Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas has never felt colder

The year in review is coming up soon. Everyone's doing it. That means album reviews, life choices reviews, all of that other stuff. I'll compare how I feel about myself now to how I felt about myself last year at this time. I've had this blog for like a year now, so I can start doing stuff like that.

This show at the high school is going to be huge. Biggest show the school's ever seen, I promise you. This isn't no fuckin' Apollo/terrible Christian band show. This is fuckin' I Forget/Dogjaw. That's class A. We got security hired, we got a sound guy, we'll have like 6 speakers, giant bass subs, an I Forget banner, merch, micked amps, and lights! Fuckin' lights! We have NEVER had lights! We also are going to have hundreds of people coming to see US. Not coming to get Twilight! Not coming to do some other shit. Hundreds to see US and DOGJAW! That is fucking awesome. I am super stoked. The only thing that could ruin this would be if it snowed. Well, a lot of things could ruin it. Someone could get sick, someone could die, whatever. But I'm worried about snow the worst at this point.

My mom went to LaVale and I opted to stay here instead of getting stuck out there in the snow. I'd much rather get stuck at home. Here I can walk around naked, turn my music up, stay up late, eat whenever I'm hungry, and just all-around do what I want and not worry about Zane being fucking annoying! Tomorrow, I plan on getting stuck feeding all of the animals and not being able to go anywhere. This shit's gonna keep on falling.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave now and reflect on my life up to this point. I've got no real news to present other than I'm stoked for this show and not so stoked for this snow.


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Alex said...

This is Alex from the future, your shit was canceled. I should go back to your other past endeavors and say whether it worked out or not.