Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Everyone posted shit! Why? There were like 4 or 5 blog posts from like everyone I've subscribed to in the past day. Even Tom Gabel posted something! Tom NEVER posts anything! Oh well, not important. Point being, I felt left out. However, I feel that my time was spent on better things yesterday than blogging. In fact, Brittney and I wrote us a little number. (Number = song.)

Okay, so Brittney and I went to the studio after I got home from school. We then recorded some music. We then talked about the music we recorded. We then talked about how Jason's taking me to Legz when I turn 18. We then talked about Jason's last trip to Legz and the nasty stripper and the fight and the lapdance switch-off thing. I'm almost sorry I missed it. That's why I'm going when I turn 18. Then I'm getting a million tattoos, a subscription to 10 porn magazines, 3,000 cartons of cigarettes, and a monkey. Then Brittney and I went to Cici's where I saw my sorta-friend Katie who went to VoTech first semester and goes to Keyser, so I don't see her. I guess that was cool.


After my last post, I went to a show at The Warren in Frostburg where we'd played a month or so before. I wanted to see the bands I'd never heard of and also see if there were any interesting-looking girls there. There weren't any girls that appealed to me, but there WAS a guy with a third nipple. I told him that it looked like it missed the party. He told me he wished he had a fourth so he'd be like a cat. I told him I wish I had an entire 6. Whatever.

I missed one of the bands I went to see. I only wanted to see them because they were called "Beer & Pretzels;" I'd never heard any of their music (or any of the music of any of the other bands there) before. I heard they were super amazing.

You know who was amazing? Press Black. You know what was amazing about them? Their music, their bass, their drummer, their DIY ethics, the stickers on their guitar, the fanzines the handed out, and their split CD that I bought. It was a perfect follow-up to watching that interview of Dan Yemin of Paint It Black talk about the hardcore/punk scene. Check out Press Black.

The little number that Brittney and I wrote is a cross between The Hives, Alkaline Trio, Sublime, and The Misfits. It's called "Bless My Soul" and it's our first conscious attempt at writing a somewhat serious song. That's tough for us. We usually write to the lyrical style of The Vandals or Nerf Herder, if you haven't noticed. O_o

Did I tell you that Apple is sending me a new iPod? If I didn't, they are. I'll be able to listen to music mobile-ly for the first time in 2 or 3 months.

Tomorrow: April Fool's Day. If I was going to be in school, I'd go in a wheel chair. I, however, am going on a band trip. Ajudication. We're going to score horribly, I reckon. You know what else tomorrow is? The one-year anniversary of the release of I Forget's first album, "We Ride!" This means that we've like officially taken longer to record this current one than the first. Maybe. I really haven't been keeping track of when we went in on the first album and when we started recording this one. Keep in mind, to all of you impatiently awaiting our new album (there might be half a dozen of you...), that we completely scrapped everything we'd recorded from October through like mid-January and started over again. So we kinda have only been recording album material for 2 or 3 months. I can't do the math. It's actually probably 2 and a half months. No one cares.

Anyway, has anyone been embracing DIY ethics since my last post? You should have been, since it's the single most best way to go about doing anything. I'm very biased and opinionated today, but if you dig into DIY, you realize that everything is much truer and more enjoyable. The music is more original, nothing is commercialized, the articles (in zines and such) are much more interesting and a lot less sugar-coated. If you want true accounts of what's going on in anyone's head, DIY is where you should go. Shameless self-promotion. Listen to I Forget! Read my blog! Add me on MySpace and have sex with me!


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