Monday, April 6, 2009

Me First and the Gimmick Gimmicks

This even ties in with what Brendan Kelly was saying over at BSC today about "Brilliant people create; geniuses steal," or something like that. Like Pepsi to Coke. Rip it off, make it a little different, steal their idea. Even if it's worse, hey, who gives a shit, right?

Okay, so he was also covering how everyone and everything needs a gimmick nowadays for anyone to give a shit. His example was "Hey! Have you heard of this band Gogol Bordello? A gypsie punk band! Who would have thought of it!" and people listen to it for what it is, not what it's consisted of. Good points. That's how that band in specific was presented to me. I even like some of what they do, but I don't really listen to them a lot. A gimmick isn't enough for me and it really shouldn't be. Now I guess I'm gonna preach. Yawn.

Yellowcard has a violin player! Isn't that awesome! Devo wear flower pots on their heads! Slipknot look like a bunch of fucking morons that escaped from Halloween! Short Attention play 15-second songs! Green Day wear eyeliner and make 12-year-old girls wet! You know you're a victim of it. Some of it I understand. Some I don't know WHY the fuck you listen to it. Nickelback have NO gimmick and no good music. Why the fuck do you listen to that? They have nothing going for them. None of them are attractive. They're just on the radio a lot and you can't avoid them. And how the fuck are there 3,000,000 scene bands with the same gimmick yet they all manage to get their dicks wet at the end of the day? I just don't understand. That's not even me preaching, I'm seriously curious as to how that works.

Okay, personal life time. All of the basic instrumentation on I Forget's new CD was supposed to have been finished today. Nothing more has been done since last weekend. I hate wasting time. This piece of shit album could have been finished in February if we would have just been able to stick with the schedule and recorded solidly every Sunday and Monday. Easily. What's difficult about that? Two days a week. Why can't a couple of people manage to clear those days so that they can do work? So what ends up happening is that I clear my days (and sometimes my entire weekend so that I can leave the house on those days) and then nothing happens and Sunday evening comes along and I say "Wow, I seriously didn't leave my house this weekend."

I've got an essay to write. I'm done here.


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