Monday, October 12, 2009


I really need to respect my friend here, Bloggy. That's his name, after all. Right? Oh, Bloggy, you listen to so much shit. But to be honest with you, Bloggy, you don't get the worst of it. In fact, I am not what I claim to be with you. I claim to be someone who would never censor himself...but the fact of the matter is that everything I tell you...well, you aren't a very good secret-keeper. So I can't tell you everything. I censor myself for you. I don't tell you about all of my sexual excursions and shit. I don't tell you when certain people do things that the public would not like. For obvious reasons, I guess. Sorry, Bloggy, but you will never know everything I know. You're just a silly computer, after all.

Bloggy, Katie's parents got in a fight today. How about that? So you know what happened instead of her coming out here? Well they couldn't decide who was gonna get her or who she was going to stay with, so everybody lost. I know, right?! Fight like 3rd graders! Yeah, I know. The haters are gonna be like, "Ha. I knew she wouldn't come see you. It's an excuse." What?! You knew this would happen? Fuck you, you aren't supposed to have opinions. You are unbiased! FUCK OFF!

Well guys, I'm now going to ignore Bloggy because he cannot be trusted. Who's to say this will even be posted with the same words as I typed? Bloggy could turn on me and make up shit and try to sabotage my reputation. Then again, I'm the one talking to my blog and giving it a pet name...

Yes, I have the last cross country race of the season and of my high school life tomorrow in Berkeley Springs. Glad you remembered. Did you bring me a present? Oh well, I'm cheap, too. And yes, my hip still hurts. I will probably hate my life when it's over and regret running for a little while but when the year is over, I will be glad I ran that last race instead of not cherishing the race at Keyser as my last. I kind of regret not cherishing my last performance with the marching band, but I had no way of knowing it was my last at the time...

Anyway, wish me luck there. Wish me luck with Katlin since I've been told she thinks I'm weird. Wish me luck with seeing Katie since she couldn't come out today and she's gonna try for this weekend. Wish me luck with this flannel shrinking so it'll fit me. Fuckin' Gabes had sizes L-4XL but nothing else. They have things I want sometimes but never in my size. Today they had a Vandals shirt. The fucking Vandals. It was a kind of dumb shirt, but it's the Vandals! It was too big...and the Operation Ivy shirt I got from there is like XS if that's a size.

Adam is dating Gracie now! Finally one of my friends is accomplishing something relationship-wise. Adam isn't really one of "the crew," though. Tim, Jim, Nick, Alex, and Caleb need to get into the game. Fuck, so do I.

This one Paint It Black song..."Memorial Day." Yeah, it's basically half Paint It Black and half The Loved Ones since Dave Hause, who was a member of PIB back then, sings the second half and it's all vocally melodical (which is something PIB like never features with Dan). I don't really like The Loved Ones that much. Is that a sin? I don't care that much for Good Riddance, either. They broke up, though. Pulley is breaking up. How about that? The Matches broke up and so did Piebald. Such a shame! I need to see another punk show. This is the part of each blog that no one cares about reading...The guy in The Menzingers can sound very scene at times. You should check them out if you haven't. That means you should check them out.

There's this country song that I used to hear and it would say "Did I shave my legs for this?" and that might even be what it's called. But songs generally are about stupid things like having Christmas lights up all year around or whatever, but as ridiculous of a question that sounds like, I understand it and have actually reverted to that thought multiple times before in my life. Not my legs, though. More like did I shave my balls for this? The song is, of course, talking about going on a date and the date being a disaster. I mean, the balls thing I guess was kind of inappropriate, but you can generalize it to feeling like a day was completely wasted and you got so excited and so dressed up and prettied for it. That's what happened to me this morning...I was anticipating a nice, long, happy day with Katie Mullan but noooooooo. Shit happens. Too much.

I need to try to sleep tonight. I slept all day, so we'll see how that goes. I fixed the mic on my computer, so I may try to record things again at some point. That's excited, I guess, right? Have you heard my solo music? Go here and hear it if you want.

It's all sappy sometimes...


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Kayleigh said...

pancake tits?

yeah that song is called "did I shave my legs for this?" It's by Deana Carter. I think that's how you spell her name.

Nice personification of your blog. It was quite interesting.

ok. Have fun. I'm off to bed.