Friday, March 6, 2009

(as you might have guessed it) Apple Goes Asian at 8 p.m.

So my iPod doesn't work right, right? That's established. So I send Apple a message thing on their site asking them to call me immediately (which seriously is IMMEDIATELY[like when I got upstairs to wait for the phone, Rod was already talking to them]) so that I could talk to them about it and this sweet-sounding American girl named Laura (I think) is talking to me. I must have caught her near the end of her shift or something, though. She was very nice and very helpful and I gave her my address to send me a box (free of charge) to put my iPod in and send to them so they can fix it and send it back (also free of charge). I almost wish I could have spoken with her longer and about more personal things than just my iPod because she was very nice and I love when people are just fucking nice. Anyway...I get like a confirmation email a little bit ago with my mailing address on it. Well it's wrong. It's HC 86, not HC 6. So you really can't just message Apple because that's too easy. You have to call them. So here I am like an hour and a half later and I have to call them this time.

Asia! Indian/Chinese/some other Asian country woman speaking to me. She's also very nice, but I can't understand her very well. Twat juice! So she puts me on hold and then comes back and tells me that I have to call tomorrow between 8 and 8 because they basically can't do shit for me any other time. So that's great. I was so happy that Apple was so nice an hour and a half ago and now they're shutting me out in the cold. Anyway, so I guess I'm calling them again tomorrow to put one more fucking number in my address that was left out. SHE EVEN REPEATED MY ADDRESS BACK TO ME CORRECTLY! Goddamn. This is overly complicated when it really shouldn't be. I hate my iPod.

(end MySpace bulletin post)

So Watchmen came out today. I kind of wanted to see it since everyone's making a big fuss out of it, but more importantly because all of my friends were going to see it today. I decided not to go because a.) none of my friends directly asked me to go, b.) I didn't have an easy ride getting there, c.) I wasn't sure if I'd get a ticket even if I did get there.

It's kind of lame how it seems that everyone thinks it'd be a bother to ask me to do something with them. Like I feel like I'm a plan B or a plan C. No one's ever like "I want to hang out with Kyle today!" It's kind of lame, as I said. But I'm kind of self-centered and I can be an ass, I geuss, and...maybe I'm not that fun to hang out with, so I can see some logical reasoning behind it. I realized that I don't really leave my house unless I'm going to my mom's or if I'm doing something I Forget-related. Sometimes I'll go to someone's house if they're inviting a bunch of people, but it's rare that anyone invites me and only me over to their house or to go out somewhere. At the same often do I invite people over here? Also at the same time...what is there to do here? I don't's kind of lame.

Propagandhi's new album is incredible. I think I covered that in my last blog post, but maybe I didn't. If I didn't, then I'm telling you now that it's fucking awesome and I can't wait to see them next week and buy it directly from their merch guy. I'm 90% sure I already said this, though.

Some guy tried to give it a bad review. 5/10 he gave it. I called him a twat. I could find no words to appropriately express how much of a moron he was for posting such an ignorant review on the album. So lots of other people started posting comments about how he's an idiot. There were no supporting comments--no one agrees with an idiot who'd rather Propagandhi play Boys Like Girls covers and sing songs that convey no message and sensor their views and feelings. One guy's comment was so great I'm going to repost it here.


its nice that you tackled this review without having any agenda whatsoever.

and also its such a pity that propagandhi slap people round with face with a wake up call so pure and accurate with some modicum of musical talent and vocal delivery that goes beyond the boundaries of the inoffensive, the mundane, the norm.

how dare they actually write heartfelt songs about heartfelt issues?


Thank you, OH DEAR, for making me feel more sane. God, not only does mainstream music suck nowadays, but the critics don't even know good music when it hits them anymore! What the fuck?! Some other reviews gave it the score it deserved (5/5 stars, 4/5, 5/5, 8/10). Seriously, the music reviewer was getting bent out of shape because he loves eating his meat and doesn't like when people oppose of it, so he blew it out of proportion and said that Propagandhi are saying that eating KFC makes you a cannibal. Yeah, that's definitely what they mean by "Human(e) Meat." Uhh...let's try the thought of...maybe they're asking us to be in the place of the animals? Imagine walking into someone's house and they have people's heads mounted on their walls and humans stuffed and a big, dead, roasted, naked guy with an apple in the middle of the dinner table. The song starts off with the sound of a hacksaw and a guy screaming. It's asking you to imagine if people were put through slaughterhouses in the same way. In my view, at least. I really don't see how you could draw a parallel between cannibalism and KFC, no matter how much you oppose either one.

Anyway, at the end of the album, there is a bonus track that is a cover of "Come to the Sabbat," originally by Black Widow. Everyone says it's fucking amazing, but they don't have it on their MySpace for the album stream, so I'm dying to buy the album. If you know the song "Come to the Sabbat," you'll know it's some fucking trippy hippy song with a dumb flute and shit that chants "Come, come, come to the sabbat. Come to the sabbat; Satan's there." Propagandhi's covers are always very stretched from the originals, though, so it should be fucking epic.

In other news, I have no idea what to do with my weekend. I'm thinking about doing nothing. I have to write a paper and finish reading The Doll House. I really hope I find the motivation to do both of those things. If I don't, then I guess I deserve a shitty grade.

This blog is getting quite lengthy for the kind of shit I've been posting recently. Maybe that means I should stop for now. If I'm gonna start writing long blogs again, I gotta slowly lead you readers into it. Bye, I guess.


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