Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guess what I've been reading

I may have touched on my computer being a douche bag recently. "Recently" is relative, since I feel that I haven't posted ANYTHING recently. But in one of my last posts, I may have mentioned the computer at my dad going apeshit...or more accurately: doing nothing. "Nothing" is also relative, as it now literally does nothing. So it goes.

I'd tried figuring out what was wrong with it. I, at first, thought it was the general internet connection in the house, since every computer's internet was being shitty. I then left for the weekend and reportedly, everyone eles's computer was doing fine while I was gone. When I returned and turned my computer back on, their internet connections once again slowed to a point of intolerable...slowness? Lack of a good adjective.

So it was made certain: my computer had a problem. "Try defragging it," my aunt suggested. She came over and I opened the defragging system tool. It said "Free Space: 1%." Shit. So I got to deleting some shit. I got it up to 8% free space. Then I ran the defrag that night. When I returned the next day, it said "Free Space: 0%." Apparently the free space is eaten if you leave the internet on all day and night. Go figure. So I ran some virus scans, some cleaning things, and a couple of disc cleaners. I got up to 25% free space, I think. Still slow. So I did as the farmers in the Great Depression did: the only thing I knew how to do (in their case, planted more crops when they weren't selling any to begin with). I continued deleting things. Everything. I put all of my music and files on an external hard drive and deleted, deleted, deleted. 66% free space. That's a shit ton of deleting.

For about 3 minutes, my internet was faster than it'd been in probably 3 years. It soon came to an arupt halt. It was slower than ever. Pages wouldn't load. Connections kept being lost. MSN kept getting closed. Something had to be done. That something had to be a complete system restore. I was getting violent. I was kicking and punching my CPU for being an asshole. A reader of my blog, Chris Kenney, told me that it sounded like malware was eating my processes. That sounded just wonderful.

I searched my house for those fucking restore discs everywhere. No where. Gone. So I went to Belle's house and borrowed her's. They're the wrong year, though, so my computer didn't even know the discs were readable. The next day, it wouldn't turn on. So it goes.

(You know, I was never a big fan of when he'd say "So it goes" more than once for one thing's death. I think each and every person and object's death deserves one and only one "So it goes." Maybe that's just me. But in the spirit of Kurt's ways, I said it twice.)

So what am I going to do about the computer? Nothing. It's history. I'm looking into laptops now. That'd be pleasant, huh? That is, of course, what I'm using now.

Enough about computers! I've played two concerts since my last post! One to 300 or 400 kids in FYE with I Forget another one last night to 100 to 200 people at Church McGee Center (or something similar to that) at Potomac State with the Frankfort jazz band. Let me tell you about the former.

So Twilight! Fucking phenomenon, huh? WRONG. More like a nation-wide realization of vampire fetishes to little girls. Not only little girls. Moms. Grandmothers. Teenagers. Zombie boyfriends. Guys who think it's still cool to slick their hair back into a cowlick. That's about it, though. The normal, sane population doesn't get why glittery vampires are cool. How don't you see how fucking awesome it is? Everyone knows that vampires don't die in the sun. They just get reconfigured! (For all you Digimon fans.)

Seriously, Twilight = some dumb shit. However, I Forget music = music that people that read said "dumb shit" enjoy. Weird, huh? Who'd have thought our target audience was preteen to 15-year-old girls? I guess anyone could have thought that, since we're a self-acclaimed "pop-punk" band. I was just glad I was helping them not listen to Nickelback, All Time Low, or The Maine. Gabel was right, you CAN be the media.

We were supposed to play in FYE for about 2 hours with a break in the middle. That in mind, we wrote a set list of about 23 songs. We skipped one because it sucks and didn't get to play the last 8. Kind of lame, but we'd already sold every CD we had to sell by that time anyway. Man, those girls ate it up. I signed so many CDs, shoes, and shirts. Okay, one shirt and 3 shoes, but at least 10 CDs, I'd say. It felt like a lot. And all this time, I was wearing a shirt signed by an almost unheard of band called The AKA's. So here's a drummer for an unheard of band wearing the shirt signed by a nearly unheard of band signing shirts, CDs, and shoes. It was weird and rather ironic, but it was nice. When I got done with one girl's shirt, it said "I [heart] (Kyle More Than) Nerds."

There were a bunch of girls years younger than me stalking and/or taking pictures of me all night. That was kind of cool. One girl gave me a number to call when I got home. I did that. I talked until 4 a.m. I wasn't so lonely.

At the show, we spoke to the interested people of age who had the power to book or give connections to being booked. I Forget might be getting its feet on the ground. It'd be nice. We played our new album almost in its entirety at the show. I'd say there were 4 or 5 songs from it we didn't get to play. That's going to be nice to get out there, too. We might start making money. Maybe I can quit my job as a loser, then.

I'll tell you about the Potomac State concert when I feel like it. Basically, the jazz band played and I had no music to read from, so I had to act like I knew how the songs went and did an alright job at it. That's about all there is to tell. Oh, and I wish more people would stay and listen to music just because it's music.


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