually pretty good with sentence structure. I'm not clever with every sentence, I'm not deeply imaginative, I've got a typical vocabulary because I haven't read much other than what's been assigned to me in school in my life. I still want to write a book, though. It'll kind of like be a non-musician trying to write a song, though. Maybe that's exaggeration, since I can read and write and speak articulately. Okay, it'll be like a flute player trying to write a rock song. No offense to flute players, by the way.

This post has no thesis statement, huh? It was a list of recent events, a small sermon, and a desire to write a book. The beauty of being the author...

We might get to record tomorrow, but I'm looking at this as another weekend of not recording and another reason why Jason shouldn't be in charge of our recording schedule. Expect the album out this fall.


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Alex said...

Oh, wow, fall. Haha, write your book!