Sunday, October 18, 2009

Like a computer crash that never hits the ground...

Yeah, computer crashed. Lost all of my music files. All 5,800 songs or so. All of my programs. All of my school files. No more Microsoft Office. No more Photoshop. No more SHIT. That made Saturday really lame. Going through another day of plans not working out with Katie also made it a bad day. But she lives here now, so hey, whatever, right?


So Friday night was Mario Kart Night. Can't remember the last time we had one of those. I only drank one Dr. Pepper that night. Do you know how much I hate soda? All I have in this house is soda and tap water right now. I. hate. soda. Smells like NOT OK soda. FUCK IT. We have fuckin' Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper or whatever it's called. "It's obnoxiously smooth" or some slogan like that. Lame. Tastes like horse shit liquefied.

So all I've been doing since my computer crashed is the only thing I thought reasonable: download everything I lost. I'm downloading a lot of it illegally. Why, you might ask? Well, I got a lot of it legally at one point and then lost it, that's why. So I don't feel too bad. That and I'm downloading entire albums at a time, so's a lot more organized. I'm making sure everything I put on this computer has album art to go with it now. Not gonna be unorganized like before. Also, I'm only going to put on music that I listen to. And I'm going to only put entire albums and not just random songs from here and there. I always hate it when people only have one song from something, so I shouldn't be one of those guys. Like when you find an iPod on a trail somewhere and most of the stuff on it is shit and then you find some bands that you can tolerate and the only thing they have is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and then you are glad that person lost their iPod because they've proven to not deserve to listen to music.

Speaking of music, after a long, long discussion and quarrel with phones and such today, I Forget finally rehearsed. And! my drum set is once again in my basement at my dad's. Whole thing. Right there. For my playing pleasure. Oh life is good. So we rehearsed with Brandon for the first time. Umm...we need to get approved for the Powder Puff Football game this Saturday. I am thinking about asking Miss Morrison if it'd be alright that I just bring in a guitar and sing her the songs and the lyrics. That's a challenge for me, seeing as the songs we've picked to play are kind of bad for lyrics. How do you rephrase "She doesn't go to the Warped Tour 'cause she says she's not a corporate whore and Fat Mike is a fucking cunt" without anything that could be coined as "inappropriate"? I'll have to figure it out very quickly. Bustin' my balls here!

Got a blister playing drums today. Doesn't surprise me a bit. I can't remember the last time I really played the drums. Brittney and Shane couldn't remember the last time they played their instruments, either. The last time for any of us was probably the last rehearsal like a month ago. That's a longass time. Nick interviewed us after we rehearsed. We wished he'd had a tape recorder because our answers to his questions were very extensive. When he writes it up, I'd like to put it up somewhere for the world to see. He asked us about our struggles as a pop punk band trying to make it in West by-God Virginia.

What would I do without I Forget? That wasn't one of the questions, but that's what I asked myself in the final statements. I Forget is, as I said, like the girlfriend you've been dating for 12 years and if she were to ever break up with you, you'd just want to die. Or, as Shane said, you'd want to rape her and kill her. That's always a more enjoyable alternative with a lot better closure. Makes it easier to get over someone if they've been raped and killed.

I got straight A's on my report card. Have I reported that? I did. I did a great job. However, Rod won't quit asking me about colleges. I told him today, as he was showing me brochures to different colleges he'd collected at College Night the other night, that I wanted to go to college for Audio Engineering and that the guy from Marshall that I talked to agreed with me when I said that there probably are none in the state. So Rod tells me that one college had something similar to that. Did I not go over this in my last post? I said, "I don't want 'something similar.' That sounds like you're cheating yourself out of what you want." And it does. "Something similar." "You ordered the...Triple Whopper? Well here's the deal: we didn't make that...but here's something similar. It's a Chicken Patty." No. Fuck you. Give me the fucking Triple Whopper like I want. Who gives a fuck if my Triple Whopper costs a little more? It's what I fucking want. And no, I'm still a vegetarian, it was just an example. Bringing me to my next thing to mention!

So my dad ordered me Chinese the other night. I was happy. I love Chinese food. Well that tofu did not look like General Tso's tofu to me. Looked like fuckin' General Tso's chicken. I was skeptical. I put it in a nice plate and took it out to the couch. I put a piece of it in my mouth, started chewing it and took it out of my mouth. "I really don't think this is tofu." Upon my dad and Rod's inspections, it was determined that they did, in fact, get the order wrong. "Well this isn't General Tso's tofu, but it's something similar." Yeah, and it could have made me both sick and break vegetarianism. Thanks, asshole. That's why you don't fucking settle!

I gave blood, motherfucker!


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