Sunday, September 27, 2009

Once again...twice, rather

Going into the studio and rehearsing yesterday did not work out as planned. Does it ever? Instead of going into the studio and playing music together, Jason, after we finally got ahold of him on the way there, said that he didn't know what we were doing that day. "Bullshit he didn't!" Brittney said. We kinda had all confirmed with him separately earlier that day that we were in fact going to come in a little later and rehearse. So whatev, he forgets everything. We're almost ashamed to have the band name that we have when we're around him. So we'll try again today. We're supposed to go in at 2:30.

Today, Brandon Irwin will be joining us and playing with us. Perhaps we're looking at I Forget's fourth member? That'd be neat, eh? We'll see how this plays out. And umm...yeah, so today should be good.

I did not get enough sleep last night because I was booking on my mom taking us to second service at church, but instead we went to the 8:15 service. That sucks. I'm fucking tired. I have two essays to write, some tests to study for (not that I'd do that anyway), and rehearsal to go through today and I have gotten no fucking sleep. As we discussed in Sunday School today, my goal for the week is to get my shit together. I gotta get my parking permit for school, gotta sign up for SAT's since I'm wayyyy late on that, and I just gotta get these essays written and written well and do well on tests. I am a bit overwhelmed. I also have to do better at cross country. I think I've thrown my left hip out or something because it really hurts to walk on it right now. That and I can still feel that side stitch from yesterday.

So okay, maybe today is the look at a new horizon. Still gotta dump that girlfriend of mine. Every time I sit down and figure out how I want to say it to her, it's in a time I cannot text her, since that's going to have to be the method. Even if she doesn't get the text because Ginger reads it instead, well, that's not my fucking problem.

Nick says Ginger Berry sounds like the name of a cereal. I said it sounds like something you'd pick on a tree in a Pokemon game. "Obtained Ginger Berry!"

'Kay, that's about all the coverage in my life I've got for you so far. Oh, maybe I didn't explain how I got a side stitch on my last mile of the race yesterday and instead of running a 6:06 mile like my first mile, the last was 8:25. Yeah, hurt like a bitch. My total time was 22:25. Still not bad, but I can do better. I'll be back at that same track in 8 days now.


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