Thursday, April 23, 2009

RE: Alex...and then some other stuff

On Against Me! being your favorite band on Fat Wreck...that's a tough one. Especially since if you consider Against Me! to be a "Fat" band, you'd also have to consider Propagandhi to be one because they both left Fat Wrech Chords after some ground-breaking releases of theirs. Also remember Dillinger Four is on Fat Wreck. It'd really be a tough call on a favorite band from Fat, though Propagandhi and D4 are my favorite bands. If I had to go with a current band on it, Dillinger Four. All time would be D4 or Propagandhi. That's just me. The Descendents were on it, Against Me!, Dead to Me, The Lawrence Arms, Randy, Bracket, American Steel, NOFX of course, and the list goes on and on and on. Really hard to pick a favorite; even harder to pick the best. Nah, Propagandhi is the best musically. Then probably Strung Out, though I don't care much about their kind of punk metal. It's all fuckin' awesome. What do I care? My point is, Against Me! are good (especially during the Fat Wreck days), but they've got some tough competition.

I think there might be a decent turnout this Saturday. Hopefully we get over 100 people. Gonna be hard to compete with the 400 or 500 we had at our last show. We'll see what we get, though! Shit, I need to make some fucking CDs....

Okay, I'll have to come back to my dad's to pick this computer up tomorrow after school anyway, so I'll try to remember to do that then. Fuck, this sucks. We really should make CDs at least days in advance. We're a horrible band when it comes to the business side of it. The only reason we get by on the music thing is that we're all talented musicians that love playing and listening to music.

Anyway, invite everyone to the show this Saturday. It'll be our first show without Belle in like...a longass fucking time. In over a year. I think her first show with us was at the Teen Center in Romney, which was February of 2008. She's gonna be getting ready for prom...

So other news not regarding I Forget...I finished my paper last night and turned it in. I had no homework tonigh, except to read some Hamlet (I think is what it was), which I didn't really do!

Brittney reports from Facebook that she just saw a dead person. I've never seen a dead person outside of a movie or funeral before. She saw this body not too far from her or my house, so I'm hoping that it wasn't anyone I know, not that any one person's life is more important or worthy than anyone else's. I told her that I hoped it wasn't anyone from the junior or senior class because we had speakers in today that talked to us about what happened to their lives when they got caught up in partying, drugs, and alcohol. The one guy said he started playing drums in a band in 7th grade and was into the punk scene. Weird.

Green Day's new single premiers today, which is technically Friday, though the time on this post probably begs to differ. It'll be good for a while and then everyone will get sick of it. Why? Because it's a single and that's what happens. It's their first single since like '05. Fall Out Boy have had like 3 or 4 albums in that span of time.

NOFX's new album is going to be good, I've decided. I was very skeptical for a while, because they tend to be mediocre. It's very ska-oriented. I don't like ska unless NOFX plays it, I think.

Brendan Kelly says he's been booking. A tour? I hope so. An East Coast tour? I really fucking hope so. I think American Steel and The Larry Arms should tour again. I'd tear that shit up.



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Alex said...

Haha, but you forgot to's my favorite band on Fat!
You are right, I might have spoken too soon but I'm still leaning towards 'em.