Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Wanna Be an Atheistholic

I wrote this. I guess it's a work in progress if I ever improve on it.

"Little Miss Muffette sat on her tuffet eating to nourish her health.
Her husband came home, sat on his throne, and said 'Dinner's not making itself'."

It's funny, you see, because it's sexist. I also realized that nothing good rhymes with "home," "husband," or "self." It makes a sexist poem quit difficult to write.

Well, let's see. I've missed the bus two days in a row now and now I'm up almost at 1 AM writing a blog. I need to get out of this habit. Trig is so fucking hard to stay awake through. I didn't finish my trig homework and I didn't finish reading that thing from the huge ass reading book, but I did finish The Stranger. Tell you what, this thing didn't like me trying to make a word italicized, make the next normal, and the one after it italicized again. Is "italicize" a racial slur?

Okay, so The Stranger is this book about a guy who is kind of numbed to what's going on around him for whatever reason. I never really caught on to why; I think it's just how he is. The books starts with his mom dieing and he attends her funeral, but doesn't seem to be too upset, doesn't cry, and does not want to see her one last time in her casket. He also doesn't talk unless there's something he really wants to say. He's the narrator and as the narrator, I see him as a more mature, hardened Holden Caulfield. I love Holden, as I always say, so it was easy for me to read and love this book. I read probably the last 7/8 of it today, most when sitting on my front porch because I misplaced my house key at my mom's and couldn't get into my dad's house when I got home. Anyway, back to the story. So the narrator (he's got some French name that I can't remember because they didn't say it much) is very stoic. He's kind of epic in it. Like he fucks this girl named Marie and I kind of fell in love with her because she is so nice and beautiful and loves the main character. She's great. But he's like so...emotionless that like she asked him if he loves her and he'd always say, "It doesn't really matter, but I don't think so." He never lies. He's straight out honest, but she loves him anyway. I think he actually loves her, too, which makes it nice. Well halfway through the book, the guy shoots some Arab guy that cut his friend with a knife earlier and tried pulling a knife on him right before he shot the guy. The entire second half of the book is about his trials and his life in prison and what they do to him. It's quite a turn around, but it ties all of the seemingly random characters and events in the first half of the book together, save a few I didn't understand. I'd like to research the book and learn more about what certain characters symbolized and all. Anyway, the main character is an athiest and he was great at it. Very "faithful" to his athiesism. Towards the end, and I'll try not to give it away, a chaplain comes in and tries to tell him that he needs God and all this shit and he's pretty much just like, "Shut the fuck up. You don't know what's best for me." (Or as I would say, "You're not a zen ball! You don't know what's best for me." [Peggle reference].) He's great. He doesn't just kiss religion's ass to save himself. He tells the chaplain that he at least has his own knowledge and will and thoughts and he's more alive than the chaplain even though he's pretty much lifeless in prison. I'd like you to read the book, so I won't give away the ending. It was depressing me until he stood up for what he believed, even if that was nothing. He said like, "I don't want to repent. I don't regret living. I did things I could have done differently. There are some things I did when I could have done other things. There are somethings I didn't do when I did other things instead." Something like that. He was pretty much just saying that he didn't waste any of his time worrying about and stressing over God.

Which brings me to something I wish we would have gotten on tape in the studio. So on "The Enforcer," (yes, we're re-recording it) it says "Someone's got a gun" a good many times. Well when Brittney would try to sing "got," she'd always say "gyat." So I told her to try singing "Someone's GOD a gun." Jason hit record and she sang the word right, but fucked up the vocal melody and she said, "Sorry, I was focusing on 'GOD'...for the first time in my life." Fucking funny if you have any sense of humor.

One thing about the author of The Stranger, he died on my birthday. Well, 32 years before I was born to the day, actually. January 4, 1960. I thought that was interesting.

I asked Megan Greene yesterday if she would be on our album cover. She replied today saying that she'd be interested. I do hope the image I have in my head can be put onto an album cover and that Megan's face can help us achieve it. I need a stereotypical suburban home-esque teenage bedroom for the picture, though. Anyone live in one or know where I can find one? I also need an old telephone.

Dude, Jim put up the video that he, Tim, Nick, Alex, and I star in. It's very excellent. We're doing a sequel to it this weekend. Here are the two parts of it. I'm getting to bed now.


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