Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guess what I read this week

I'll just go ahead and say I read Catcher in the Rye. And in the spirit of that, you know what is really depressing? Commercials and TV shows with beautiful teenage kids at carnivals together riding swings together or sharing popcorn or just being happy-looking. It's depressing as hell. It really is.

I got a new computer today. I'm using it now. I'm also laying in bed. That should indicate that it's a laptop if you're good enough to put foot and shoe together. But I'm just joining the crowd even more with this new bit of technology.

Oh! About the Alkaline Trio show I wouldn't shut up about for the past few weeks. I realize I haven't posted a blog in like a week. Well to be honest, I had a very busy weekend...seeing Alkaline Trio, playing a show in Virginia, and having the car break down on us on the way home from Virginia. So I'll start with the Alk3 show.

Well, it was fucking amazing. Way better than I anticipated. They were spot on. One single the whole night and the rest were fucking random songs (aside from ending with the epic Radio). Fucking. Amazing. You can go to Youtube and search "Alkaline Trio Sonar" and find video footage of the show that people have left. Kierston and I were right up against the railing. It was the best performance I think I've ever seen. At one point, someone threw a beer bottle at Matt Skiba's head. He didn't flinch, smiled as it flew by, pointed at the guy who threw it, winked, and kept playing and singing. Amazing.

Oh, and we got to meet Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano. For the record, no, he is not dead. I touched him, spoke to him, have his writing, and pictures with him to prove it. If you want to see pictures, I have a few on my MySpace page. Matt and Dan were really fucking nice. Matt was the most sincerely nice person I think I've ever met. They were just great and I can hardly believe what I'm looking at when I see pictures of me with them. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet Derek. Probably Karma from spelling his name wrong on this blog the one time. I'm such a fucking dolt.

Epic, epic show. And the next day, we drove to Virginia to play the most epic show we could muster up. And I think the end result was pretty good. I fucking missed playing with Freak Scene/Freaky J and the Bears/whatever the hell you want to call them. Going to an I Forget/Freaky J show is not nearly as grueling as it used to be. It's getting to be quite a show, if I do say so myself. They are getting so good. It's like I'm watching my children grow up. I Forget is alright, but we haven't been terrible in a while. We played for about 20 kids and adults. We got paid $40 for it. Then we went into the parking lot where we sang songs from musicals and where I climbed a tree and screamed like a monkey and did the little "I AM THE WORKER MAN! GOTTA GET SOME SEEDS!" bit. Then we went and spent the night at Jordan's house where we got to meet Spike, a 17-year-old cat that might as well be a mobile taxidermy. Very limited mobility, though. It was skin, bones, and clumps of fur. Awesome cat. Funny as hell to watch it fall on its fucking face trying to jump on a chair.

I told my dad we'd be home the next morning by 10 am. That meant we had to wake up at 7 am. I didn't go to bed until after 4. I was busy running around naked and watching shit on Youtube. It was a fun night...not such a fun ride home...where the car broke down 3 or 4 times and I didn't get back to my dad's house until 2 pm. I called to explain, though, so no hard feelings.

That was my weekend. I got a computer just recently. I read Catcher in the Rye. I have an AP English exam tomorrow. Katie invited me to her graduation party on the 31st. I think I'll attend. Other than that, I'm pretty sure there's nothing very soon I have to look forward to, except I can sleep when I'm done writing this. That, and I have my own computer to use whenever and wherever I'm at. Fucking awesome, eh? School's almost over, too, which will be such a good breather.

Okay, so nothing too insightful here, I guess. Just a collection of the recent events. Bummer, too, because I had a lot of feelings I wanted to spit out earlier that I can't remember. One thing I'll say is that crying is the best invention ever. I feel that every time you cry, you become a different person. I at least do. I cry a lot anymore, too. It, unfortunately, is often triggered by reality TV shows where they switch wives or some shit. The more believable ones, not Date My Mom or any MTV bullshit. I don't watch anything MTV puts out.

I really need to sleep because I have jazz band in the morning and then an exam that's gonna rape my mind. I fucking hate AP English. I don't like school at all, I don't think. I'll tell you about my personal feelings when I remember them, I guess. I'm very emotional, so don't get the idea that I have no feelings.


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