Monday, December 21, 2009


Show's canceled. Topic of the day. Postponed, but whatever. It still kinda sucks. It really sucks. Pros-cons list! GO! Starting with cons.

-I have been working my ass off trying to make sure this goes smoothly since it was first brought up and now I'm gonna have to work it off some more to make sure it still goes smoothly.
-Joey, our sound guy, will be going back to college after this break and will not be able to supply us with sound when we reschedule it.
-Along with Joey, a lot of people that were going to come see us were going to be home for the holidays from college and will not be able to come out when we reschedule it.

-Brittney will be able to get an entire day off and be able to see the whole show. Also, she will have a ride, since her car is snowed in in South Cumberland right now.
-I'll have access to my Christmas presents which will enhance the sound and performance of the show potentially.
-Anyone snowed it will be able to come when it's rescheduled.
-We can possibly get ahold of some more speakers and hopefully find an ample power source for them.
-Both bands will get some more time to rehearse.

So it mostly sucks, but we'll be better prepared. I'd rather have just gone out tomorrow and played raw and unprepared. Those shows are sometimes the best. Anyway, I'm gonna try to go to Alex's later. And I don't have to do that homework yet. And I will have more time to make shirts. Those are good things.

Maybe next time, kids. Christmas in a few days.


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