Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There are things that used to make me smile

We have a show this Saturday at Dante's in Frostburg at 2 pm with Soulmobile Eternal! You should fucking come and bring hot chicks so I have a better chance at ending these 19 sexless months I've been going through, ya know? Maybe that's selfish, but come on. This is getting to be ridiculous.

The computer I'm typing on is really, really small. I'd say the screen is 10 inches wide and 6 high or somethign ridiculous like that. The keyboard is just as large, of course. Therefore, there is not enough room to put the keys in their normal place. The result is that the apostrophe is located next to the space bar, so every time I go to put one in (not remembering this new location) I hit enter. On MSN, this is particularly annoying as I often send incomplete sentences and words to whoever I am talking to. This is my aunt's laptop that I am borrowing until I finish writing my essay on Gulliver's Travels tomorrow.

I see Matt, Dan, and Derrick next Friday!!!! I hope that I get to meet them and converse with them some. I greatly admire them. I will speak to them about Brendan Kelly perhaps, since they like grew up together or something. After next Friday, I will go home and get ready to play a show in Virginia the next day with Freaky J and the Bears (formerly Freak Scene). I am quite excited for that, as well. After that show, we have nothing scheduled for the first time in forever. We really need to finish the album...

Pain in the ass of the week award goes to myself for writing such a long blog the other day in which I rewrote by hand to turn in for a grade in Mr. Alkire's class. I said some form of "fuck" twice and talked about my need to get laid. Hopefully I won't be judged too harshly for being a teenager.

Alex mentioned that I mentioned wanting to start a fanzine. I do. I really fucking want to. However, I also want to release Punk Goes Punk through In Your Indo Records, but it's taking me a real fucking long time to get that in order, too. I just don't have all of the resources to do these things I want to do and I often come up short. I will release Punk Goes Punk one day. Once we get the new I Forget album out of the way, I will be able to worry about it again. Freaky J need to get on the ball and record their song for it, too. Maybe I can release something through The Expletive by permission of Alkaline Trio when I meet them next Friday!!! That would be badass, huh? I don't know which one I would do or how I would do it, though. There are so many Alkaline Trio songs that are just fantastic and it would be so difficult to pick one over any other. Maybe I would pick...Jaked on Green Beers. I don't know. I'll worry about that later.

Twilight and Twitter still need to fucking die.


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