Saturday, September 12, 2009

No, I don't deserve this

It has been one hell of a long day...waking up at 4:20 AM, getting on a bus at 5, sleeping on the bus, waking up around 9:45, getting off the bus, running, running, running a race, trying not to shit my pants, running some more, hurting, watching other people run, watching more people run, watching people get awards, packing shit up, getting on a bus, sleeping on the bus, waking up, going to Ryan's to eat, eating, eating, eating, trying to remember the name "Bovice," getting back on the bus, sleeping, having to piss, debating whether or not to piss in a bottle, getting to a rest stop, pissing, feeling better, getting back on the bus again, sleeping on the bus, waking up, getting to school by the time it's dark, getting off the bus, driving to my stepdad's, eating, eating, eating, getting on here, worrying, worrying, worrying, wanting to sleep but worrying, and now I'm just typing this.

It gets to be a little monotonous! I hope Rebekah is feeling better (she went down during her race and went to the emergency room for 3 hours and she usually wins)! And I hope I'm my girlfriend's only boyfriend...and I wish I talked to my girlfriend more often and more in-depth and saw her more often. And I wish I didn't run every day of my life and have no time to do anything else but go to school, eat, and sleep. And I wish I could get into the studio and finish the new I Forget album...and I wish I had some money...and I wish I didn't owe people money and I wish I didn't have to ask my mom for money...and I wish I had more time in my life. I wish I blogged more often. And I wish I could go see more bands more often...and I wish I didn't have to miss school and spend hundreds of dollars to do that. I wish things were like they were in December. December forever.

And all I wanted today was to watch Rebekah kick everyone's ass! That usually isn't that much to ask! This isn't my week, I guess. At least I'm doing well in school.


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