Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is like an all time low. HA!

Seriously, I've been horrible with this blog this month. Four posts prior to this one this month! Month's almost over, too! Well my excuse is that my computer had a virus this week and I had to completely restart it AGAIN so that took up a good bit of time. Then I missed the Office and have been rehearsing with my band so the time I'd have to be on here I've been rehearsing or catching up on missed episodes of my favorite shows online since I don't have TV. That and I completely forget to get on here until like it's real late at night and I should just be going to sleep.

So today my goals are to interview my aunt about being gay in West Virginia and how she has to act around the homophobes and shit and what it was like growing up and how she felt and was treated and how she was different from the other kids and things like that. She's already answered some of my questions online and her answers are very, very intriguing. I kind of went into it assuming she'd already told me all of the information I'd ask for but I'm learning a lot.

I have the new Weezer album that isn't even out yet. I think they're trying to sell out. There is some poppy stuff on there. Pretty much every track could be a single. Lil Wayne sings on one song. One song was written with two guys from All-American Rejects. You know, stuff the kids are gonna love. I love some of them, that's for sure. Pat Wilson wrote one called "In the Mall." It's about being in the mall. "The Girl Got Hot" is awesome. "(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To" is still one of the best Weezer songs I've ever heard. I want to see what the critics are gonna say. More importantly, I want to see what the kids at are gonna say. I'm anticipating widespread hate. Like "Rivers, give it up. Quit trying to write hip music." I don't know if they realize this, but Rivers Cuomo is amazing and nothing will change that. Except maybe a lobotomy.

New Lawrence Arms EP this week. Who's getting it?! I am! If I can. If not, I'll get it offline somewhere. Like a bad kid. You find lots of good shit out there. You can find just about anything, too. Just go to Google and type "[ALBUM/BAND NAME HERE] mediafire" or "[ALBUM/BAND NAME HERE] download blogspot" and you'll probably find a place to download it somewhere. I can't find a certain Groovie Ghoulies album I'm after, however. It's the one with "Beast With Five Hands" on it. I really want that shit. They were a good band. Horror pop punk. I Forget is kind of doing that a little with the new songs we've been writing.

What else is new in my life? Umm...the powderpuff game we were supposed to play and wasn't supposed to be canceled no matter what was canceled yesterday. On a Saturday they called off a school event. They called everyone's house and left a generated message. I was not pleased. And I posted on my Facebook status that I was not pleased and then someone fucking TATTLED on me. We're in high school. Not grade school. And someone tells on me. I said that I was not thankful that someone was put in charge of the game to call it off. Having Miss Morrison tell me it would not be canceled, I was assuming someone else was the one who called it off. Well a certain person/certain people read that as "Kyle Wagoner hates Miss Morrison" and went and told her that. So then Josh Hanson comments my status saying "Well you can get playing at all saying things like that when it's rescheduled." And I was like "I'll burn in your hell and deal with it. Get your panties out of a knot." And he's like, "I don't care about your religion. I'm talking about what you said to Miss Morrison." And I was like, "I didn't say shit." and this went on for a while. But someone told her some shit. So now, I have to go into school and find her and tell her what happened and explain to a fucking TEACHER that I do not hate her. 4th grade again. Swear to god. Only I never had to deal with this even back then.

That's my bullshit story for the week. Isn't that just bullshit? So we didn't get to play. Sucked. It was supposed to be a great Saturday but it was just okay in the end. Friday was pretty cool, though, because I Forget rehearsed. We've been doing pretty good at that. Rehearsing with Brandon is awesome. Having a second guitarist is awesome. I never realized how many windows it'd open in writing songs. We're going to start sounding more and more like a full-sounding band. We have harmonizing guitar parts now, we can have complicated parts and Brittney can still sing at the same time, we can have solos over top of chords now. It's pretty awesome. And the best part is that neither is lead or rhythm. They share.

So that's pretty cool of I Forget. We're gonna try to finish up some new songs so we can get them on this upcoming album since we have so much time. We'll probably be playing at the powderpuff game when it's rescheduled if Miss Morrison isn't convinced I hater her and can't be convinced the opposite. We'll be playing at The Warren on November 22nd. We want to be interviewed by Tiffany Mason or someone she gives us and we'd get video footage of it probably. We also want new band pictures. Excitement!

Okay and I need to get some shit done but first I'm gonna take a nap. So enjoy your day. Maybe I'll come visit later. Or maybe I'll catch fire. I'm just a sleepyhead right now and someone need to tuck me in. I think that's enough Alkaline Trio song names for one paragraph. All of these bad attempts are making me cringe. Someone help me.

Sorry about that.


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