Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear world,

I want to slit your brother's throat. Okay, but seriously. I've posted one or two blogs in the past 7 days. That's not very many, I realize. So here I am telling you about my past week. Well, I played shows the past two nights of my life. First night was in Frostburg where we played with The Undercover Saints and Anarcoustic.

How did that go? Well, we opened (as we always do) for everyone. Jim and Tim came. Sierra came (with a really cool Black Flag shirt on). And people I didn't know came! That's the best part. Expanding our fanbase, we are. The room was probably like 10x10 with a 7 foot ceiling, I'd say (in which the drummer for The Undercover Saints had to duck his head to stand in). It was a super punk venue. There were like 20 people in a very tiny room. If you're lame, you'll think that sounds like a shitty place to play. It was awesome. I had no elbow room and the room was lit with tube Christmas lights. If you live locally, you should come out next time if you didn't this time...or even if you did come, you should come the next time, too. The ScReW-b@lZ didnt' show which was uhh...really, really lame of them. That's not punk. Punk is that The Undercover Saints are touring without a bassist because their bassist is a "stupid cunt."

Night number two, we played at the Tuscarora Ruritan in Martinsburg. This was a building that used to be a concession stand that is behind the church on a back road in Martinsburg. Out of the way? Yes, but bigger than The Warren House in Frostburg? Yes. More people came to this one, but we made less money. Why'd we make less money? Because Matt is a horrible promoter and blames his horrible picks of venues and doormen on our "shitty bands." He said he made $60 yesterday and it cost $125 to rent out the place. Okay, let's do the math. At $5 for each person's admission, $60 would mean that 12 non-band people came to the show and paid. Something seems wrong since there were at least 30 people there throughout the night. I hate drama, I hate bad promoters, I hate poseurs that start drama. However, Matt is the only promoter around here period. So what are we bands to do? We either put up with Matt or we don't play shows. All the bullshit aside, I had fun playing both shows. The lineup for the second night was I Forget, Disclosure, The Undercover Saints, The Vankills, and The Nunchuck Bastards. The latter was a ska-core band that was very, very talented and very, very strange. They were the most un-punk looking band I've ever seen at a punk show, but they definitely had some punk influence...hardcore punk. Like Black Flag shit. Awesome band. A little girl sang one of their songs, which was adorable and weird. An example of how weird they are...they played the Golden Girls theme song...which was kind of screamed and accompanied with a trumpet and trombone. A bald redneck with a doorag on drinking an Arizona Tea that pulled in an a huge pickup truck sang some song with The Undercover Saints that I'd never heard before and he was as loud as truck and didn't really need a mic. He sounded like Lou from Sick of It All. I didn't quite know what to make of that...

There was a man with a Cheverolet logo tattooed on his neck at the show yesterday.

And after both shows, we went out to eat with the other bands and after both shows, I was fucking exhausted. I can only imagine what the Propagandhi and D4 shows in Baltimore are going to be like on the body. Oh! And Justin from The Vankills and Drew are going to the D4 show, so I'm going to hang out with them when I get there. And I'm trying to get my friend from New Jersey to go to the shows with me since I have extra tickets and no one to take. I'm excited. I've had a good weekend. I'm going to record in a few minutes, so I'm going to leave you at that.


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