Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The end.

It's finally over. Dude, we're finally landing! Does this really need an introduction? You'll figure this out.

Katie: Idk what the fuck your telling your friends, but I thought me and you were completely fine. You need to get your shit straight and im done with you. Your friendship obviously is pointless when your having nick say shit like that to me.

Kyle: What did Nick say to you?

Katie: "Why did you lead Kyle on like that? Are u aware that you're a bitch? Seriously, can u keep your legs closed long enough to have a meaningful relationship?"

"Or do you fuck any guy you're close to? You're a complete waste of time. You're worthless.”

I would like to know when I became a slut, especially since the whole time we were talking, we never even kissed. And fuck you if your telling him that I have been leading you on. You know I have a boyfriend!

Kyle: He went a little overboard didn’t he? I didn’t tell him to say any of that. He doesn’t really have any idea of what hes talking about. And you never even talk to me much less see me to lead me on.

Katie: Exactly. So tell your friends to go die or fuck off. And im done with you too, so bye.

Kyle: Just a little payback for the shit Ginger would send me and you wouldn’t take responsibility of. That and Im pretty sure you cheated on me and didn’t have the decency to break up with me. AND the countless times we made plans to meet and youd never show or even text me back.

Katie: Lol, go fuck yourself Kyle. You now deserved everything you got. Good luck finding someone. Bye (:

I Don't Deserve This.
by: Kyle Wagoner

"You now deserve everything you got,” she said.
Funny I don't remember getting much at all.
I remember getting a lot of nothing.

Maybe I should back up. It was almost a year ago today.
She came from nowhere. Figuratively and almost literally nowhere.
She was the one to fill the void. The one to make it all worth the wait.
I barely knew her for a month when she died and her past was reborn in her.
Partying every night, drifting from me, losing all contact.

Chance after chance, attempt after attempt.
Fight after resolution, resolution after fight.
I was trying to resurrect my own past in her but it was far from immortal.
I am that guy she liked when she lived here.
I am that smudge of a memory she overlooks.
I am a fun joke from time to time.

And as fast as she was gone, she was back.
Here is my friend again. Not as far away as I remembered.
Two tickets to her favorite concert. What’s the problem with that picture?
Picture myself alone at a Paramore concert. That’s the problem.
I’m not here for the music. I’m here for someone who “couldn’t” make it.
But it’d be such a waste to just not go.

It’s such a waste to keep trying.
I don’t realize it yet. I won’t realize it for another few months.
Until then we meet once. We foolishly start “dating.”
This is the interesting part.
First college. Stripper. College again. United States Navy.
Can someone please tell me I’m not insane?

And that bitch, for a lack of more accurate word, that she keeps so near.
Ginger. A true wretch. Another body full of wasted space.
“She obviously doesn’t want to talk to you,” the wretch reports.
“Kyle, I didn’t tell her to say any of that,” she says.
Chance again.

It lasts another few weeks and I’m “done.”
She’s sorry it ended that way. I’m foolish enough to buy it.
She wants to be friends again. She’s got a new man.
He’s not as new as she’d like me to believe.

One last shot.
Plans are made.
I go to town.
She doesn’t answer.
She doesn’t show.
It’s typical and finally clear to me.

“Tell her whatever you want,” I said.
“You’re a complete waste of time. You’re worthless,” Nick says to her.
(If only I’d have trusted his uneducated dose of words 8 months ago.)
“ Your friendship obviously is pointless…” she starts.
“Katie, I didn’t tell him to say any of that,” I say.
A smile in spite of a year of regret. Justice is beautiful.
“I’m done with you, too,” she says. (As if it matters now.)
She was never here anyway. There is no setting.
The only image our eyes share are the words of hate exchanged.

“…you cheated on me…you don’t take responsibility…we made plans to meet…you’d never show.”
No argument. No counterattack. No words of wisdom.
“Good luck finding someone,” she said, “Bye (:”



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