Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little blue ethernet cable

Some folks don't enjoy the finer things in life. What do I mean by that? It just sounded good at the time. I'm sure I could make it mean something, but I don't REALLY feel like it. I just got word on the release date of the new Alkaline Trio album. "This Addiction" it is called. I'd put it in italics as it SHOULD be, but Blogger is not allowing me right now. Anyhow, February 23rd. That is the day of my salvation. That is when Matt Skiba comes down from heaven(s) (get it? that band he used to be in?) and gives me a wonderful Alkaline Trio album that I've been patiently awaiting for. And if I'm lucky, it will be solid the whole way through. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Christmas is a'comin. Nick's maybe getting himself a girl. How about that? Maybe Matt Skiba really IS coming back to save us all. Apocalypse much? I have lived. Also, it seems to me that most everyone in our little "guild" is succeeding with the women. Will things go wrong for Nick? You bet your ass I'll make sure it does.

In other news, we have a show coming up at the school? What kind of a show, you may ask? Well it involves three women and a rhinocerus. Ponder over that for a little while. After that's through, I Forget and Dogjaw MAY perform. That's a big if for the moment. I'll be there, though. I don't even know what's going to happen with the women. We're just putting them in a cage with a rhino and seeing where it goes.

Jazz band calls. Peace, yo.


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