Monday, May 11, 2009

Well THAT was really fucked up

We got our cat fixed the other day. This was probably the first case in my dad's house that a cat or any animal has been fixed (since my mom and dad split up). Well the same cat got out today. He's hard enough to catch inside, so we had to come up with a way to catch him outside. I suggested a live animal trap. My suggestion was considered and we had no other suggestions, so I drove to my mom's and picked it up. When I found it, there was a very dead chicken inside. Now, it's possible that was dead before it was in there, but it's probably not very likely. I don't know why anyone would put a dead chicken in a live animal trap. Frankly, that kinda contradicts the name and the purpose. I think the trap was set without anyone knowing, the chicken got in there without anyone knowing, and the chicken died and decomposed in there without anyone knowing. It was quite fucked up and I had to get the chicken out of the cage before bringing it over here to my dad's. I hate dead things. I'll let you know if we catch the cat.

I haven't been posting much of anything, have I? Mr. Alkire gave us a free day last Friday. That happens once ever NEVER, but we'd just taken the AP English exam the day before, so I guess he felt pity for us. The exam was kind of brutal. Jimmy kind of wrote bullshit for his answers. I didn't already say this, did I? I should really read my own blogs before I post more. Anyway, so we spent Friday in Mr. Alkire's watching The Great Gatsby. The guy who played Nick Carraway was the guy from Law and Order. He's old now. He looked like a cross between Keanu Reeves and Steve Carell in the Great Gatsby. He was also passive. At one point, Tom punched Myrtle right in the fucking face and her nose bled. Fucking. Hilarious.

Belle told me to write my paper in which I have to use the voice of Holden Caulfield on finding that dead chicken. I think I totally will consider that. I think that assignment will be very fun. I'd love to write as Holden. I really would. But finding that dead chicken was depressing as hell.

I slept so well today. I was supposed to go feed the animals after school, but I figured I'd sleep for a few hours and then do it. I was so goddamn tired. When I woke up, my aunt called and told me that she and my brother had already fed them all. Some of the animals had gotten out because they were hungry and I wasn't there to feed them. I feel like a fucking failure sometimes.

I drove on the interstate the other day. I "raced" Nick, which translates as "drove along side of Nick." It felt like racing, though. It was fun. I don't so much mind driving. I saw Officer Jefferies at the post office the other day when I'd driven down to buy stamps and mail something for my mother. When I pulled out, I squeeled the wheels on accident. I thought for sure he was going to pull out his handgun and shoot me through the head. I keep having nightmares about that man. It's not really anything against him, I just hate cops and authority. It's not even that I hate following the law or any shit like that, I just get nervous as hell when I'm around them and the mall cops always harrass you to the point of being annoyed by anyone in uniform.

I've really been getting into Saves the Day. They kicked some ass live. Not Alkaline Trio's, of course, and I'm not just being biased. But Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day beat the hell out of the first two bands. No one was digging the first band, Drive A. It was their first day on the tour with them and their singer seemed very nervous. Maybe he's always like that. I was going to buy one of their CDs until I tried talking to their singer and he wouldn't talk. I don't like when frontmen are shy. The second band, Single File, fucking blew. They had one good chorus and that was the only thing they did that I cared about at all. The rest was shitty scene music in which I could come in with the backing vocals on the second lines of each part of the song along with the drummer. So fucking predictable and lame. I probably should have spoken about this earlier, but the fact is that any band other than Alkaline Trio from that show haven't meant anything to my life until just recently when I downloaded some Saves the Day. The song in 6/8 that hit me like a truck is called "What Went Wrong" and it was way better live than the recorded version because the recorded version is old and the vocals in the chorus are sang without a lot of confidence, which takes away from it. I don't like when frontmen are shy.

Brendan Kelly has way more followers and regular readers than I do. I wish I had people asking me for advice and shit about my life as much as he does. I'm really lucky when I get 2 comments. Comment on this; Timmy told me to say it:
Katie, I want my dick in you.



Kayleigh said...

weird blog yo. and the chicken thing still bums me out :(

Alex said...

You really have no idea how much you already sound like Holden.