Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is why I'm beautiful

This makes my 100th post and in honor of that, I'll do nothing special and that's why it's so great. What makes the 100th post anymore important than any of the rest? You could argue bullshit and so could I, but it doesn't matter. Point is I don't have to make it special and I won't. Here's the thing. I posted a bulletin on how no one would know if a hardcore band played if they saw one. So here's what I said.

It was called "Hardcore vs. Metalcore ([more importantly]NOT hardcore)"

Okay, here's the thing. I might not fully know what "hardcore" is because I wasn't alive when it was really kicking. But I do know what IS NOT hardcore.

First, I'll show you some pictures of who represents what I think hardcore is and should be: Paint It Black.

And now for a band that I know is NOT hardcore. I think "metalcore" is more accurate, but what the fuck do I know? I know it's not hardcore. This is Bring Me The Oliver Sykes.

Okay, fucking seriously. Hardcore, as originated, is the opposite of a fashion show. It was a scene of kids and bands that got together for a similar cause, and no, that cause was not to make br00tal music you can dance like a fucking moron to. It's about singing about what moves you and singing along and sticking out for each other. It's not about pointing fingers and calling some guy across the room a faggot. In fact, that's quite backwards. Hardcore did not start off as the most popular of the popular getting together and jamming while their friends danced in the "pit." It's more like all of the people that felt lost got together and gave themselves a place to belong. So it's almost as offensive to me when someone calls a metalcore band a "hardcore" band as it is when someone calls someone or something else gay just for lack of an adjective. Learn your fucking history, kids. You're not dancing to hardcore. Hardcore isn't performed from a stage far away from the crowd. It's not about that. It's about the crowd being as important as the music, which is why it's intended to be played right on the floor. Fuck the Warped Tour, fuck FYE, fuck Hot Topic, and everything else for giving you this fucked up image of what hardcore is.

That was it, and I added my little "love, Kyle" thing, but here's another thing. Don't headbang. You're not in Slayer. Headbang in the name of Slayer, but denounce everything hardcore about you or everything you claim to be before you grow your hair out and do it in your "hardcore" band. God, that's just so stupid. There's a scene for that. It's called the metal scene. Get your metal outta my hardcore. I'm gonna write a song about that shit. I'm definitely pissed about it enough to do it. I don't know if Shane would be thrilled about it since he loves his Suicide Silence and all. Brittney doesn't really care about hardcore that much at all, I think, so maybe it'll just be me. Whatever.

I was supposed to read two short stories or essays tonight and I fucking didn't and I don't give a shit. I don't want to read when there are 6 days left of school. God, I just thought...if Olie Sykes gets sexiest vegetarian from Peta, I'll kill all vegetarians. Except for Dan Yemin of Paint It Black and all of those other ones I love, but you metalcore bitches...I swear. Fuck you and your fucking shitty band. I've heard it all a billion fucking times. Your songs sound NOTHING like hardcore. NOTHING.

I just get so angry. Hardcore music has way too much heart and soul in it for me to watch it get Olie Sykes' box haircut plastered on its face.

This all being said, I Forget's new album is going to be amazing. Have I mentioned that? It is. You better fuckin' buy it. I can't wait for our record release show. I don't know when or where it'll be yet, but it will be epic.

'Kay, I'm done talking.


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