Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just for future reference and documentation

I know I don't really write with a moral much anymore, but life this week has been very eventful. I made that to-do list with 19 things on it and I'm down to 7. The worst of them are out of the way, I think.

Anyway, that's beside the point right now. I'm here to document what happened yesterday at lunch considering Katlin. Here's how I tell it to people:

So I go to sit down at my table during lunch and everyone's like "You're going to talk to her today!" and I'm like, "Oookay, I guess I will" and they're like "YOU WILL DO IT!" So I was just trying to eat my food...and they were saying I wasn't going to do it, so they call Alonzo, who is the most outgoing person I've ever met, over to psyche me up and be my wingman. Crazy nigga. Alonzo wants to know who we're dealing with, so they try to point her out to Alonzo but he doesn't see who they're pointing at, so Nick goes over to her table, points her RIGHT in her face and screams "IT'S THIS ONE! RIGHT HERE!"

Though it was very awkward and embarrassing, it was easily one of the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. It, of course, draws a lot of attention. Mr. Riley started watching us. Then Alonzo went and talked to her, came back, and then everyone starts clapping for me trying to pump me up to go talk to her or some shit and Mr. Riley yells at them to stop it. Then Katlin gets up and goes to the bathroom. When she came back, she sat at the end of her table. Well Alonzo puts his arm around me and he's like, "Here we go," and we slowly walk over to her table and Mr. Riley is like "What are you up to?"and he sees that I'm like freaking out. So Mr. Riley, our fucking VICE PRINCIPAL, starts rubbing my shoulders, telling me it's going to be okay or some shit. How do you follow that up with casual conversation? You don't. Unless you're Alonzo, who then asks everyone to introduce themselves. He gets to Katlin and he's like, "Can I call you Kate?" "Yes." "Can he (me) call you Kate?" "Yes." Then he asks her where she lives and shit and AHHHH!!! Then he told me I suck at that and got up and left and sat back at my table where all of my friends watched with huge eyes. Tim Day then asked me if I wanted his seat, directly across the table from Katlin, and I said I guessed so. (Sorry for all of these tense shifts.) So she's like, "Thankss, Tim," which made me feel I apologized for the awkwardness and everything. I didn't say very much...I kind of choked, but I really didn't know how to casually talk to her when half of the lunch room was watching me including the vice principal and guidance counselor and I had my entire lunch table like waving their arms at me and staring and patting me on the back as they walked by to go the bathroom...

Anyway, that was weird. Karalee also printed off the conversation I'd had with her the night before on Facebook and let like all of her friends and Katlin read it and it was a conversation regarding Katlin. Someone wrote "Kyle Wagoner <3 Katlin Wilson" on the top of the paper. That's what I get for dealing with freshmen, I guess...

Katie coming here next Monday. She apologized for being a poor/bad/shitty/horrible girlfriend, however you want to look at it. She manned up and said everything I wish she'd say and I was so we're gonna hang out all next week if all works out. You see where this gets complicated?

Got a cell phone charger today since I lost mine. Got minutes for my phone since I only had 67 left and they were all going to expire tomorrow. Now I have 527. That's good news. My group presents its skit in Psychology tomorrow. I audition for the Dinner Theatre singing "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash. So even though most of my worries are gone, I still have a couple for tomorrow to overcome. After this week, I am just going to CHILL.

Hey, thanks to everyone trying to support me through all of this insane shit!


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