Monday, October 5, 2009

Nick....what am I gonna do widja?

I guess I'll formally announce that I'm looking into a certain girl, you could say. Freshman girl. Her name is Katlin. Uhh...I don't really know much about her other than what Kylie, Alex Grabenstein's sister, has told me. However, I decided that I want to meet her and talk to her. Well today at lunch, my friends, Alex, Nick, Caleb, and Timmy, found out which girl I was talking about and Nick thought it'd be a great idea to talk to her. I begged to differ, but he, for once, did not put up with Alex, Tim, and Caleb calling him a pussy and got up and talked to her. This made me feel very awkward, as everything pertaining to this girl has been for me so far. It was awkward asking Kylie about her, awkward asking Karalee about her, awkward telling my friends about her since I've never met her. As I keep saying, I just call it curiosity at this point. She kind of looks like the kind of girl I'd be interested in, though. She's skinny and taller than me. Been there before, eh?

Anyway, so here's how lunch went today. Nick went over to her table, leaned across it, shook her hand, and introduced himself, then said something like, "I...I'll be back," and then went to the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, he sat down right next to her and went over his prepared speech that he probably came up with in the bathroom. "So here's the deal. You see, my friend Kyle. Kyle Wagoner. You see him sitting over there? He's too shy to talk to you, but he's a great guy and you should totally get to know him." Something like that he ranted off. Now remember, Nick is the one who is known for not being able to girls at all. How could he find the balls for this and I couldn't? Well maybe it's that he's cruel and thought it was hilarious and had nothing to lose. I don't know if I appreciate this or not.

Last night, I tried talking to Karalee about Katlin because I was told that they are good friends. Well before I could ask my question, Karalee went offline. So today, she got on Facebook and says "what." "What what?" I ask. She asked me what I wanted to ask yesterday, I told her I didn't remember now, which was true...I didn't remember what exactly I had in mind to ask her. She said "I bet it has to do with Katlin?" "Yeah?" She then demanded that I tell her what I wanted. It kind of scared me. So Karalee ended up saying that it's too late to not come off as being weird and that she was going to print off our conversation, give it to Katlin, and tell her to talk to me during lunch tomorrow. I don't know if I appreciate this or not.

This shit is getting to be a big deal and I can't just go back now. Things have been initiated. Other big deals in my life include doing my SATs, having a skit in Psychology to present tomorrow, having a huge AP Biology test tomorrow, having two tests to take in British Literature on Wednesday, finding my phone charger and buying minutes before my phone expires in like two days, finding more time to drum, and tons of other things. I made a to-do list, which is very unlike me. It's helped. So far, I've written the papers I needed to write, recycled, and learned to play "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky." That's good, right? Got a ways to go. A lot of the things are hit or miss and they'll either happen this week or they won't and I can't go back since the grading period ends on Wednesday.

I've hurt my hip. I did not run today. I rode the bus home for the first time all year. We have a meet tomorrow which I'll go to but not run. You can't wrap a hip like you can an ankle...I wish I could run, though.

I have some studying to do for AP Bio, but I have a feeling I'll be better off going to bed, getting to school, reading over my papers then, and taking my test than staying up 'till 3 reading words that mean nothing to me. I was up 'till 3:30 last night, which was bad. Sleep is good. I should get there. Sorry I haven't blogged in what feels like weeks.


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