Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yo ass STANK (did I already say this?)

New Propagandhi album on MySpace. Now. Go to it. awesome. One of the best Propagandhi albums I've ever heard, which is comparing it to every Propagandhi album there is. I am seeing them a fucking WEEK FROM TODAY! AHHH!!!

I just don't blog anymore, do I?! See, it's this state of being...happy, but not complacent where I just don't blog. When I'm complacent, I talk about bullshit nothingness and when I'm unhappy, I talk about how shitty I think my life is. But when I'm happy and exploring life, I don't blog. It's weird. I just don't journalize anything until like...I know what I think about it, and while I'm exploring life, I don't draw any permanent conclusions. So like I could say that I really like something one day and take it back the next when things are like this. However, I really like this Propagandhi album, Supporing Caste. I'm buying it directly from them, I think, that way they get more money from it and I don't have to pay any corporations in between and it'll probably cost less, too. They don't make albums I don't love, I'm sorry. I'm extremely biased.

I'm done recording drums! FINALLY! I shouldn't announce that, but I'm so relieved that I have to. I've realized that more people read this than I was aware of...and more people listen to I Forget regularly than I was aware of. I feel like I'm being watched. Maybe I'm a celebrity in the UK and don't know about it. You ever wonder that? If a bunch of Ethiopian kids watch you on the single TV in their town every day? The odds probably aren't good, but who can say?

I can say this: I hate work. School work. I am such a lazy student and I'm the worst procrastinator and underachiever in my house. Class work is fine, I can do all of it that anyone wants me to do, but when it gets to be taken home, it's a pain in my ass. I DID finish both Frankenstein and Oedipus in the past few days, though, which I'm proud of myself for doing. However, I probably completely neglected to do probably 5 other things for each of those. The Master Hand knocked me off of the edge on my last life when he had 1 HP left on Super Smash Bros (the N64 version) and I got pissed and said "fuck this," and did not continue. I do hate that bullshit. Nothing is more discouraging than getting really far and losing unepically.

It's cold down here. I want some food. I wish I could play that goddamn piano better than I can. I want my drums. I want our album art and album to be finished. I want to go to Baltimore and I want Kaila to be able to come, too. I want a week off of school. I want to be motivated enough to write my essay paper in Mr. Alkire's class. Whine! Whine! Whine!

Okay, I'm gonna get some food and bathe. Good night. I'll let you know if something interesting happens in life. And I want to start something. If you would like advice on ANYTHING and don't mind me publically answering (you can submit anonymously), please do so! Contact me however you want. be it here, MySpace, telephone, email, whatev. BK does it and I want to try it. It can be ridiculous questions, too, I just want something to write about.


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