Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is why the scene is killing kids

"The scene" used to refer to the hardcore/punk scene. It now refers to the metalcore/screamo/powerpop scene. They call it the hardcore/emo/pop punk scene, but they're poorly educated on what any of those things mean. This is why it's destroying kids.

Originally, the scene came about when bands started playing songs for the kids that felt out of place and needed a place so they felt they could belong to without being judged for what they looked like, wore, or thought. It was about respect. The hardcore/punk scene. And not only was it music played TO kids that felt lost, but played BY kids that felt lost. They didn't need huge rockstar pricks to tell them what to do. They needed someone on stage they could relate to who could tell them that they're alright for thinking the way they did and being the way they were. A prime example, though I wasn't alive for it, was Minor Threat.

Now, what of that do we have left? Kids think they're "alternative" so they listen to what society has labeled "alternative" which is "the scene." What does society at large know about the alternative scene? Nothing. This new scene has brought all of the bullshit that the original scene was about avoiding and brought it right into the place for escape. Fashion. Drama. Rockstar pricks. Calling each other "faggots." Who are the bands we look to on the stage we can relate to now? Those 5 guys with the same haircuts as you have? The guy with the shudder sunglasses? The guy singing about ditching his girlfriend at the prom (see All Time Low's "Jasey Rae")? No wonder kids are so fucking lost. They think being "emo" is being part of a group that says it's okay to cut yourself. Fuck no it is not okay to cut yourself. It's okay that you have deep feelings of being upset, yes. It's okay to have deep feelings and to express them, yes. THAT is what emo is about. Emo shouldn't even exist, as any of its founders will tell you. But if it had any purpose it was to show that it's okay to have and express your feelings freely. No, Hawthorne Heights, do not fabricate trying to kill yourself. You're piles of shit. You're not even good at it like Matt Skiba is. Give up. But don't take that wrong and kill yourself.

Do you see where even the anti-corrupt scene became corrupt? Kids looking for an out find this and think they've found a place they belong. The scene is the LAST place a kid feeling lost wants to go. Do yourself a favor if you're feeling lost and go to a punk show. Not a Bad Brains show, for they'll only make you feel good if you're not gay. Go see Paint It Black. See Dillinger Four. See Propagandhi. See NOFX and do the opposite of what Fat Mike says (he's a complete dick on stage and off, but he means well I think).

I watched the movie Milk the other day and you know what I thought? Good for him. A gay man getting elected into office. A gay man with political power. It was amazing. But not only a gay man; an openly gay man! Unprecedented at his time. Good for him. Too bad people can't watch Brokeback Mountain without saying "What a couple of fags." If America is the truly the land of the free, then gays will have all the rights as everyone else does one day.

The events taking place in the movie were unbelievable! They'd passed laws saying that gays couldn't be discriminated against being hired or buying houses in certain states. What a disgusting concept to begin with--having to pass laws in order to allow people to not be openly discriminated against. But what was worse was that the laws were being repealed! To simply take people's rights away! What the fuck? There was no propaganda to it. They were taking rights that a certain group of people had and getting rid of them. Fucking. Ridiculous.

And have we improved in the past 30 years? Well, we just passed Proposition 8 in California saying that gays can't marry. Is that progress? Yes and no. It's a definite yes that we've gotten so far as to gays are at least allowed to be together and live together and get jobs, they just can't get married. But it's an even more definite no because WE'RE TELLING A GROUP OF PEOPLE THEY CAN'T HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS US. It's as simple as that! No two ways about it! We are telling other humans that they shouldn't be allowed to do what we can do. Simple. It's digusting. How about I tell you who you can and cannot marry? This all goes back to this little thing called "mutal respect." And who's preaching it now? No one. Look to your idols as they stand on stage calling each other faggots. What have you learned?


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