Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Propagandhi! (trumpet fanfare)

It is officially March 11th, 2009. That means that I see Propagandhi within the next 24 hours and Dillinger Four within the next 48. Do you know what kind of excitement this brings me? A good kind of excitement. Excitement involving a chronic erection.

Due to none of my initial plans working out and everyone I'd asked to come with me not being able to, my fellow blogger, Alex Grabenstein, will be accompanying my journey to Baltimore over the next two or three days. We, together, will witness a lot of moshing and face melting and utter amazingness from an array of fucking amazing bands. So stoked. So totally stoked.

I will not have a computer with me over the course of the next few days, so I will not be able to tell you about my time at either concert until both are over and I've returned home. That's kind of lame, because I'd like to journalize my feelings about the venue after the show on the first night and then come back and follow up after the second night. I guess that means you also won't get to read Alex's blog for a while, too. Man, this is almost as bad as breaking both of your arms at the same time. You can't even rely on one while the other's gone! Or like busting both nuts. Of course, that's not really a bad thing baby-making wise.

I fully intend to spend whatever money necessary to buy every Dillinger Four, Propagandhi, and Paint It Black shirts and/or CDs that I find fitting to filling my desires. If that entails spending $50 on merch, then so fucking be it. It's a hell of a lot better than spending $50 on a pair of jeans at American Eagle.

Against Me! is touring with Off With Their Heads this spring. I might have to go to that in Virginia Beach....

I'm going to Williamsport this weekend with Belle to see Drew and I'm going to meet up with an old friend. Then we might all head out to Shred Fest to see some punk bands and I'll get to sing "Minor Threat" with The Foul Mouths. I'm looking forward to that. This is going to be an excellent week. I was really fretting earlier today because it seemed I was going to go to Baltimore by myself and not share the experience with anyone. Grabenstein saved the day, though! Fort Ashby drummers UNITE!

I'm sending my iPod back. They sent both boxes to my dad's house...even though his house doesn't even have a street address. That either means that the mailman is really stupid or...someone knows who I am and where I live. Either way, I'm a bit concerned...but at least I'll get my iPod fixed. Hopefully it comes back purple. Or tiger-striped. Or the texture of a shower loofa. Or covered in vaginal secretion. Okay, that one's a little much for even me...

To any readers that don't already know this, I did not sleep on Sunday night. I woke up sometime Sunday evening after sleeping a bit in the middle of the day and then did not go to bed until last night. I write this mostly to mark this time in my life incase I want to read all of my blogs again one day. Oh, and my internet at my dad's has been really out of wack, but I think it's fixed, since when I saw the modem today, it wasn't flashing like a crazy mofo. It was making conversation with everyone impossible. That's a big factor to the lack of blogs posted recently. I've also had no material, as you might be able to see. All I can say is "Propagandhi! Dillinger Four! I love me some boobies!" I do love me some boobies. How many things can you think of that are cooler than boobies? There's your essay topic. Go.


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la.belle.rebelle said...

An essay on things that are better than boobies would be a very short essay indeed.

I wish I had some way of calling you to hear about the concerts! This upsets me.