Saturday, June 6, 2009

I think I get it? But then again I don't.

I kind of understand Twitter, if I'm completely honest. It's like the easiest thing to use ever, but it's so easy that you really cannot effectively communicate with anyone else. It's not about that, though, I guess. It's just about...telling people what you're doing all the time? I don't really know why that's so great, but I even say something on there now and then. I like to follow a few bands on there because they usually say fun things. Off With Their Heads in particular. They're, as Paddy says, the most popular band from Minneapolis that isn't popular in Minneapolis. Speaking of all of that, I still have to get Insubordination Fest sorted out! Damn! I don't want to miss Toys That Kill because I don't know when I'll be able to see them again!!!

I see No Doubt and Paramore in a week with Katie Mullan. I decided that I'm a little excited for that last night. That fuckin' "That's What You Get" song has been stuck in my head. At least it's not solely Alkaline Trio. I will cut my hair off and dye it by that time if this week works out. Megan and I had to reschedule.

Okay, a note on "modern" music. It's not so much the music that irritates me, though it kind of does irritate me, but more so the attitudes. You know? I've been over this. It's a popularity contest now at the expense of queers.

Megan just asked me if I'm going to that show tonight, so I guess that means I'm going. Metalcore. The joy, eh? Guess I'm going to partake in what I was just criticizing. Hopefully there will be okay bands. I found a more modern hardcore band today that was good. They are called New Tomorrow. I'm wearing my Sick of It All shirt to the show, goddammit. NYCHC!

Okay, I've really nothing to say. Lou, I'll be representin'.


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