Saturday, March 14, 2009

Part Two: Wasting These Days

This is the part where I tell you where my best week ever went wrong. It But let's take it back a little to give some background information.

Since early this week (I want to say Sunday or Monday), Katie and I had been planning on hanging out this weekend. We'd decided on Saturday, as I figured I'd be coming through Williamsport. So she was very enthusiastic about the idea as was I. I offered to take her to the shows with me, but she said that her grandma threw a fit about them being on school nights. So we decided to just leave it to hanging out on Saturday.

Well Saturday arrived. I spoke with her this morning and told her that we (Belle, my aunt, and I) were leaving around 1:30 to go to Williamsport. She said that she was going to her aunt's for a bit and I told her just to tell me where to be and when. So my aunt got to my mom's house to pick me up around 1:40. We picked up Belle around 2 and headed off to Williamsport--getting there around 3:15. But that's getting ahead of ourselves.

On the ride out, Belle tried finding out how she was going to arrange hanging out with Drew and where they'd be hanging. He wasn't even in Williamsport, but rather hanging out with Garret (Dude) from The Vankills in Martinsburg. We later found out that the show The Vankills were playing was about another hour and a half from Williamsport, so we didn't have enough gas or gas money to get us there and back. So it would be a day spent hanging out with Katie! I could live with that.

So I texted her when we got halfway there. No I told her when we were almost to Williamsport that I really needed to know where to be. No reply. So we went to the mall down there and waited and waited. After being in Williamsport for two hours, I texted her a third time telling her that if she didn't get back to me soon, we were going back home. We'd also tried calling about a dozen times. Never did we get an answered call or a response to a text message even to this very minute. I don't know if this was a planned joke in accordance to the Alkaline Trio song "Hell Yes" which says "We made plans to meet, but you never showed. You kept me waiting....they're off some place far away laughing at me." I felt like she thought it was hilarious to make me drive all the way out there to be ditched. Guess that makes me the fool, but maybe there's an excuse to why this happened, which I haven't gotten. (I just deleted a bunch of shit on accident. Fuck.) But that's all I'll say on that.

So what did Belle, my aunt, and I do? We came home. We went to the mall to meet with Tim. Guess who else was in FYE? Shane and Brittney. I told Brittney a little about the shows and how awesome they each were. Words cannot describe how awesome they were; only Alex and I understand. We got to check out the stage that we're going to be playing on this coming Friday for the Twilight midnight DVD release show...which you should come to but not support, since it's Twilight, but you at the same time SHOULD support because it's a show in FYE and it's gonna be awesome. Apparently people have heard about it and it's going to be in the newspaper.

I want to cut my hair. I'm sick of it. Cut or dreads...don't know which it's gonna be yet. I'm really getting sick of these shitty hair days. You know, maybe a trim will suffice and help considerably. I've been asking for one. I'd also like a break from life.

I've got to read a bunch of shit tomorrow and fill out some driving thing. And I've got to go to a house of worship for a religion I believe nothing of. Once again, a break from life would be nice.

I'm going to bed. It's 1:00 A.M. I've got to get up relatively early.


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